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Jin Relaxes, and More

Laojin kept on with his activities.

To support Jin,

1. Build a harbor for the aircraft carrier’s use.

2. Starting with Celuroa Kingdom, investigate whether or not the important people of the administration are affected by [Hypno] or [Seduce].

3. Advance investigation of submarine resources by utilizing the Mermaid units.

4. Manufacture weapons for the golems.

5. Further improve on the receiverless Warp Gate.

6. Develop an aircraft that can carry t.i.tans.

7. For heavy work, manufacture heavy-duty golems using the t.i.tans as the baseline.

8. Ma.s.s produce Magi Jammers and Paralyzers.

and the like were his current goals.

Furthermore, he decided to leave a watchman in the Warp Gate room. For both preventing incidents like the earlier one, and to deal with intruders.

Also, 24-hour monitoring using Mana Telecams. If Jin heard that, he’d probably think of surveillance cameras.

Jin hadn’t given explicit orders for either, but considering his goals they were necessary measures.

“Once master comes back he’ll be surprised.”

Ann working as the support smiled sweetly and said.

It may be an unnecessary addition, but lastly when Reinhardt made his regular call he instead received the message ‘My Lord is away from home right now.’

As Reinhardt didn’t have anything special going on that day that was the end of it.

* * *

Amidst the darkness, Jin and Elsa had arrived at the hot spring.

As she had missed bathing yesterday, she had stealthily consulted about it with Jin and this was the result.

Here where there was no light there were no villagers. Jin took into consideration Elsa who wasn’t very sociable.

As they had a [Light Ball] the two didn’t have a lack of light.

“Well then, I’ll be going over here.”

Jin said, then a childish voice replied.

“Then I’ll go together with onee-chan!”

Yes, Hannah also came along.

“Mm, Hannah-chan, let’s go in together.”

It seemed that even Elsa had already opened up to Hannah.

For the first time in a while Jin was in the waters of Kaina Village’s hot spring. He truly had it all to himself.

“Ahh, I missed bathing yesterday because this and that happened, huh.”

When needed Jin used the Craft Magics [Deodorant], [Cleanup], and so on, but still a hot spring was completely different.

“Elsa onee-chan, you’re pretty.”

On the other hand, in the women’s bath Hannah and Elsa were getting along well in the hot water.

“Hannah-chan will surely also become a pretty lady.”

“You think so? Do you think I can be Jin onii-chan’s bride?”

Being asked that, Elsa was embarra.s.sed to reply as you might expect.

“M– mm. Jin-nii treasures Hannah-chan so surely.”

She narrowly managed to reply.

* * *

This time Reiko was unusually waiting outside the hot spring. The reason was that Jin had seemed like he wanted to be alone, and also she could use this chance to converse with Laojin.

“Laojin, how is it going over there?”

“Everything is well. There are many things to do, but everything is for the sake of My Lord.”

“That’s right, isn’t it? For us serving Father is enough.”

“By the way, I would like to ask My Lord to come back for a brief moment if it’s alright.”

“For some work no one but Father can do, I presume?”

“That’s right. I would like to have him make the Control Cores for the heavy-duty golems.”

“I understand. I will ask Father later.”

“Please do. There’s one more thing to report. Another Core of Gigantes has been found.”

“Now there’s just two left, isn’t that right?”

“Yes. However, the investigation of ancient ruins isn’t progressing much.”

“There’s nothing to be done about that, it seems. Or are more people required?”

“At present the Quinta are enough.”

“I understand.”

* * *

“Heey, Elsa, Hannah, it’s about time to go.”

“Ye~s, onii-chan.”

After an exchange between the men’s and women’s baths like that of an old couple’s, Jin got out of the hot spring.

The spring night’s winds felt pleasant on his heated body. Soon Elsa and Hannah also got out of the water.

They both had wet hair and cheeks flushed slightly pink like cherry blossoms, which looked somewhat seductive (well, in Hannah’s case there was no seductiveness to speak of).

They walked the night streets while the [Light Ball] Jin made illuminated the way. Hannah was in a good mood while holding hands with Jin and Elsa.

Behind them, Reiko silently followed the three.

It was quite a peaceful sight.

* * *

The night grew late, and when Hannah had long since fallen asleep.

Jin received a simple report from Reiko.

“Hmm, is that so. I suppose I had better go back for a moment.”

However, he was worried about Hannah. Jin said that to Reiko and she had a suggestion.

“Father, in that case how about inviting Hannah-chan to Hourai Island or Kunlun Island sooner?”

“Hmm, I could do that too, huh. In that case it’d have to be Kunlun Island where Elsa is. Reiko, could you look after Hannah during that time?”

Jin asked and Reiko agreed,

“Yes, if Father so wishes.”

She replied. Jin felt relieved and told Reiko to do that.

“Alright, then tomorrow morning, after eating breakfast let’s go back for a while. Let’s take Elsa to Kunlun Island via the research facility, and also have Hannah pa.s.s time there.”

* * *

“How is the war situation?”

“Everything is proceeding advantageously for our faction.”

“Ha ha, that is splendid. By the way, what happened to the intelligence about the Magi Craftsman who’s been a problem since the other day?”

“Yes, leaving just Marcello from the sixth subdivision alive paid off, we acquired some information.”

“Very interesting indeed. So, what is it?”

“Perhaps because the information source was confused some of the information’s credibility is suspect, but the person who controlled the golems that fought equally against our strongest golem, he called them the ‘Mysterious Golem Master’.”

“Mysterious Golem Master, is it…”

“So what? I do not think they are a match for our compatriots.”

“No, I’m interested in this person. Perhaps, if they’re related to Adrianna, then…”


“No, it’s nothing. Please work hard to restore the ‘the country of the past’.”

“Yes, as you wish.”

“Adrianna Balbora Ceci. Even this late in the game, are you going to stand in my way…?”


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