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Ge Shenhua looks towards Liu Yi and asks-, “Right now do we go and find that demon?”

“No need.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “Right now we can just wait here.”

“Why? Aren’t we going to slay the demon?”

Ge Shenhua does not understand what is Liu Yi trying to do, are daoists all so aloof?

“You stupid scholar, why are you not able to understand this! Since that demon is blocking the path to exit the city, now that we are out of the city the demon will naturally come and find us.”

Ai Ling starts to look down on Ge Shenhua’s intelligence causing Ge Shenhua’s face to immediately turns red not knowing how to explain.

“Wi, within the sa, sage books…there are no records of such things….”

He can only stammer out a random explanation.

“Tsk, a bellyful of rotten impractical writings.”

Ai Ling sneers while Gao Yang by the side laughs but did not say anything.

Tsk, it is becoming more and more obvious, they are obviously together one. They must have arranged to meet up together here.

“Everyone, can we now open the window and talk about the truth?”

Gao Yang turns around and says while looking at Liu Yi seriously.

“What truth? What do you mean?”

Liu Yi raises an eyebrow.

“Tsk, we are all of the same profession. Every one of us are liars why is there a need to continue acting on.”

Gao Feng smiles with a tacitly with mutual understanding.

Ge Shenhua is even more confused, “Liars? What liars?”

“Looks like this scholar really does not know ah.”

Gao Yang pats Ge Shenhua’s shoulder, “In this world how is there any daoist or fake people. All of them are just liars. These two person in front of you are also the same. I as well are nothing but liars that’s all. Talking about this, I have already seen through your lies. Seeing that we are all of the same profession, let us all earn together. You would not cast me away right?”

“Liars? You are all liars? How is that possible!”

Ge Shenhua does not believe as he shakes his head like a rattle-drum. “Your daoist techniques are all very mysterious.”

Especially the scene that he had seen in the inn, Liu Yi stops over tens of soldiers from moving with just a raise of the hand! Those soldiers will definitely not be in cohorts with Liu Yi!

“You are saying this is it, hahaha, it is just some small magic tricks that’s all.”

As Gao Yang speaks he takes out his copper coins, “In this copper coin I had hidden a magnet and have magnetic force. The wooden peach sword of mine is also the same. This kind of smokescreen technique when it gets reveal will become worthless.”

When Liu Yi and Ai Ling hear this they smile at each other.

Indeed the case. Looks like con-man this profession is both popular in both ancient and current times.

“That is why I say slaying demons is very dangerous.”

Liu Yi reminds, “That demon is about to arrive. This daoist it is best if you hurry back. Right now you will still be in time if you return.”

“Hmph, are you going to pretend till the end!”

Gao Yang snorts as he swings his sleeve and chides, “You guys must be companions of that demon right! What good conning skills. Indeed a group of liars together earn money fast! Let me tell you guys if you guys to not give me a cut today, do not blame me for revealing you guys to Duke Gong!”

Ai Ling cannot stand it and scolds, “傻B(idiot)!”

[TL: chinese acronym for idiot which does not exist in ancient times. Anyone knows of any acronym so that I can replace傻B(idiot)?]

“What is the meaning of what she said?”

Gao Yang naturally would not know the meaning of this phrase. Liu Yi smiles and says, “She is praising that you are smart.”

“Hahaha, that is natural!”

Gao Yang strokes his beard in delight, “I am naturally a 傻B(idiot). in front of 傻B(idiot) I, your bit of tricks is seen through with just a glance!”


Seeing how Gao Yang calling himself a 傻B(idiot) so righteously, she instantly cannot stand it and starts laughing.

“Lord you are really bad!”

“Rubbish. It is you who said that he is a 傻B(idiot)!”

Liu Yi hurries and proves that he is a good person, a very very good person!

“Don’t give me that. This la.s.s is only bad on the surface while you are bad in the bones!”

“You must definitely have seen wrong!”

“Not at all hmph!”

As the two of them start bickering, Gao Yang by the side is unable to listen on anymore.

“Are the two of you done? Tell me, are you going to split me a cut! Let me tell you guys although Duke Gong has been lied to by you guys, that is him. If you guys still wish to earn this sum of money you must give me a cut. Don’t think that you are able to trick me I am a 傻B(idiot)!”


Ai Ling laughs until her stomach hurts and started tearing up.

Liu Yi is also bearing with his laughter, bearing it very painfully. While Ge Shenhua and Gao Yang are both confused at being laughed at.

Gao Yang says in his heart, just what is going on, could it be that I did not learn the correct articulation from them?

Just as they are bickering over the matter of this 傻B(idiot), from the sky suddenly comes a shout.

“Tai! You fellows did the dog duke send you guys to die?”

From the sky, a black wind suddenly appears and sweeps over.

Seeing this black demon wind Gao Yang’s face instantly changes largely. Good fellow what is this magic, this is d.a.m.n real bulls.h.i.t already!

“Your distinguished self should not be obstructing here.”

Liu Yi looks at the demon wind in the sky and says calmly, “Here is the exit of Yangzhou City. You blocking here is very inconvenient to the common people. Hope that your distinguished self can make things easy and open this road, letting the common people from Yangzhou city to pa.s.s through.”

“f.u.c.k you! Die!”

That demon basically does not listen to reason and starts fighting immediately.

The demon wind sweeps over and the demon lands on the ground transforming into a two meters tall white face guy.

“Water come!”

The demon waves his hand and from the moat by the side, a stream of water immediately flies over and lands in his hand, transforming into a water whip.

“Watch my attack!”

The demon roars as the water whip in his hand immediately lashed towards Liu Yi and them.

Liu Yi did not move, instead, he releases out the Sky Flipping Seal protecting in front of them.


The water whip immediately lashes the barrier released by the Sky Flipping Seal and causes a heavy bell striking sound. A transparent wave speedily spread out.

While the ground which is stricken by the water whip, a gorge is left behind.

“My mother ah…”

Gao Yang is immediately badly frightened and plops down onto the ground, this bulls.h.i.t…is really magic?

Ge Shenhua becomes excited, immortal techniques, all of this are immortal techniques ah! Being able to see all of these, I did not live for nothing this lifetime! Alas, if I had known I should have also brought my wife along to let her see this!

“You are actually able to block a move from me? Good, let see about this move!”

Seeing that his first move did not work the demon is even angrier as he opens his hands wide open and points towards the moat.

Instantly streams over water fly out from the moat and transform into a transparent water snake. In total there are countless tens of them. They whistle as they shoot towards Liu Yi.

-boom, boom, boom!-

The water snakes keep exploding on Liu Yi’s Sky Flipping Seal, creating countless splashes but the barrier did not move.

“The might of 5-star jades. Although not powerful, but it is not a weak demon.”

Liu Yi crosses his hands behind him and stands behind the barrier saying, “You did not concentrate on cultivation and crossed the calamity as soon as possible to become an immortal, instead you ran out to harm the common people of Yangzhou? Could it be that you are a scout that the Demon Emperor send out?”

After attacking for a long time without any success that demon’s eyes start to turn red and say in hatred, “What Demon Emperor, how is there any nuisance Demon Emperor. I see that you are the hired hands of that dog duke! If you have the ability then do not stand behind that broken seal and come out and fight against me!”

“Lord let this la.s.s go and teach him a lesson!”

Ai Ling is no longer able to stay still. Without Liu Yi’s agreement, she flies out of the radius of the Sky Flipping Seal and tosses out her own sword.

“Your moves are too weak! Why don’t you have a taste of this lady’s one!”

She points at her sword in the sky which immediately starts revolving around causing Gao Yang who is behind to be dazzled.

How is this possible…even if it is magic, it is impossible to do all of these ah…

Could it be that they are really immortals….


Ai Ling’s hands part the air and the sword instantly starts splitting, from 1 to 2, from 2 to 3 and instantly there are over tens of them which shoot towards the demon.

-boom, boom, boom-

The water snake which the demon uses to attack them is instantly scattered by the sword. After all, Ai Ling is a few layers above him and very quickly the water snakes were all destroyed and the sword also reaches in front of the demon.

“Let’s see what you can do!”

Ai Ling smiles as victory is already in hand.

At this moment Liu Yi sees a gleam of ruthlessness in the eyes of the demon. He immediately senses that something is wrong. He points his hand towards Ai Ling and a chain created by Xiao Cai shoots out and drags her back in.


The demon spits out a demon dan which instantly turns into a white light and rumbles pa.s.s the spot where Ai Ling was standing earlier and hits the city wall behind.


The city wall is like being hit by a cannonball and a large part is exploded out!

After the demon dan exploded a portion of the city all, it’s aura become a lot weaker and returns back to his mouth.

The demon is pierced in a large number of places and looks to be dying.

“d.a.m.n it….I, I still cannot die…”

The demon crawls towards the direction of the city step by step.

Liu Yi is unable to understand as he asks the demon, “Just why are you doing this?”

“Scram…you, you group of lackeys…”

The demon continues to crawl forward leaving behind a trail of blood, “I….I want to go and save my son…I want ….go…”

He crawls to the moat and finally died as his body stiffens there.

Very quickly the demon who had died transform into a large white snake over ten of meters long dangling over the river bank.

“My grandmother ah…”

Seeing the large snake Gao Yang is completely frightened.

“Demon…there are demons ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

He immediately starts running away like a complete madman.

“Oi, oi. Don’t run ah!”

Seeing that fellow run away Ge Shenhua cannot help but ridicules, “Now who is the liar ah!”

Right now Gao Yang does not care about these. His guts are about to break from fear.

“Daoist Liu and your wife are indeed powerful ah!”

Ge Shenhua deeply admires them and cups his hands towards them.

While Liu Yi starts frowning. Just now that demon says that he wants to go and save his son…what is going on…furthermore why did he say that I am the lackey of Duke Gong?

This matter is becoming more and more suspicious.

“The demon is dead!”

“Quickly open the city gate and receive the daoists!”

From the city walls come the sound of cheering and following which the city gate is open and the drawbridge is once again lowered.


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