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“My brain is still quite useful. What master is unable to think of a method, I can help think of one!”

Xuefeng feels like she had said until her good points as she says merrily, “Soul revival is not possible….but since master is unable to turn them into your little brother, but you are able to turn them into your spiritual beast!”

Liu Yi asks in shock, “What? Without flesh body, they are still able to turn into a spiritual beast?”

“Of course it is possible, for a spiritual beast, there are originally several types okay!”

Xuefeng emphasis, “A lot of spiritual beasts are originally only in spirit state. Master don’t forget that the summoned spiritual beasts, other than fighting with their own body, there are also body combine types and weapon transformation types!”

“That is also true…”

Liu Yi is very concerned about this question. If I am able to turn this two demon king into my own spiritual beast…perhaps they will be very cool!

“Yeah, after all, if master does not wish to sacrifice them to your sword you can try turning them into your spiritual beast.”

Xuefeng’s proposal makes Liu Yi slightly excited, “Furthermore master’s cultivation is so strong, a few more spiritual beasts will be fine. I think that if master is a summoner…perhaps you will be the strongest summoner!”

“Thank you Xuefeng this idea is not bad!”

Liu Yi clucks, “These two days of compet.i.tion I feel very stifled…come, come, come, quickly open Netherworld Barrier. I want to fight comfortably!”

Xuefeng says with a red face, “Master….a silence barrier is actually okay…”

“Scram! I am not talking about that!”

Liu Yi immediately shouts, “I want to go in to beat people up!”

“Wuwu….master does not like me ah….”

Xuefeng’s face turns bitter as Liu Yi hurries and says, “No, not at all…how would I not like Xuefeng! But now is not the time to think about that. Strengthening myself is the main priority now!”

“Fine then…as what master says then.”

Xuefeng says pitifully before opening the Netherworld Barrier and absorbs the two of them in.

After entering the s.p.a.cious Netherworld Barrier, Liu Yi takes a deep breath.

“This time around I can finally have a huge battle…these two days were oo stifling already.”

Keep hiding my strength to fight, not able to use Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, Scarlet Blood Sutra, cannot use Monarch Armour, Dragon Transformation…

Stifling…d.a.m.n stifling ah!

Liu Yi loosens his bones before stretching out his hands. Flames gather on his left hand while cold air emits from his right hand.

“Come Xuefeng, release the two of them!”

“Master you are too anxious already ah…”

Xuefeng’s lips twitch, when did master become so impatient.

Liu Yi excitedly says, “I’ve been holding it for two days already ..come! I cannot wait any longer!”

Xuefeng is helpless, I have never seen master being so anxious before…is master a combat maniac?!

A zero EQ combat maniac ah….

Xuefeng is helpless, don’t know if it is good or bad meeting this kind of master…

“Hurry hurry…”

Seeing that Xuefeng is not reacting Liu Yi hurries and urges, “Quickly Xuefeng, release the two of them out.”

“Understood master!”

Xuefeng nods her head before opening the Soul Gathering Bottle that Liu Yi pa.s.sed to her and releases the two souls that were trapped inside.


Two enormous figure flies out from the Soul Gathering Bottle and land in front of Liu Yi.

A twenty-meter tall golden ape and a clear blue water qilin!

“Who are you, how dare you imprison us!”

When the two souls left their flesh bodies, it restored their ability to think.

The two enormous figure standing by the two sides look down at the small figure in front of them.

“Your future master.”

As Liu Yi speaks, Monarch Armour covers his body as his right-hand holding onto the Scorpion Tail Lance. Red flames twine around the lance body.

“What a joke. We are the Four Great Demon Kings and you are only a lowly human…”

The two Demon Kings lower their heads at the same time and got a huge shock.

“It, it is actually you!”

“You guys know me?”

“How, how would we not know…”

As the golden ape is about to speak, the water qilin suddenly shoots out a water arrow and sends him flying.

“Devil Star! Are you crazy! Have you forgotten his words?!”

Water Qilin’s words cause Liu Yi to scratch his head, what are these two old things playing now?

“This, this one is wrong…”

The golden ape climbs to his feet and scratches his head.

“What are the two of you playing? Come let us fight I want to subdue the two of you!”

Liu Yi challenges the two of them.

“Fine then let the two of us see what is the standard of the current you!”

The water qilin and golden ape look at each other before charging at Liu Yi from both sides.

“Haha, come!”

Liu Yi instantly throws out the Scorpion Tail Lance in his right hand.

The Scorpion Tail Lance instantly turns into a 7-8 meter enormous fire lance and pierces through the golden ape’s chest and nails it’s enormous body onto the side of the Netherworld Barrier!


The golden ape lets out a miserable cry. Liu Yi is currently able to use his Netherworld Qi to strengthen his attacks, allowing his attacks to damage souls.

The water qilin has already started activating his dao technique as a waterspout shoots out from the ground and send Liu Yi flying into the sky.

Water qilin says in proudly, “My waterspout is able to tear apart a fleet!”

Within the waterspout, Liu Yi did not move.

The Monarch Armour perfectly protected Liu Yi, allowing him to not receive a single damage from the waterspout.

The water qilin is flabbergast, “How, how is this possible…my waterspout actually did not affect him at all…”

“It is the most comfortable like this…”

Liu Yi is like he had just taken a bath as he did a huge stretch. After which his arms sink downwards as strength erupts from his body!

Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra!

The entire waterspout instantly freezes into ice!

Liu Yi shrugs once and the enormous ice sculpture fractures and break into pieces on the ground.

“Not bad, the strength of the two of you makes me satisfied. Being my servants is not a problem.”

“AHHHHHH! Is it really impossible to resist fate!!!!”

Unexpectedly the golden ape roars in anger before pulling out the fire lance from his chest before throwing it back towards Liu Yi.


Liu Yi receives the fire lance with a single hand before transforming it back into the appearance of Scorpion Tail Lance.

“Fate? What fate?”

“You have no need to know! You midget!”

The golden ape rages as it jumps high into the air pouncing towards Liu Yi.

The enormous figure jumping up is very horrifying.

“Wooden block does not mean that fighting is good.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out his right arm towards the descending golden ape.

“Illusion Extermination!”


A formless palm wind smashes into the golden ape sending him flying away.

Even without Dragon Transformation, Liu Yi who possesses all kind of mystical technique is able to fight against a 16-star cultivator!

Furthermore, Liu Yi’s Dragon Transformation is not complete, and is more like a 4-d figurine that was a.s.sembled!

Dragon Transformation stage one, in this case, is more similar to a scaly dragon.

A scaly dragon takes 500 years to transform into a dragon, another 500 years to transform from a dragon into a horned dragon, and another thousand years to transform into a Yinglong.

[TL: Yinglong, wing dragon and rain deity of Chinese myth]

Horned dragons have horns on its head while Yinglong has wings on their backs.

When Liu Yi enters the second stage of Dragon Transformation, he is like a real dragon. Ordinary dragon do not have wings and only Yinglong will have wings! Thus when Liu Yi enters the second stage of dragon transformation his wings become really small which represents that he has not completely entered the dragon transformation state.

This is because Liu Yi’s current second stage of dragon transformation is not perfect yet. When it is perfect, the wings would completely disappear.

When he reaches the perfect second stage of dragon transformation…his strength would be around 18-star cultivator, achieving the peak of earth stage!

After completely controlling Dragon Transformation stage one, Liu Yi then realizes that there is still stronger stages for dragon transformation, like stage 3 and stage 4…which should be for Horned dragon and Yinglong….

But Liu Yi does not know when he would be able to achieve this two stages. Perhaps one day when I activate stage 4 dragon transformation, I would be able to fight Sect Head of Great G.o.d Sect….

“How are you so strong!”

Water qilin is not convinced as it gathers all of its strength, “I am a qilin, born at Kunlun with endless magic power! You are still an ordinary person how is it possible for you to be stronger than me! Qilin race grants me the power of a G.o.d!”

As he is speaking, water qi starts gathering around the water qilin!

[TL: there is qi all around the world no matter where you are, there is qi]

“Let us use our strongest attack to defeat you!”

The golden ape shouts as it gathers the earth qi into its arms. In a blink of an eye, a huge mountain is gathered in the sky aiming at Liu Yi’s head.

“Oh, it looks very impressive this time round eh…”

Liu Yi starts to look forward to it.

“Mt. Tai Suppressing Peak!”

The golden ape roars and its arms press down. The enormous mountain starts descending towards Liu Yi.


A gleam flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes as his body grew bigger slightly over 2 meters. Dragon scales start forming over his body as dragon wings appear on his back. He uses his two arms to receive the enormous mountain.


The mountain trembles but is stopped by Liu Yi’s arms.

“My mother’s mother’s mother….”

The golden ape is flabbergast! My Mt. Tai Suppressing Peak is actually stopped by his flesh body!!!

“It shall end here!”

At this moment the water qilin magic technique also activates. Rain starts falling in the Netherworld Barrier and turns into a downpour!

As the rainwater flows down his body, Liu Yi starts to have a bad feeling.

“Let it end!”

The water qilin roars as four enormous water waterspout erupt in front, behind, left and right of Liu Yi and engulf him within.

With the golden ape’s mountain pressing down on Liu Yi, Liu Yi is unable to dodge this move at all.

-explosion sounds-

The four waterspouts swallow up Liu Yi immediately and twist the enormous mountain into scattered stones!

“Ha, ha….finally done…”

The golden ape wipes off it’s non-existent sweat, “We should be released now right?”

“Can we really change fate….”

The water qilin did not become happy, “I have a bad feeling…”

“He ate your Four-sided water dragon head on. How could he be fine?”

“Let’s hope that is the case…”

As the two of them comfort each other, at this moment a voice comes from within the ferocious four waterspouts, “That’s right, this kind of strength is enough to be my spiritual beasts!”


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