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Lin Tong’s exclamation startled Liu Yi, making him think that something happened to her. Turning his head around, he sees that she is safe and sound and is sitting there, forming seals for the new sutra that she had learned. Only then did he feel relief.

Liu Yi transmitted his voice to Lin Tong, {What happened to you? Why did you exclaim? It scared me?!}

{This sutra is very familiar.}

Lin Tong also transmitted her voice back in reply, {I remember it now! This is a sutra from a small sect. This small sect had long ago been exterminated after it’s final descendant ran away.}

{Descendant ran away?}

Liu Yi says in his heart, this is too unreliable.

{That’s right. Because the sect was declining more and more, that is why the final descendant also ran away and joined other sects and became a disciple.}

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, {Even if one becomes the sect head of this kind of small sect, it is like a general without an army. One might as well become the disciple of another big sect.}

{What you say is true. But what is the mysticism of this sutra?} asked Liu Yi.

{There is indeed a point.}

Lin Tong nods her head, {The most interesting part of this sect’s sutra is self-deceiving.}

{Oh? Self-deceiving?}

{That’s right. A kind of hypnotism, I guess.}

Lin Tong describes it, {People who cultivate this kind of sutra will have the feeling of being an immortal.}

{What the, then how is this any different from taking drugs?}

{That’s right. It is like that.}

Lin Tong nods her head, {That is why the people from this sect do not have any strength. The disciples join this sect because they covet spiritual pleasure. Later on, they were being bullied by other sects, and after a long time, the number of people joining became less and less.}

{So that is the case…}

Liu Yi nods his head, {Ma Yixuan is indeed ruthless. To use this kind of method to corrupt her believers’ thoughts!}

Letting her believers think that they have become Daoist immortals, but in reality, they are nothing but some pitiful people. Their qi is not strong enough and thus will still have to eat the 5 crops and continue to be mortals. But what is Ma Yixuan’s intention to establish this religion? Her believers’ strengths are so pitifully weak and will not be able to help in fights!

Looks like I must personally ask Ma Yixuan to know. Sooner or later, there will come a day where I have a life and death fight against this woman!

But I have consumed her soul and refined it into a part of me, causing demonic qi to permeate into my Nine Yang G.o.d Qi.

Ma Yixuan should have also obtained a part of my soul as well…she should be even stronger now.

Soul-Sucking Technique is the same as the Demon Sword Technique. Both are evil techniques. Although I had cultivated the Demon Sword Technique, I never used it to consume the soul of another person; thus, I am different from Ma Yixuan t.

“How is it. You feel quite good, right?”

That young girl is standing in front of Liu Yi and says happily, “The first time when I cultivated, I felt like I was going to fly into the sky! I heard that when you cultivate to a certain stage, you can really fly and become an immortal!”

Looking at this naive young girl, Liu Yi cannot help but sigh in his heart.

This d.a.m.n Ma Yixuan. To even do such things to such a young girl. She cannot be redeemed.

Perhaps in the past, Liu Yi was still sympathizing with Ma Yixuan, but now, Liu Yi only has a single feeling about her, and that is disgust! Deep disgust! Perhaps a woman’s fate can be very miserable, but one should not abandon oneself to such a stage and even implicate other people.

“One day, you will definitely become an immortal.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and rubs the young girl’s head.

“Of course. The founder bestowed upon me, strength.”

“What if I say that your Founder had lied to all of you?”

This sentence of Liu Yi causes everyone around him to be stunned.

Section Chief Zhang was astonished as he asked, “Boss Liu, what do you mean?”

“Section Chief Zhang, ah. I am sorry, but I had lied to you.”

With that, Liu Yi placed the cigar on the edge of the table. “I am not a boss nor a nouveau riche.” Liu Yi introduces himself simply, “I am the high school cla.s.smate of your Founder.”

“What joke are you making! Are you here to create trouble?!” The missionary rebukes angrily, “To dare to claim to have a relationship with our founder! She is our True G.o.d!”

“So what? She is also a person.”

Liu Yi is smiling faintly, “You guys are imaging her too beautifully.”

“Shut up! You are not allowed to dishonor our G.o.d!”

The young girl is the first to be unhappy. She suddenly rushes forward with a short sword in her hand, stabbing at Liu Yi’s stomach ruthlessly.

Liu Yi sighs and points his hand at the young girl before lifting up.

Using Moon Dream Sutra, Liu Yi raises the young girl up into the sky onto the ceiling of the ship.

The young girl exclaims, “I, I am flying?”

“Of course it flies up. This is a real immortal technique.”

Liu Yi explains to these believers, “What you all have learned is nothing but a sutra that is used to self-hypnotize yourself. You can use it to lie to yourself, but to fight with it, you guys are too weak.”


These believers all scream as they rush at him. Liu Yi waves his hand as a flame erupts out from Liu Yi, battering the insides of the ship and sends those believers flying away. This move seems to be the same as the Repelling Ring of Fire that mages use in MMOs.

Unexpectedly it is rather effective. Liu Yi had only used it in the Asura Realm before, and it is very effective against those asuras.

Section Chief Zhang falls onto the ground as well and is unable to stand up. He only feels that his entire body is falling apart and promptly asks, “What demonic technique is this?”

“This is a demonic technique.”

Liu Yi did not hide it and said bluntly, “No matter what technique it is, the key point is how you use it. Although it is a demonic technique, if it is used for justice, it is an immortal technique. While this cultivation technique of yours, which is used to deceive others as well as yourself, these kinds of techniques are then the real demonic technique!”

“Nonsense! Spouting nonsense!”

After listening to him, Section Chief Zhang denounces indignantly, “To dishonor our True G.o.d! Dishonor the strength that our True G.o.d had bestowed upon us! I was blind to bring you!”

Liu Yi declares loudly, “Solo Sect’s lifespan has come to an end. This place shall no longer exist.”

With that, he raises his leg and stomps down ferociously.

The deck is immediately cracked, and the entire ship splits into two!

“What, what kind of strength of this!”

“G.o.d! I beg you to come and save us!”

The ship slowly split to the sides, and at this moment, the originally calm seawater suddenly surges up, and an enormous whirlpool appears. An enormous figure flies out from the center of the whirlpool, and it is a golden skin devil!

This devil stretches out its two arms to grab hold of the two sides of the ship.

The believers become excited as they exclaim.

“It is the Founder’s True G.o.d!”

“Founder has come to save us!”

Liu Yi stands on his sword and floats in the sky with his arms crossed and says with satisfaction, “Looks like she finally appeared.”

“Old cla.s.smate, show yourself. I have come to see you.”

“Liu Yi! It is you!”

Ma Yixuan is wearing a s.e.xy purple cheongsam with a golden bordered silver mantle, making her look like a queen.

This woman enjoys the worship of others and should be very pleasurable for her right. She is this kind of woman with huge ambitions, and no one can obstruct her.

“That’s right; it is me. It has been a long time since we last met, do you miss me?”

Liu Yi laughs as he asks, “Last time when you left, you left behind a present for me, which I am really fond of.”

Hearing this, Ma Yixuan’s expression changes like she is angered about something.

“Do you think that only you were affected? Do you know how much effort I had put in to digest your soul? d.a.m.nit, I nearly turned into a good person! This is not what I wish to do!”

As Ma Yixuan speaks, she points at the golden devil and says, “The Nine Yang G.o.d Qi nearly destroyed my devil dao! Luckily I was smart enough and fused the two together and finally manage to resolve the crisis!”

“You have always been very smart.”

Liu Yi did not deny his point, “But if you could use your intelligence in the right place, it would be even better. Look at what disaster you have met with. To even turn such a young girl into your believer. Ma Yixuan, why did you develop so many believers? It is not like they can help you with anything.”

“Because I realized that you have a kind of power, which is very useful!”

Ma Yixuan laughs loudly, “Liu Yi a. Your strength is still not bad. For example, your believers can raise your faith, qi! The more believers you have, the stronger it is!”

Faith Qi? It should be the power that comes from Heaven Dragon Mausoleum!

Heaven Dragon Mausoleum had become part of me; furthermore, it had become part of my soul. A part of its power being taken away by it ought to be normal.

[TL: okay… this is rubbish…he only fuzed with Heaven Dragon Mausoleum after his soul got ripped off by Ma Yixuan, not before…]

d.a.m.n it. From the looks of it, with both of us consuming part of each other’s soul, Ma Yixuan had gained even more advantages!

f.u.c.king h.e.l.l! Why! This is unfair!

“Liu Yi, you came from so far away to find me, could it be that you wish to throw yourself into my embrace?”

Ma Yixuan suddenly laughed delicately, “You should have already fallen in love with me right, after being together with my soul.”

“You are thinking too much.”

Liu Yi came up with a lie, “I already eliminated your soul!”

“I sensed the strength of your devil path!”

Ma Yixuan pierces through Liu Yi’s lie, “Furthermore, to obtain my strength, it is only through copulating with my soul. Liu Yi. I am also a person who has obtained a part of your soul. Do you think that you could satisfy me?”

Liu Yi is embarra.s.sed, but he braces himself and continues to say, “What are you saying? I do not understand you.”

“Hahahaha, I know that you are a hypocritical scary cat!”

Ma Yixuan laughs, “I know your strong points as well as your weak points! For this long time, your soul has always been accompanying me by my side! If you wish to defeat me now, it is impossible!”

“That might not be true.”

Liu Yi says in his heart; I did not cultivate in Asura Realm for 300 years for nothing.

“But today, I am not here to find you. I am looking for Li Heqiang.”


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