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Liu Yi summons out his fire spirit!

A pretty woman fire figure slowly emerges from behind Liu Yi and floats by his side.

{Master do you have any instructions for me.}

Liang Mengyao is very pretty, just taking her appearance, she is able to fight against Liu Yi’s Immortal Fox sister!

[TL: hmm first time hearing that a rabbit spirit can be so alluring…]

It is a pity that she had lost her life for a worthless guy, and now she can only exist as Liu Yi’s fire spirit.

As Liu Yi urges his Taiji sword he says, {Give me a hand!}

{Understood master.}

Leng Mengyao nods her head and stretches out her fire arms and gently hugs Liu Yi from behind. After which her hands join together with Liu Yi’s hands.

After possessing the fire spirit, Liu Yi’s Scarlet Blood Devil Flames have increased by a number of gradeS.

Under the help of Liang Mengyao, red flames erupt from Liu Yi’s eyes.

Two stream of fire flies out and lands on the Taiji sword.

The flames revolve around the Taiji sword burning the sword red! While the temperature of the flames evaporates the waterspout’s might, for a while, it is actually able to block the strength of the waterspout!

“This is devil qi…”

A gleam flashes across Gong Zhenlin’s eyes, “So it is like this…so it is like this! No wonder Liu Yi will be viewed as an enemy of all of the world’s righteous path!”

“What should we do….are we going to kill him or help him?”

All humans are in the task of beheading devils and demons!

Tu Can hesitate.

“Hmph let the two of them dog bites dog!”

Zhao Yu sneers, “When both of them are injured, at that time, we can be the fisherman that benefits!”


Zhang Jiashuang turns silent, is this Liu Yi….really our enemy?

Beheading demons and killing devils….but I do not feel like this Liu Yi should be killed ah…instead his Sky Flipping Seal is still protecting us…

If we turn around and kill him…this, is this really what a person from the righteous path should do? Why is it that I feel that there is something wrong…

“It is still not enough ah…”

Liu Yi looks at the Taiji Sword and waterspout in the sky and says, “If this goes on, the activity will be too big. I’m afraid that it will attract the attention of the mortals, perhaps it might also bring a disaster to North Dragon City…”

He contemplate for a while before saying, “Yaoyao, a.s.sist me with all your strength!”


Liang Mengyao nods her head and lets go of Liu Yi. She suddenly flies in front of the Taiji sword.

One of her hand holds onto the Taiji Sword and stabs the sword towards the waterspout.

With the full support from Liang Mengyao, Scarlet Blood Devil Flames continue to evaporate the water qi and the waterspout finally starts to fall back bit by bit.

If this goes on, as long as Liu Yi is able to persevere for a while more, his Taiji Sword will be able to completely scatter the waterspout and tears Yu Xia into shreds.

“He is going to win!”

“Hmph did not think that this devil still has some moves. But even if he wins, it is only a miserable win. At that time he will not have much strength left, then it is our turn to take action!”

Zhao Yu smiles in delight as he secretly instills his qi into his magic treasure.

The moment the fight is over, he is going to take action and kill Liu Yi to s.n.a.t.c.h his treasure!

All of this good treasures, giving them to people from devil path wouldn’t it be a waste! I am only helping heavens take action which is a very good deed!

Fight, the fiercer the better!

How would he know that Liu Yi possesses 4 different qi, as well as Boundless Righteous Qi? His qi is incomparably vast and during this fight, he had yet to use his full strength. Wishing to exhaust all of Liu Yi’s strength is basically just a myth!

Taiji sword gradually presses towards Yu Xia under the push from Yaoyao.

Ruthlessness flashes across Yu Xia’s eyes as he suddenly opens his dragon mouth wide.

The Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp slowly appears in his mouth, shining with a bright blue light.

{No good!}

Lin Tong exclaims, {He wants to activate another major power of the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp!}

Why she is speaking, the waterspout turns even fiercer, like the punishment from the nine heavens, it blasts away the Taiji Sword and scatters Liang Mengyao’s body, making a beeline towards Liu Yi!

“Your sister!”

Liu Yi says in anger, “Forcing me to use dragon transformation, are you! Fine then, then I’ll show you!”

As he speaks, the qi in his body erupts out, rushing through every single of his star jades!

He pulls out his dragon qi and changes it to his main qi.

His body immediately grows rapidly and soon he turns into 2 meter tall half dragon-man!

“This…this is demon qi!”

Today Gong Zhenlin receives more shock than he did during his entire lifetime!

“How is this possible! He actually possesses Immortal, Devil and Demon qi at the same time! This is unimaginable!”

While they are exclaiming, Liu Yi has already opened his mouth and lets out a roar filled with fierce dragon qi!

The wings on his back flap fiercely as strong winds spread out.

A stream of fire erupts out from his mouth towards the incoming waterspout!

Demon Qi mixes together with the flames, the blue fire forms a fire twister. After spraying out from Liu Yi’s mouth, it grows bigger and instantly it is twice as thick as the waterspout before it crashes into the waterspout.

-sounds of eruptions(fill in what you think it sound like)-

A violent explosion occurs in the sky!

The waterspout that was strengthened by the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp is slowly forced back until it finally collapses in front of Yu Xia.

Yu Xia’s eyes widen, his eyes filled with horror. After which he is instantly swallowed up by the fire twister!

Liu Yi’s dragon breath is very horrifying! That fire twister directly burns Yu Xia’s dragon body into ashes!

Only the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp which is protected by it’s own powers floats in the flames as a blue light surrounds it.

The pitiful Yu Xia who is very ambitious, in the end, he turns into ashes before he is able to scream.

Liu Yi’s dragon breath frightened the Penglai Island people badly.

Zhao Yu is covered with cold sweat. He did not think that this outside pavilion cultivator was not using his full strength earlier…with no difficulty he turned Yu Xia into ashes.

“We….are we still attacking?”

Yu Can’s heart is also beating rapidly and nearly jumps out of his mouth.

“Are you guys joking?”

Zhang Jiashuang glares hatefully at her two senior brothers, “If he wished to kill us, it is as easy as pinching an ant to death…”

“How could he be so strong…this, this is the outside pavilion world number 1….”

Gong Zhenlin also does not dare to believe his eyes. No wonder master often says, there is always someone better….

Today I have finally understood the meaning of these words!

“Finally dealt with this fellow.”

Liu Yi also lets out a sigh of relief while Lin Tong anxious says, {Big idiot, quick, quickly take the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp! This is a very good treasure ah!}

{Ah. Okay.}

Liu Yi nods his head as he stretches his hand towards the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp.

Sensing Liu Yi’s qi the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp floats slowly towards Liu Yi’s hand.

But at this moment a lightning bolt suddenly shoots across the sky and directly scatters Liu Yi’s qi.

The Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp instantly flies towards another direction and lands in the hand of a white cloth guy.

Seeing this guy Liu Yi is instantly stunned!


Luckily my face is covered by some dragon scales.

Liu Yi does not wish to let that fellow know his real ident.i.ty!

He immediately summons out his Monarch Armour and puts on the helmet as well before watching Ao Ri attentively through the small crack.

Monarch Armour is a mystical equipment that is transformed into by his spiritual beast, it can be big or small and adjust to fit his body.

At the same time, there are also small gaps that allow Liu Yi to stretch out his dragon wings.

The finger portions also turn into the shape of claws, adapting to Liu Yi’s current dragon claw.

“Oh? I was thinking who had killed Yu Xia this idiot, so it is you eh?”

Ao Ri is holding the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp in his hands as he clucks and says, “Also good. Originally I wa here to take back the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp. If I can also deal with you on the way it is even better.”

“Take back the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp?”

“That’s right. This is originally my stuff. I had only lent it to Yu Xia that disappointing fellow to use. But I did not think that even with the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp, he still let me be so disappointed.”

Ao Ri stands there proudly and looks at Liu Yi, “But your growth makes me rather shocked. Indeed you are the disciple of that fellow.”


Liu Yi is shocked, “You know my master?”

“Hehe, can be considered as knowing.”

A cold intent flashes across Ao Ri’s eyes, “Thanks to your master, I have become like this today.”


Did Ma Hua and Ao Ri have some old memories?

But I have never heard my master saying about it before…but since my master has turned into a devil, getting to know some demons is understandable.

“But your growth shall stop here. The matter last time we still have not finished dealing with it. Today let us settle everything!”

Ao Ri opens his mouth and tosses the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp into his mouth.

What in the h.e.l.l ah!

When this fellow did not use the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp he already possessed the strength around 16-star cultivation! Now that he had swallowed the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp….wouldn’t he be heaven-defying?!

Liu Yi really wishes to curse.

“Hehe, this time around there will not be anyone who is able to save you again.”

“d.a.m.n you this fellow who turned on hacks!”

“Magic tools is also a part of strength. You are still too young ah.”

Ao Ri does not care about Liu Yi’s disdain, instead, he says proudly, “Furthermore, black cat, white cat, as long as it is able to catch the rat it is a good cat. As long as I am able to pinch you to death, why do you care about that kind of strength did I use?”

“This fellow’s face is really G.o.dd.a.m.n thick….”

Liu Yi is unbearably gloomy, looks like this time around it be really troublesome.

“Let me show you what is the true strength of the Sea Flipping G.o.d Lamp!”

As Ao Ri speaks, he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes.

Instantly steam starts emerging around him and gathers towards him.

Ao Ri’s cultivation keeps increasing as the star jades in his body light up!

16 star jades, 17 star jade, 18 star jades…..

He is already at the peak of the earth realm!!!

Lightning suddenly falls from the sky and strikes Ao Ri.

This is…lightning tribulation?

Liu Yi is slightly shocked while Lin Tong is trembling and lies on Liu Yi’s shoulder.

Lightning tribulation to a demon is the scariest!

Human cultivates is very easy. While for demons, cultivation is very, very tough!

Especially since the demon qi on the demon is heavy, thus the lightning tribulation it attracted is the scariest!

So to the demons, without 100% preparation, they would not rashly crossover earth realm this stage and enter heaven realm.

But Ao Ri seems to have already entered heaven realm before. But he was. .h.i.t back to earth realm by the Sword Emperor. To him, the lightning tribulation is nothing.


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