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“Li Biyue, introducing a new member is good, but this is a threat.”

Liu Yufan pressed the fear in his heart and tried to communicate with Li Biyue.

“I am in charge here, but you are actually threatening me, the director! Do you want to face the elders?”

“Those elders are a group of old-fashioned stubborn old men….”

Li Biyue coldly snorted, “Tell me, will you arrange for my brother to join or not!”

“This….of course, of course, I will….”

Liu Yufan wiped his cold sweat while in his heart he was secretly jealous.

He liked Li Biyue for a long time, but Li Biyue was like an iceberg, never gave him a chance.

He thought that with his skill, in time, he can melt Li Biyue, this iceberg’s heart.

Unexpectedly, half-way through he actually met with this Cheng Yaojin (Someone inept who appear at the right place and the right time to save the day)!

Where did this kid come from?


Even if I am beaten to death, I will not believe it!

“But….Even if I want to arrange him to join, we still need to test him.”

Liu Yufan’s small eyes turned several times and then said.

“What test? That’s so troublesome.”

Li Biyue was somewhat unhappy.

“This is the rule by the Elders! Even if you and I want to complain about it, it’s useless. Yueyue, you have to tell the Elders directly.”

“Call me by my name.”

Li Biyue withdrew her black blade and bluntly said.

“Next time you bark again, this blade will not be recovered but will stab instead.”

“Yue….Li Biyue….We have known each other for a long time, and can be considered as friends, right?”

Liu Yufan was very unwilling and said, “Between friends, aren’t we supposed to not treat each other as strangers!”


Li Biyue icily said, “Director Liu, you presume too much. I, Li Biyue, never have friends….Not before, nor after….”

“Then what is he?”

Liu Yufan pointed his finger at Liu Yi and furiously said.

Liu Yi secretly thought, Hey, I am just a soy sauce here (Onlookers).

“He is my brother.”

Li Biyue dismissively said.

“Your brother is already….”

Before Liu Yufan finished his words, he abruptly swallowed it back.

“Fine, Li Biyue, I accept your recommendation. You, come with me!”

“Go on, sister believe in you.”

Li Biyue made a ‘you can do it’ gesture toward Liu Yi.

Seeing this from the corner of his eyes, Liu Yufan’s whole body was filled with jealousy.

Kid, don’t blame me, you brought this upon yourself!

“Li Biyue, in this a.s.sessment process, we can’t allow any relatives to accompany him!”

Seeing Li Biyue was catching up to them, Liu Yufan hurriedly said.

“I am not here as his relative, but as a senior member of the Organization.”

Li Biyue crossed her arms and dryly said.

D*mn! How could you say you’re a senior member now!

Just now you proclaimed to everybody that you’re his sister!

His mother!

Liu Yufan had the impulse to spurt out blood.

But he did not dare to contradict Li Biyue, making her angry. Instead, he prepared for Liu Yi’s a.s.sessment.

I can’t touch Li Biyue, but can’t I do something about this so-called brother?

Kid, you force my, Liu Yufan’s hand!

Liu Yufan and the two people arrived at the edge of a corridor and opened the door of a room.

Inside the room, there was a bald old man, but his beard and eyebrows were quite long.

When they went in, they saw the bald old man was holding a bottle of liquor while his other hand was clutching a roasted chicken leg. His lips were smeared with oil.

Seeing Liu Yufan and the other two came in, the old man was suddenly panic and hurriedly hid his liquor and the chicken leg.

“Ma Hua, don’t try to hide it, you’re drinking at work again!”

Liu Yufan’s body trembled with anger.


The old man named Ma Hua touched his bald head, regardless of his oily hand and smiled.

“That’s not a liquor, right, that bottle is filled with coffee, right, it’s coffee!”

“Your mother! Is that supposed to be the color of coffee? You think I’m blind!”

Liu Yufan was even angrier.

“White coffee, it’s white coffee!”

The old man explained, “Leadership, you see, this is just a white coffee….Don’t deduct my wage will you….I have been deducted enough for this month….”

“You are still thinking of wage! Ma Hua, Ma old man, you’re lucky I don’t fire you!”

Liu Yufan became enraged.

“Director Liu, aren’t we going to test my brother? Or do I need to continue to listen to your tirade here?”

Li Biyue suddenly interrupted him.

Liu Yufan immediately choked back what he was about to say.

Ma Hua the old man cast a grateful eye toward Li Biyue.

“Ma Hua, this kid is a new recruit that we need to test first. But I want you to record his file first!”

Liu Yufan was very depressed.

D*mn, is there no one reliable here?

As a Director here, I am being held back by these useless employees.

“Oh, a new recruit, ok, ok.”

Old man Ma nodded his head and said to Liu Yi with his alcohol breath.

“Come, come, come to me, let me take a good look at you.”

Liu Yi covered his nose and walked toward him.

OMG, How many cups of white coffee did this old man drink? The alcohol smell is so strong!

Is he drunk already? How large is his alcohol capacity?

But when he saw his sober look, the old man seemed to have a strong alcohol resistance.

“Can you take off your mask?”

Old man Ma asked.


Liu Yi remembered Li Biyue’s words and repeatedly shook his head.

“F*ck, this kid has no respect for elders! I, old man Ma, am already old, can’t you at least, let me see your face?”

This Ma Hua started to pester him.

Liu Yi blushed with shame, This is ridiculous.

But Li Biyue slightly frowned, as if ready to make her move if the old man Ma continued to pester him.

“Grandpa Hua, my face is ugly, I can’t let other people see it.”

“Grandpa Hua….”

Ma Hua curled his lips and repeated the words.

“Did you just intentionally make fun of my name!?”

“Grandpa Hua, this is me respecting you as an elder! I am younger than you, so you must take a good care of me.”

Liu Yi felt that in this place….He must be a bit shameless.

In any case, I am wearing a mask, so I shouldn’t be afraid of being cheeky.

“Kid! You have potential!”

Ma Hua traced his own bald head and said, “You are shameless like me when I was young! Very well, seeing that we are a pair of shameless, this old man will not force you to take off your mask anymore. Come, let’s begin the registration.”

Ma Hua said, took out a form, and spread it on the table.

The oil in his hand immediately smeared on the form.

Seeing the oily form, Liu Yi was distressed.

Hey, this is my registration form….If other people see this, won’t they think I am a chowhound?


“Ten Steps To Milk A Man.”

“F*ck, what’s with this name!”

“What’s wrong? Is it bad?”

“Of course it’s bad!”

Ma Hua touched his old head and said, “Ten Steps To Touch The Breast is more enjoyable to hear!”

Liu Yi almost fell on the floor.

Liu Yufan’s face turned dark, while the nearby Li Biyue tenderly scolded the old man.

“Dead old man, don’t influence my brother with your bad behaviour!”

“Hey? So this kid is your brother?”

Old man Ma somewhat surprisedly looked Liu Yi in the eye, as if looking at a monster.

“Also, he needs a new name!”

Li Biyue did not satisfy with Liu Yi’s name.

“Anything other than that….”

Liu Yi began to worry, I am not good at creating a name.

“You want a loud and clear, as well as imposing name?”

Ma Hua suggested.

“Yes, what is it?”

“What about Ten b.r.e.a.s.t.s? This is a unique and powerful name!”


Liu Yi especially wanted this old man to be his master, This old man is really something.

“Ma Hua….”

Li Biyue touched her black blade, “Would you like me to help you sober up?”

“Em, this name seems inappropriate, let’s think about other names.”

The old man quickly corrected himself.

Who dared to mess with Li Biyue….

It was suicidal!

“Just stick with Ten Steps To Milk A Man, no need to change it.”

Liu Yi said, “Sister, you can call me by my real name.”

He turned around to comfort Li Biyue.

Ma Hua and Liu Yufan thought that Liu Yi would definitely die because he dared to contradict Li Biyue’s words!

Did he have a death wish?

Since Li Biyue has decided, who would dare to change it!

This kid is finished, Li Biyue will definitely cut him!


Who knew, to their surprise, Li Biyue meekly nodded.

F*ck me!

This has gotta to be a mistake!

Did the sun rise in the west?!

G.o.d must be crazy!

Li Biyue is actually so easy to agree….

Is there something magical in this kid?

This is so wrong!

Ma Hua was quite all right, he was just shocked.

But Liu Yufan almost died with jealousy.

Such a thing as jealousy will destroy a person.

“Kid….You have a bright future in front of you….”

Ma Hua secretly cast Liu Yi a thumb up, “You are just like the younger me….A ladies killer!”

Watching Ma Hua’s big bald head, Liu Yi was difficult to imagine his past ladies killer appearance….

“Come, come, let me test your strength so that I can determine your level.”

Old man Ma said, took out a box and put it on the table.

“Come, hit this box as hard as you can. Your strength will then be displayed at the top.”

“Huh? So convenient?”

Liu Yi was surprised.

“Of course, this is a very advanced stuff.”

Old man Ma clapped his hand, and said, “Go on, hurry up, stop dawdling.”

“Okay then….I’ll try….”

“What try! This stuff is very solid….”

Liu Yi was very curious, lifted his hand and sent his palm strike toward that box.


This legendary st.u.r.dy box suddenly broke, revealing several liquor bottles, which also broke into pieces.

“Oh noo! This is my hidden liquor box! F*ck, I took the wrong box! Oh, my box of Maotai (A Liquor brand)….”

The smelled of alcohol filled the room while the old man cried in distress.

“My Maotai….”

“Hey, give him the test!”

Liu Yufan loudly roared.

“Hu, hu, my liquor….”

The old man took another box while he continued to cry.

The two boxes were actually very similar!

Liu Yi suddenly enlightened, This old man Ma actually use this box to secretly hide his liquor, ckck….

But this time, he suffers a huge loss.

Liu Yi secretly thought, Amitabha, you can’t blame me on this.

Old man Ma, don’t look at me with that resentful eyes….

“This is the test box.”

Seeing the old man Ma was so distressed with his destroyed bottles of liquor, Li Biyue explained it for him.


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