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Jingdou’s winter is not that cold. Compared to the northeast, it is simply not of the same level.

During this period, you can really wear whatever you like.

But most of the girls still wear a thin cotton shirt with pants. Some even wear skirts!

Girls are indeed organisms that resist cold. Liu Yi looks at the youthful beautiful female students as he lets out a howl from his heart, Keda I am back!

But the number of familiar people in the school had become lesser. Especially w.a.n.g Yuzheng who entered Keda with Liu Yi, right now she is still studying music in j.a.pan and it seems like after a while she would be returning back to China to start her first public performance.

w.a.n.g Yuzheng still does not know that Liu Yi is the behind the scene owner of Hongxing Entertainment. If she knows about it, perhaps she would be flip out!

Anyways I am not involved much with Hongxing Conglomerate business. I am remarkably like a shopkeeper who washes my hands off it.

Liu Yi is not in a hurry to inform Chen Cai. After he returns back to Keda, he takes a look at the campus before walking towards the school on the opposite.

Qingbei University!

Now that it is still not yet holiday, both Murong Die and w.a.n.g Lele should be still in school.

But the moment Liu Yi enters Qingbei’s campus, he got a huge shocked.

What the, did I really enter Qingbei?

Why is it that everyone walking around are familiar people ah?

Isn’t that brother wearing a birdman clothing? That big sister over there, isn’t what she is wearing like that captain of the death G.o.ds wearing?

As well as those two people walking over…Attack on t.i.tan, Survey Corps ag!

Did I…crossover?

Liu Yi takes a few steps back before glancing at the doorpost in front of the school gate. On it writes four ancient large characters, Qingbei University!

“What… comrade birdman!”

Liu Yi grabs hold of the guy who dressed like a birdman and asks, “Did you guys…crossover?”

“Ah, brother you came from another school right?”

That guy reveals everything, “Today is our anime festival ah! Today everyone came to COSPLAY! At the auditorium, there is an activity. Those who cosplay well can also get a prize hahaha! If I am able to take a joint photo with G.o.ddess Murong that would then be the most awesome!”

“G.o.ddess Murong?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow. Could he be talking about my Xiao Die?

“That’s right it is our Qingbei’s school flower ah!”

That guy’s gaze has a yearning look but there is also a bit of disappointment, “But I heard that G.o.ddess Murong already had a boyfriend. That guy is also said to be dating another girl as well….alas, indeed in this world, all the good vegetables were taken by pigs…”

What the f.u.c.k you are the pig!

Liu Yi wishes to kick this birdman to the moon.

That brother does not seem to know he had provoked that so-called guy as he continues to say, “Even if I am unable to obtain G.o.ddess Murong’s favor today, I still have to try to obtain the favor of G.o.ddess Lele ah!”

What the, indeed there is still w.a.n.g Lele’s matter?

“Talking about G.o.ddess Lele, her figure is really awesome…alas, why am I tell you this outsider all these for. You should go and observe yourself. I am going to hurry to the auditorium.”

He ignores Liu Yi and rushes towards the auditorium.

Anime Event, COSPLAY!

Liu Yi’s lips suddenly curl up, seem like it can be done like this ah.

He turns around and walks to the back of a school building. When he walks out again, he is wearing a black western suit. Inside is a white shirt with a red necktie.

A white mask covers his face blocking his face.

“Wah! This brother is cosplaying Blood Emperor ah!”

“Too much already even the clothing is the same, workmanship is so good…”

Someone by the side immediately exclaims. A person who dressed up similar to Liu Yi but clearly is filled with counterfeit feeling girl stops Liu Yi. After which she pushes her mask up and ask sweetly, “Senior where did you make your attire from, it is really not bad. Can you introduce to me, I am also Blood Emperor’s fan ah!”

“Oh? Blood Emperor’s fan?”

“That’s right, that’s right. I call Zhang Xin, a member of Blood Emperor’s fan group!”

“What? Blood Emperor also has a fan group?”

Liu Yi is slightly surprised, why did I not heard of it before?

“Of course have ah. Our group leader is Murong Die ah! w.a.n.g Lele is our vice-group leader, hehe, right now our fan group’s number had already exceeded 100k already. Just in Qingbei University, there are already over a thousand people!”


Murong Die and w.a.n.g Lele this two la.s.s actually set up a fan group!

Acting cute, is it!

Could it be that when I am fighting all out with the enemy, they would be behind cheering…

Really is a pain in the a.s.s…

“Hehe, it is a pity that our fan group only accept girls only. Otherwise, with senior, you will definitely be very well-received! Especially senior’s clothing, it is practically a perfect replica ah! Senior, tell me!”

Zhang Xin is quite skinny and looks very pretty. Pulling Liu Yi’s arm she throws a tantrum.

“Cough. This…I bought online.”

Liu Yi casually finds an excuse, planning to muddle it through.


Zhang Xin places her hand on her waist and says, “The quality online is very bad. This kind of professional COSPLAY clothing needs to personally tailored! Hmph! Senior don’t think that I am that easy to lie to ah. If you do not say, today I will not let you go!”

As she speaks, she grabs hold of Liu Yi’s arm not letting go.

Sweat. what an annoying fellow…

Liu Yi is slightly helpless but he thinks quickly and immediately smiles and says, “Fine then. Originally I did not wish to say but if you are able to promise me a matter then I will tell you. How about it?”

“What matter?”

Zhang Xin stares at Liu Yi vigilantly and suddenly understand something as she covers her chest while retreating.

“Senior don’t tell me that you are trying to pick me up? That is no possible. I already have a boyfriend!”

“Sweat…I do not have that intention!”

Liu Yi hurriedly waves his hand and says, “I wish to say that if you want to know where to make this clothing then bring me to meet your group leader! After all, this friend of mine who made this clothing does not like to spread it out. At that time you guys will definitely come up with a large form and the likes. Thus I must first get in touch with your group leader first.”

“Hmph, good fellow. So you are not making plans on me but our group leader ah!”

“What the….this…”

Is it really that obvious?

“Hehe, bring you to meet our group leader is not a problem. I must say first ah, our group leader also has a boyfriend already. Seeing her is pointless!”

“That….we do need to meet right!”

Liu Yi does not know where Murong Die is. He only wishes to give the two la.s.ses a surprise. If he makes a call to ask, then it would not be a surprise anymore.

“Hehe, follow me!”

Zhang Xin covers her mouth as she laughs before leading Liu Yi and walks towards the auditorium.

Liu Yi follows behind Zhang Xin. Given that both of them are cosplaying as Blood Emperor, they immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

The fame of Blood Emperor is rather high in both Keda and Qingbei. And right now it can be seen.

A lot of people, mostly girls would run over and take a group photo with Liu Yi.

After walking for half an hour, 5 minutes was him in a group photo!

Those girls that took a group photo with him wear all kind of cosplay. Some are cosplaying as Da Xiao Qiao from Zhen San Matchless, some as Zhao Ling’er from Immortal Sword Odd hero, some are also all kind of characters from j.a.panese anime.

But it is still me this ‘Blood Emperor’ who is the most popular. I had the most people who came to take a group photo with.

The rest are boys who run over to pull the girls for a group photo. while I am pulled by girls to have a group photo!

A lot of guys grind their teeth in anger cursing in their heart, while did I not think of cosplaying as Blood Emperor!

“See, Blood Emperor is the most famous.”

Zhang Xin smiles merrily, “Even if you do not look super handsome, there are so many girls who came to look for you to take a group photo. This is all due to our Blood Emperor. You really need to be grateful ah!”

Liu Yi praises, “Yes, yes, yes. Blood Emperor domineering, Blood Emperor formidable, Blood Emperor drink wine and fight tigers!”

Zhang Xin covers her mouth and giggles before pointing with her hand, “Hahaha, you are a tease. Let us go. We are about to reach. That booth in front is our groups!”

Only to see a booth which is astonishingly displaying all kind of Blood Emperor items!

Blood Emperor’s necktie, mask, there is even Blood Emperor’s action figure!

What the heck! Murong Die you la.s.s are really too much! The copyright is still with me, how can you secretly go and sell my things!

Yeah, at the very least you need to give half to me!

Liu Yi takes a look, it seems like it sells quite well!

Especially the mask as well as some t-shirt with Blood Emperor printed on it, wallet and the likes are selling quite well.

Liu Yi takes a close look. Good fellow, by the side there is actually hanging a few imitations of Little Taiji!

Bulls.h.i.t, on Taobao this toy only sells for 100 but here it actually sold for 250!

Indeed it 250 but there are still a lot of people buying!

Is this considered as…celebrity effect? Obviously, it is a taiji sword that some elderlies use to work out. Right now it is selling so fiery!

Liu Yi watches a lot of people buying one which really makes him endlessly gloomy.

While Murong Die and w.a.n.g Lele are both standing by the side of the booth attracting the gaze of countless of people.

These two la.s.ses are really too pretty. Wherever they go, they are the gathering point of attention!

Especially with their current dressing, Murong Die is also dressed up as Blood Emperor, just that her suit is embroidered with a red flame pattern and on her forehead props a small exquisite mask which did not hide her face. It is more like an ornament clipped to the side of her hair. On her mask, there is also carved with those flame pattern which is very nice to look at.

After Murong Die wears this, she looks heroic looking.

This kind of costume is when I revolve Scarlet Blood Sutra ah….looking at w.a.n.g Lele, indeed her suit is snow which but the biggest difference from Murong Die is that she is not wearing a necktie. Because she is unable to b.u.t.ton up her blouse at all revealing half a pair of bursting out b.r.e.a.s.t.s…

d.a.m.n, it is still my Lele which is the most head-turning!

Just as Liu Yi about to walk over to greet them, he suddenly sees this scene and blanks out on the spot.


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