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“Keep away from her. She is not someone like you can get close to.”

A handsome guy is sitting over there. He speaks without even lifting his head.

When Liu Yi sees that guy, he thinks in his heart, who on earth is this handsome guy?

“Liu Yi…you leave this place first…”

Ai Ling continues to transmit her voice to Liu Yi, “Later on I will explain to you…I’m begging you…”

This is the first time Liu Yi hears Ai Ling uses this kind of begging tone to talk to him, but he does not know why but he feels uncomfortable. But he takes a deep breath and says, “Apologies I was being rude.”

He turns around and leaves.

At this moment he suddenly received a voice transmission from that guy.

“You better hope that during the compet.i.tion you do not meet me, otherwise you will die.”

Using voice transmission to threaten me?

Liu Yi suddenly wishes to smiles. He stops leaving and once again turns around and say to that guy, “I do not know who are you but I still want to say something. I am really looking forward to meeting you during the compet.i.tion. Because I really find you annoying and really wish to personally beat you into an idiot!”

Ai Ling’s expression turns nervous as everyone in the Concealed Sword Pavillion is looking at Liu Yi in shock as they do not know why he suddenly challenged them.

“Raising Immortal Palace Hall Liu Yi is indeed only an arrogant fellow.”

The guy suddenly sneers, “Do you know who I am? You actually say these kinds of nonsensical words.”

“Who are you? Taoist Laozi? Jade Emperor? Sun Wukong?”

Liu Yi had never accepted being threatened, thus when he hears that guy’s words he starts mocking him, “Other than a thick face what do you have more than me?”

“You are really tired of living!”

That guy immediately stands up as he arrogantly places his hands behind him, “Tell him who am I.”

One of the Concealed Sword Pavillion disciples immediately stands up and looks at Liu Yi like he is looking at an outdated person, and says, “Idiot you don’t even know my Concealed Sword Pavillion Senior brother Gao Feng how are you still here at the World Dao Gathering mingling around?”

“This brother’s words are very interesting.”

Liu Yi’s smile becomes wider, “This is my first time coming here and I really do not know that the World Dao Compet.i.tion is not for fighting but to mingle around. Looks like your mingling skills are very powerful but are you able to mingle into top 32?”


That guy’s face turns red as he no longer dares to say anything.

Who does not wish to get into the top 32 and his own strength is still far from it.

“Since you know my name why are you still not apologizing for your earlier words?”

Gao Feng is arrogant as he says, “Going against me is just seeking death.”

This fellow…is really like Ao Ri ah!

Why is it that in the cultivation world there is always this kind of person who thinks so highly of themselves. With just a bit of strength and they think that they are undefeatable?

“Gao Feng right? This is really my first time hearing this name. I must first clarify some things. Firstly, there always someone better. It is not that you have some ability and you are really unparalleled. If you really wish to fight against me, I, Liu Yi welcomes you. I am not even afraid of the Manor Head of World Manor, why would I be afraid of you, a disciple of Concealed Sword Pavillion?”

Liu Yi lifts a finger and says till that Gao Feng’s eyes turn cold.

“Number two, what do you mean by me going against you. Aren’t you the one who provoked me first? Don’t think that you using voice transmit to threaten me then everything will be fine. This is my temper. If you do not provoke me then I would not provoke you.”

“Looks like you really do not know anything.”

Gao Feng crosses his arms, “You have irritated my woman do you really think that you will be fine?”

“Your woman?”

Liu Yi looks at Ai Ling who is sitting by the side, “You are his woman?”

“No…I’m not….”

Although Ai Ling knows what will be her future, when she sees Liu Yi’s eyes, she for some unknown reason denied her relationship with Gao Feng.

Gao Feng’s expression instantly turns heavy, “Ai Ling are you really going to be disobedient towards me?”

“You really think that you are an emperor?”

Liu Yi holds back his laughter when he hears Gao Feng’s tone. It seems like he has more or less guessed what is going on.

“Hmph, there is no need for you to care!”

Gao Feng seems to be mad, “Ai Ling do not forget your status!”

The moment he says that Ai Ling instantly becomes silent as she turns her head away in gloom.

When Liu Yi sees Ai Ling’s appearance, his heart is slightly in pain.

Looks like Ai Ling is not living well in Concealed Sword Pavillion.

“Since your courage is so huge then let us have a showdown during the World Dao Gathering.”

After Gao Feng has stopped Ai Ling he says to Liu Yi, “For that you need to have the qualification to get into the top 32 first. The two of us are not in the same compet.i.tion group. Do not be eliminated halfway through.”

“Relax I will deal with you.”

Liu Yi looks at Ai Ling before laughing and says, “Help Ai Ling deal with you.”

At that moment Gao Feng is almost unable to control his anger as a sky-blue sword qi emerges from his body.

“What are you guys doing?”

At this moment a strong and powerful voice comes from their side.

Everyone turns around to see a guy wearing white Taoist attire and walks over from the Sect Head Banquet and berates, “This is the World Manor do not create trouble!”

“Yes, Sect Head…”

By the side, the disciples who are preparing to take action immediately stand by the side obediently, whereas Gao Feng impolitely says, “Sect Head. He is already bullying to the top of my head and you want me to hold back?”

Liu Yi is slightly shocked, Gao Feng is actually so impolite to his Sect Head! Indeed his eyes are grown on the top of his head ah!

“Gao Feng you are not going to listen to sect head’s words?!”

The Sect Head trembles slightly. It seems like he is quite angered.

“Hmph, the next sect head still might not be you.”

Gao Feng sneers, “If I obtain world number one this time around, the Sect Head position will be mine. Do not come and bother about my matter. It is best if you go and think about how you are going to retire!”

[TL: wow…so any guesses how badly trashed he will get and by who?]

“You! Hmph!”

The sect head is very angry but he cannot do anything about Gao Feng, after all this time around the entire sect is counting on Gao Feng to get number one during the World Dao Gathering!

This is the decision of all of the elders and relates to the big matter of Concealed Sword Pavillion. Even the sect head is unable to do anything to Gao Feng.

He can only swing his sleeves in anger and walks off.

“Do you see. If I wish to kill you no one will be able to protect you.”

“Very well. Then I am looking forward to it.”

Liu Yi also does not wish to back down as he stands opposite of Gao Feng.

Their sight collides and sparks seem to flies out!

Ai Ling clenches her fist as she starts to become more worried. Currently, her smarts have disappeared to G.o.ds know where. She does not know how to stop the two of them.

“Oh? Liu Yi, it is actually you?”

At this moment a familiar girl’s voice comes from behind him. Liu Yi turns around and takes a look and that girl is none other than Gu Yu.

“I am saying just who is Liu Yi from Raising Immortal Palace Hall and it is actually really you.”

Gu Yu looks at him and Gao Feng, “Are the two of you going to fight? That is great then, looks like this year’s Immortal Snow Peak will have fewer opponents.”


Perhaps thinking that if he really starts fighting and will lose his qualification to compete in the World Dao Gathering, Gao Feng finally recalls his sword qi and says coldly, “Today I shall let you off first. You better pray that you do not meet me on the stage!”

“Apologies, I do not believe in any G.o.ds.”

Liu Yi basically does not care about this Gao Feng. He looks back at Ai Ling as he sighs in his heart and turn around and says to Gu Yu, “Such a coincidence that we meet again.”

“Hmph, you really dare to show your face in the World Dao Gathering!”

Gu Yu pulls Liu Yi to a corner and transmits her voice, “If you dare to use Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra during the compet.i.tion,isn’t that causing my death!”

Oh, so this la.s.s is worried about this?

“Oh, what is the matter? You are not going to kill me when you see me already?”

Liu Yi starts smiling.

“Hmph, my current strength is not enough. When I have enough strength I will personally deal with you this demon!”

Gu Yu says angrily, “If it was not because of Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, I would not have come and looked for you! The two of us will definitely not be friends and can only be enemies! Liu Yi, do you know what is my biggest regret in this life? And that is to pa.s.s you Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra and personally created you this scary demon…”

Liu Yi says with a thick skin, “You cannot say this ah. How do I look like a demon? Am I obviously a handsome guy ah? Sometimes I would be shocked awake from my own handsomeness.”

“Stop teasing me. No matter what you are my responsibility.”

Gu Yu looks at Liu Yi deeply, “If you committed any killing sins…even if I sacrifice my life I will definitely kill you.”

“You are a girl why do you keep shouting fight and kill. You are so pretty why can’t you be like a well-bred lady?”

Hearing what Liu Yi says about her, Gu Yu’s face suddenly turns red.

“It is useless even if you praise me. A person like you with a glib mouth are you trying to me?”

Gu Yu says resolutely, “Since things came to today, I also cannot forcefully beg you to turn back into that ordinary person. But like what I had said, you are my responsibility. I will keep my eyes on you.”

“Aiyah, there is no need to be so serious ah. We are all playing around there is no need for you to be responsible for me.”

Liu Yi’s words cause Gu Yu’s face turn red to the tip of her ears, “d.a.m.n it! You better do not let me meet you during the compet.i.tion! Otherwise…”

“Otherwise what will you do?”

Liu Yi smiles merrily at Gu Yu. His current strength is way above Gu Yu and is no longer the young boy that can be bullied by Gu Yu as she pleases.

“Otherwise I will seal up your wretch mouth in ice!”

Gu Yu angrily leaves.

Liu Yi watches her back view and finds that she is slightly cute.

He shakes his head and feels that he definitely must have seen wrongly.

He walks towards his courtyard and when he pa.s.ses by Ai Ling’s courtyard, he suddenly receives Ai Ling’s voice transmission.

“Liu Yi…let’s meet at the bridge in the visitor area at Zi time.”

Ai Ling actually secretly ask me to meet her? What does she plan to do?

But why of all times it is at Zi time…I still wish to take a look at the drawing taking off her clothing….

Perhaps she wants to return me the pills…so I must go to meet her!

[TL: Zi time is 11pm-1am base on ancient china units of time do check Link to see the rest of the units of time]


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