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Chapter 31

TLN: To match with the manga’s translator naming, the “LHTranslation” . Some naming that will be adjusted are:

– Krone into Claune

– Martha into Marche

– Majorica into Majolice

A few days had pa.s.sed since the arrival of Claune and the others in Ishtalica, and a dinner were being hosted by Olivia .

During that time, several things seemed to be going on behind the scenes, and Ainz had not seen Claune for several days .

「Ara Ainz-sama, Good day to you」 (1)

「I didn’t know you were here, Majolice-san」

While he was returning to his room after today’s study, He met Majolice .

It seemed that he had come to the castle to bring in the magic stone .

「Did you find out what that magic stone is?」

「No, not at all . It’s just that it’s very frightening」

As it turned out, Majolice had found out about Ainz .

Some time after the day he went to Majolice’s magic stone store, he came to the castle to deliver the magic stone to Kadyma .

At that time, he was easily greeted by a voice that said 『Ara Ainz-sama』 .

When Ainz asked him how he knew, he said that he had guessed most of it from Chris’s att.i.tude .

But Majolice was tight-lipped, so it didn’t become a problem in the end .

「Even Kadyma-sama doesn’t understand . Of course, I wouldn’t . . . . . 」

「I’ve never heard of a special magic stone like that before, right?」

「It’s not that there weren’t any . The only things that I thought were special were the Demon King’s magic stone in the audience room and the Dullahan’s magic stone that Ainz-sama ate」

「Huh? The Demon King and Dullahan were both special?」

Ara, you’ve never heard of it, Majolice utters .

「The demon king’s magic stone and Dullahan’s magic stone were both attracted to each other . Whenever they were near each other, the demon stones would release a visible amount of magic power, and they would move little by little, trying to get closer to each other」

「You mean it had it’s own will?」

「 . . . . . . Yes, it did . It’s not an exaggeration to say that it had a will . That’s why the Demon King’s Demon Stone was placed in the audience room with a powerful seal in its entirety . After that, Dullahan’s demon stone changed and became as quiet as dead . That’s why it was taken to the Second Princess’s room . It wasn’t as if it was dead though, it was already dead . . . . . . 」

He felt a sense of déjà vu . What Ainz experienced was that Dullahan’s skill was activated when he held the demon magic stone in his hand .

This doesn’t seem to be a coincidence . The Demon King’s magic stone and Dullahan’s magic stone were attracted to each other, and Dullahan’s skill and the demon magic stone were attracted to each other . The latter was no longer the Dullahan’s magic stone, but it seemed to be a viable hypothesis .

「Ainz-sama? I’m sure you have some ideas, but don’t be too reckless」

「Yes, you’re right . I’ll try not to worry about it too much」

「Don’t forget that Dullahan’s magic stone was strong enough to compete with the Demon King’s magic stone」

When he heard that it was a match with the demon king’s magic stone, Ainz flinched a little .

He decided to be a little more careful from now on .

「Thank you for your advice . I’ll be careful as you say」

Hearing his reply, Majolice excused himself and left .

Feeling the strange connection between the magic stones, he decided to examine them more carefully . However, he couldn’t deny that he was very interested in the strange connection .

「Ah Ainz-sama . Just right in time」

It seemed to be a day when Ainz could not easily return to his room .

The next person who appeared in front of Ainz was Lloyd, who seemed to have some business with Ainz .

「h.e.l.lo, Lloyd-san . Did you have some business with me」

「Well, actually, I was going to introduce you to my son during the training this afternoon」

「Why all of a sudden?」

Chris had told him about Lloyd’s son .

He was older than Ainz, and was already a senior student at the school Ainz was going to attend .

Ainz was wondering why he was suddenly told that Lloyd would introduce his son to him .

「It’s a secret, my son will serve as Ainz-sama’s bodyguard . Well, it’s only limited to the academy」

「An on-academy-only escort huh」

Even though he said that in a few words, He couldn’t understand it . Seeing Ainz situation, Lloyd continued .

「Ainz-sama is probably wondering why he are only allowed to escort you within the school . But this is only natural . Of course, there are times when you cannot have an escort . But when we can, it’s only natural for us to provide an escort」

「Ah . . . . I see . But why it’s only on academy?」

「As a grand marshal, I can tell you that I am genuinely inadequate . I have outstanding ability among my age group . However, if you ask me if I can protect you well no matter where you are, I’m still not convinced」

「So Chris will continue to be my main guard, and Lloyd’s son will be my guard at the academy」

「It is as you say」

This means that Ainz will have two guards, although they will be limited . Chris will be the main guard, and Lloyd’s son will start as an apprentice only in the school for the time being .

「Understood . So, you can introduce me to him during the training this afternoon」

「Yes . I’ll bring him with me, so I thought I’d tell you first」

「Then I’ll be on my way」

「Yes . I’ll look forward to seeing you this afternoon」

And so, Ainz parted ways with Lloyd .

He decided to go back to his room and have a rest .


After a short rest and lunch, Ainz is on his way to the knight’s training center .

「I wonder what kind of person he was」

It was Lloyd’s son that I was curious about . To be honest, I couldn’t imagine what he was like .

Lloyd, a giant of a man, and Marche, a small woman with an infantile appearance . I was a little excited to see what kind of child would be born from these parents .

「Oh, I didn’t ask how old he was . Well, I guess we’ll find out when we meet」

「Ah, Ainz-sama, are you going to train now?」

「Yes . And I was wondering if you could introduce me to Lloyd-san’s son」

The person who spoke to him was a knight I sometimes deal with at the training center, he saw Ainz walking and spoke to him .

「I see . I heard that Lloyd-sama’s son would be escorting Ainz-sama, so you’re going meeting him?」

「It seems so . Have you seen what he looks like?」

「Yes i have」

Ainz was looking forward to meeting him, but once he heard that he had met him before, he couldn’t help but ask what he was like .

「Are you sure? By the way, I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of person he was」

「Yes, of course . But since you’ll be meeting him soon, let me give you my first impression」

The knight smiled and said he would only give Ainz his first impressions .

「I have no doubt that Ainz-sama would be surprised like 『What?』, I’m sure you’ll feel that way . No, you will definitely feel that way . 」

「I don’t know what do you mean with 『What?』, but i could tell it will be surprising」

「I’m glad to hear it」

Ainz understood very well that Lloyd’s son was a very unexpected person .

After all, the fact that he couldn’t have imagined it didn’t seem to be a mistake .

「Then I’ll go to Lloyd-sama’s place」

「Take care and have a good day」

Aware that there is something unexpected, Ainz left the knight for now and went to the place where Lloyd was waiting .

「Surprising, Unpredictable . . . . . 」

Was it actually a daughter? No, that doesn’t make any sense as he said it’s a son . Is it something like a royal gacha? It’s not that there aren’t any, but that doesn’t make it any more surprising .

「Lloyd’s body, with Marche’s face」

It was impossible . I felt as if I had opened a forbidden door .

Ainz was thinking about it while walking .

In the end, he finally arrived at the place where Lloyd was waiting without being able to visualize what kind of person he was even in his mind .

「Excuse me」

He knocks on the door, say a few words, and enter .

「Oh, Ainz-sama . We’ve been expecting you . This is my son, Dill Glacier, a 12-year-old apprentice knight . Come on, Dill, say h.e.l.lo」

「It is a pleasure to meet you, Ainz-sama . I am honored to have been entrusted with the responsibility of escorting Ainz-sama . I will protect Ainz-sama’s safety with my life . Although I am still inexperienced, as Ainz-sama’s escort, I will stake my life so that I can one day become the strongest knight like my father」

Then Ainz understood . He had just been thinking too hard .

The boy called Dill was not an uncle of any kind, and seemed to be a boy as he looked .

The knight had said that Ainz would be surprised . He finally understood what he meant .

「Nice to meet you, Dill-san . My name is Ainz von Ishtalica . It will be a little while before I enter the academy, but when I get there, please take care of me」

Dill was a beautiful boy with thin lines . He actually thought 『What?』 to himself .

It seems that Dill is the result of taking the best parts of Lloyd’s genes and Marche’s genes .

Honestly, Ainz thought he wouldn’t have known if he hadn’t been told by Lloyd in his introduction .

「Now, Ainz-sama . As a matter of fact, this matter of Dill’s escort has a little something to do with your education, Ainz-sama」

「My education, is it?」

We left Dill, who had finished introducing himself, to talk .

As for Dill, when his father Lloyd started talking, he quietly stepped back and listened to the conversation .

「Ainz-sama uses honorific language and respects us knights as well . This is a virtue and a good thing, I’m sure」

「Don’t mind it . I’m glad to hear you say that」

「However, this can sometimes be a detriment . There is such a thing as a superior’s att.i.tude」

「 . . . . . . You want me to get used to that att.i.tude?」

「It is as you say」

There was another aspect to Dill’s role as Ainz escort . It was education that Sylvird had prescribed .

Ainz was basically polite and rarely treated Kadyma the way she treated him .

In such a situation, Ainz often uses honorifics and treats others in a respectful manner, whether they are knights or servants .

This was one of the ways to educate Ainz to speak and act in a dignified manner without using honorifics .

「I knew this would happen one day」

「That is splendid . Do you also understand that your att.i.tude toward me should not be that way, either?」

「Considering he’s going to be king sooner or later, I’m sure he will be」

「Therefore, I have one instruction for Ainz-sama from His Majesty . You must not use honorifics with Dill, and you must not be disrespectful to him . Under these conditions, you must respect him and show him your value」

Sylvird’s order seemed slightly difficult for Ainz, who usually used honorifics .

「These are my grandfather’s words, as His Majesty?」

「It is as you say」

「 . . . . . . . I understand . Dill-san, then I guess I will treat you as such . I’m looking forward to working with you」

「I am very honored to be your escort, Ainz-sama . I look forward to working with you as well」

「Dill . Look at me」

Lloyd, who had been watching the exchange between Ainz and Dill, made Dill turn to him .

「This is your punishment . Clench your teeth」

Then Lloyd beat up his own son . Dill is. .h.i.t and his body falls to the ground .

「Don’t you know why I’m angry . You were treated by the crown prince in the same manner as before, but you did not stop him, and without a single word of thanks, you simply said that you would appreciate it . Why can’t you see that this is disrespectful!」

Ainz had no idea why Dill had suddenly been hit, but after hearing the explanation, he understood .

He realized that it was his fault that Dill had been hit .

「I’m sorry, sir . I’ve been naive . Punish me any way you see fit」

「Go run through the training center . Don’t come back until I say it’s okay!」

「Yes sir!」

Ainz looks at Dill, who was beaten and punished for his own fault .

When Lloyd tells him to go run, Dill immediately heads outside to run .

「You fool! Don’t you at least have a word with the crown prince!」

「Ugh . . . . . Your Highness! I apologize for exposing myself like this as the escort of the person who would be His Royal Highness the Crown Prince!」

Then Dill bowed his head and ran out again .

「 . . . . And so it goes, Ainz-sama . As a grand marshal and Dill’s boss, I’m going to be strict with him」

「Now I understand better . I’ll let go of my idea of taking it slow until I get used to it, and I’ll head in with a firm att.i.tude」

「Thank G.o.d for that . I guess I won’t have to beat up my son, either」

He wasn’t good at dealing with people from above, but he knew that if it was necessary, he had to do it .

He didn’t want to see others being punished because of him .

「However, if you call what you just did rude, then the way Warren and I treated His Majesty is also rude! Hahahaha!」

「You’re ruining it, Lloyd-san . . . . . 」

「Well, I hope you can use Dill as a practice partner and gradually get used to him . We all know that Ainz-sama has a kind heart, and we hope that you will eventually have the same att.i.tude towards me and Warren-dono」

Ainz knew that he could only do this because he was the one and only va.s.sal that he had worked with for decades .

He also knew that there were many things that he lacked in order to do so .

But Ainz was a little envious of Dill .

He had never had a father who took him as seriously as he did .


While Ainz is being given a new education, in one of the rooms of the castle, Claune is about to be given a task .

「Well then, Miss Claune . The homework I gave you the other day was excellent . Without even a single mistake」

「I’m relieved to hear that」

「So, as promised, Miss Claune will be enrolled in the Liebe Girls’ Academy, which is run by Her Royal Highness for generations, at the same time as Ainz-sama after the winter」

「You can give me a letter of recommendation, right?」

「I can write a letter of recommendation for you, no problem」

Claune had been a.s.signed a number of homework a.s.signments in the days since her dinner with Olivia .

She had completed it without difficulty and submitted it to Warren .

Since there were no problems with the results, Claune will also be enrolled in the academy in the royal capital from the same time as Ainz .

「Very well . So, in the meantime, can you tell me what I’m missing?」

「Of course . I made this a.s.signment thinking it would take a little more time, but my fears were wrong, so I will increase the amount next time」

「Thank you very much」

Claune smiled a little tightly .

It was safe to say that Warren had given her a task that she was dying to complete .

The content of the a.s.signment ranged from questions of etiquette and manners to case studies and proposals on law and policy . There was also a wide range of calculation problems .

She was desperate to solve them for her future sake .

「However, for the next a.s.signment we will be working on three educational principles」

「I should choose one of them?」

「It’s as you say . You will have to choose from the three I will tell you about」

「I understand . I’m looking forward to working with you」

Warren then takes a sheet of paper and reads it .

「The first principles of our education policy, which has as its ultimate goal to be on a position like mine . I will educate you to be the person that Ainz-sama will need in the future」

The three educational policies were about what they wanted to be in the future .

Hearing this, Claune also thought seriously about what she wanted to be .

「Our second principles is, To aim is to be like Her Highness . She has all kinds of knowledge, and as a lady, she has no equal」

Hearing that, Claune thought, I see .

She still didn’t know what kind of person Ainz would want . However, she was attracted to the idea of a highly educated, queen-like lady .

「The third policy is to aim to be like a queen . She will think and act on her own, protect her people, and give orders even when the king is not around . We want to develop strong judgment and thinking skills」

After listening to all the ideas, Claune thought about them .

What would be the best thing for her to do, and what would be best for Ainz?

She went through many simulations in her mind .

「 . . . . . Warren-sama . I have a question, if you don’t mind」


It was the day that Ainz and Claune decided to take up new studies for each other’s future .

That night, the three usual members of the group gathered together to report on the day .

「Lloyd-dono, I heard about it . it is said you hit your son Dill」

「Hahahaha, as expected, you are quick to hear . However, that was for Dill’s sake as well as for Ainz’s sake」

「You are right that it is necessary to educate them both . But, Lloyd, what about Ainz?」

「I cannot deny that he was a little too kind, but I believe that he is fit to be a king . That is why I believe he will grow strong and capable」

「Ainz-sama has already completed half of his schoolwork in the castle . Nowadays, we have military service, jurisprudence, national affairs, internal affairs . . . . . and today, imperialism studies have begun」

Ainz is usually hard at work on many tasks . Not only as a member of the royal family, but also to gain a lot of knowledge needed as the crown prince .

Recently, subjects such as internal affairs have been added, and the number of subjects is gradually increasing . In such a situation, the imperial studies through Dill will start gradually from today . It was necessary for him to learn the att.i.tude and way of thinking as a person of superior rank .

「Very well then . I’m thinking of giving him more challenges, you two are the ones who can watch him the most . I trust it to you」

「The two of us will raise him to be a great king, rest a.s.sured」

「Yes, Your Majesty . In time, I shall raise him to surpa.s.s me in strength」

「If that happens, he won’t even need an escort . . . . . 」

Today’s report goes on in a peaceful atmosphere .

「Next, Miss Claune, since she have completed her a.s.signments without any problems, I will write a letter of recommendation for her to attend the Liebe Girls’ Academy . After the winter, she will be able to attend the school from the same time as Ainz-sama」

「That was earlier than what we expected huh?」

「Yes . She finished it in about half the time I expected . So, I thought I’d double it next time」

「 . . . . . It seems, Warren-dono’s education is quite strict」

「Olivia-sama asked me to do it for her . If she wants me to polish her up beautifully, I’ll do the best I can」

As for Warren, it has become a pleasure to give cla.s.ses to Claune .

She absorbs a lot and always puts her best in her studies . Warren, who had served as Prime Minister of Ishtalica, saw her as a gem with a bright future .

「If so, she must have decided on an educational policy, right?」

「Yes, she makes her decision today」

「Let’s hear it」

Claune has chosen her future . Sylvird is also curious about what that is all about .

「She want to be highly educated lady who can think and judge like a queen and watch over her king . . . . that’s what she said」

Giggling, Warren gives her answer . In the end, Claune did not choose among the three . She chose a good one, a slightly selfish conclusion .

「Watch over the king huh . . . . . Your Majesty . Apparently, since Lady Olivia’s return, she hasn’t had a moment to spare」

「No doubt . The whole new generation is so greedy, it’s troubling」

Sylvird knew . He knew how rea.s.suring it was to have someone beside him who would watch over the king .


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