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“D*mn it!”

The female monster was surprised and angry.

To her surprise, this seemingly newcomer kid….was actually very strong!

He was obviously just a newbie….

But turned out to be a third-star. Moreover, he also cultivated the most difficult cultivation method, which was body-cultivation!

What exactly the story behind this kid!

What made her angry was that she let herself being tricked by him!

Now she has suffered an internal injury because of his palm strike…..


This is a big shame!

“I, Thirteen Aunt absolutely will not spare you!”

Thirteen Aunt.

Cold sweat poured out of Liu Yi’s head

How could there be such a wonderful name….

This is so weird….

No wonder she is a monster.

Although they were both demons, Liu Yi still felt that the name Lin Tong was much pleasant to hear….

That’s right, Fox sister is my Fox sister!

“Surrender your life!”

That Thirteen Aunt said, and her figure suddenly soared as many spider silks appeared behind her and spread out, making her hung in mid-air overlooking Liu Yi from high above.

“Your time is up….” *You are not supposed to read this! If you are, you are in the wrong place!*

She said, and her figure suddenly changed.

Soon, sharp claws appeared on her back.

And three pairs of little green eyes appeared on her forehead, which made her look very frightening.

What the f*ck….

This is not a beauty anymore…..

This kind of look…..is something that can’t be commented!

“Prepare to die….”

With that, she suddenly threw a bunch of spider silks in front of Liu Yi, completely blocking his view.

White spider silks were all that Liu Yi can see, which made him unable to see anything else.

He quickly threw out several ice bombs, which blasted out wide expanse of icy frost, shattering those spider silk.

But there was no Thirteen Aunt in front of him.

That female spider demon….where is she running to?

When Liu Yi was puzzled, he suddenly heard Wei Yi’s terrified yell from the distance.

“Liu Yi! Behind you!”

At the same time, Liu Yi also felt a wave of bone-chilling cold wind from behind him.

He quickly turned around and his body was suddenly covered with cold.

That female spider demon was hanging behind him, the two of them were only separated by a few centimeters.

Liu Yi can clearly see the gloomy smile on the corner of Thirteen Aunt’s mouth.

“Poof, poof, poof!”

Four pairs of sharp claws immediately entered Liu Yi’s back, directly pierced into his body.

Liu Yi suddenly stared, wide-eyed.

Tearing pain randomly wandered around his body.

“Let me taste you….”

The female spider demon said and sent out her spider silk to capture Liu Yi’s whole body. And then she instantly pounced into the air, bringing him with her.

At the same time, her mouth revealed a pair of poisonous palate as she moved to fiercely bite Liu Yi’s neck.

“Ten Steps To Milk A Man!”

Wei Yi was freaked out and issued a hysterical scream.

While Lin Tong on Liu Yi’s shoulder also prepared to make her move.

Absolutely….cannot let this woman harm Liu Yi!

But this time, Liu Yi suddenly opened his eyes wide.

His whole body was wrapped in a forest of white icy qi.

“I am not that easy to eat!”

With that, he endured the pain on his back and mercilessly struck a palm strike toward Thirteen Aunt’s chest.

It was too late for him to feel the softness of Thirteen Aunt’s breast. This was a vicious palm from Liu Yi.

The Desolate Flame from the Great Brilliant Sun Palm was launched.

Turbulent immortal power as well as mysterious icy qi directly struck Thirteen Aunt on the chest.

“Bam, bam, bam!”

Thirteen Aunt’s back was blown away by the revolving tornado of white icy frost.

Liu Yi’s palm strike was really ‘went against the heaven’s will.’

This palm strike directly created a giant hole on Thirteen Aunt’s chest.

Flesh and blood were frozen into ice, flying everywhere.

Thirteen Aunt’s body dropped, and fell to the ground with a thump.

Liu Yi also came down, but he endured the pain from his wound while sending out icy frost to stabilize his body.

Although his wounds were healing, they were a total of eight wounds….It was truly shocking. Even if he wanted to fully recover, it still took some time.

Liu Yi felt as if his body was drained….It was very uncomfortable.

But his healing was so fast that it was visible to the naked eyes.

The healing power of Demon race was exceptionally great.

Even Wei Yi from the side was looking at him with envy.

If a common immortal cultivator suffered such a heavy injury and wanted to heal, if one has no elixir as a supplement, it was impossible to heal so fast like Liu Yi…..

This Ten Steps To Milk A Man, where exactly did he come from….

A prestigious big Sect?

This is certainly impossible….

There is no way a disciple of a prestigious big Sect could have such a strong demonic strength.

The scene that happened at the grave now appeared before her eyes. It was impossible for her to forget this.

Ten Steps To Milk A Man….Who exactly are you….

He is obviously my partner….but, I did not know anything about him.

“Thirteen Aunt, you have done many terrible things, and also killed many innocent lives….”

Liu Yi looked around at those rotten bones and his whole blood could not help but become cold.

“Today, I must not spare you….”

“A little immortal cultivator! A third-star one at that!”

Thirteen Aunt was lying on the ground. Although her chest was blown out, leaving a huge gaping hole in the middle. But as she also has the tenacious vitality of Demonic race, she was still alive and strong as before.

“I am going to kill you!”

After that hysterical wail, Thirteen Aunt propped herself with her eight claws, and then slowly crawled up from the ground.

Meanwhile, the demonic aura, as well as the evil wind that filled the air drilled back into her body.

This Thirteen Aunt’s body began to swell quickly.

Soon, she became a five-meter long, four-meter high spider with a beautiful woman face as the head.

This spider head condescendingly looked down on Liu Yi, while her mouth spat out human words.

“D*mn immortal cultivator, I, Thirteen Aunt will turn you into a Chinese Food!”

With that, her mouth spat out a huge amount of spider silks toward Liu Yi, right in his face.

This time, the amount of spider silk….was really too many!

But Liu Yi did not dodge. His feet took a horse stance position and he pulled his right hand back at his waist, and then he gathered all his power.

“Mountain Mist!”


A huge white ice palm immediately flew out from Liu Yi’s right hand.

This giant ice palm was about three to four meter in size, blocking Liu Yi’s entire body before it flew up.

Almost all of those falling spider silks were blocked. Like putting an umbrella on a rainy day, those spider silks that encountered the giant ice palm were pushed to the side, leaving a big save s.p.a.ce for Liu Yi.

“Useless, this can only delay your death.”

That female spider demon Thirteen Aunt sent out waves of strange laughter.

With that, after those spider silks fell to the ground, they constantly spread out, like water spilling on the floor. And then they spread toward Liu Yi’s feet.

Liu Yi’s figure dodged away from the pursuing spider silks on the ground by jumping up.

The spider silks on the ground quickly caught up, pursuing Liu Yi’s feet. They then turned into a giant white hairy hand, wanting to catch Liu Yi by the waist.

Compared to that giant hairy hand made of spider silks, Liu Yi’s body was like a toy.

“You cannot escape my palm!”

That female spider demon kept uttering bizarre scream.

The giant hairy white hand was about to catch Liu Yi’s waist.

“I want you to freeze!”

But Liu Yi was not careless and reached out his hands; On each fingertip, there was a piece of ice projectile. He then sent out that ice projectiles toward that giant hairy hand.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Ice bombs constantly blasted out on that palm.

Soon, this huge palm was completely frozen.

Liu Yi fell on top of that huge palm, and then put up a middle finger toward the high above Thirteen Aunt.

“This little spell of yours is useless, come down and have a vigorous fight with me!”

Liu Yi shouted.

“Are you stupid? I am a big monster, and also a skill-cultivator!”

Thirteen Aunt coldly grunted in disdain, “This is just a tip of my skill, an appetizer. I still have some things that will absolutely make you terrified!”

With that, Thirteen Aunt’s huge body suddenly fell to the ground.

Then, hand-sized spiders crawled out from her pores.

These palm-sized spiders were big, but compared to Thirteen Aunt’s figure, they were very small.

Wei Yi, who was still caught in mid-air, watched this scene in stunned silence.

Hand-sized spiders were everywhere, like a ma.s.s of dark tide, they crawled in all direction, truly made one’s hair stood on end.

Liu Yi felt that his scalp was tingling, let alone Wei Yi and the beautiful b.u.t.terfly demon.


Looking at those surging spiders coming at him, Liu Yi condensed out an ice bomb and threw it to the ground.

But unlike the giant hand, these spiders were alive and conscious.

Seeing the ice bomb came at them, they immediately escaped, leaving out an open s.p.a.ce. When the ice bomb exploded, it did not affect them.

After the effect of the ice bomb went away, they gathered back together, and then continued to move toward Liu Yi.

His mother….!

These things are getting weird, it seems like my battle experience is still too low compared to this monster!

I still have a lot to practice!

But for 15.000 yuan….Liu Yi, you can do this!

Those spiders quickly climbed up the frozen giant hand and converged toward Liu Yi.

“You will be devoured clean by my children….”

Thirteen Aunt excitedly laughed, “Just wait for your death, die!”

“Do not underestimate us, immortal cultivators.”

Blue crystal awns burst out of Liu Yi’s eyes.

White icy frost started to wrap his whole body like a silvery-white armor.

Meanwhile, the frozen giant hand under his feet began to tear apart, seemingly unable to hold the power that burst out of Liu Yi’s body.

“What, what are you doing….”

The excited Thirteen Aunt suddenly felt a burst of pressure coming from Liu Yi’s body.

The pressure was so huge that her complexion could not help but changed.

“I am digging your children’s grave!”

Liu Yi suddenly roared loudly, and then his whole body jumped up to the air.

In the blink of an eye, he jumped up more than ten meters high, then his body flipped as he started to fell down. His palms were facing the sky while ejecting out white icy frost.

With the aid of this stream of jet-like ice, Liu Yi moved down to the ground like a bullet.

The wind roared in Liu Yi’s ear.

He seemed to enter a kind of extremely mysterious realm.

All of a sudden, in Liu Yi’s eyes, the entire world changed their appearance.


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