WebNovel Madam's Identities Shocks The Entire City Again Chapter 611: Master Si Shouldn't Have a Crush on Someone Else's Sister

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Chapter 611: Master Si Shouldn’t Have a Crush on Someone Else’s Sister

When he thought of that, he didn’t pressure Qiao Nian to accept the money anymore. He put down his phone and said, “That’s all right. Later, I’ll bring you to visit the nearby attractions. There are many fun places in Beijing. If you’re here for the first time, you may not be familiar with the places. Let me show you around.”

Qiao Nian raised her eyes and looked at him with her clear and dark eyes, suppressing the impatience she felt because of her lack of sleep. She didn’t give a clear answer.

Qin Si automatically a.s.sumed that she was going to let him show her around.

Although the room was filled with conversation, most of the attention was on the exchange between Qiao Nian and Qin Si. They all heard that Qiao Nian had returned the money Qin Si transferred to her.

Someone closer to Zhang Yang lowered his voice, leaned into his ear, and whispered, “It cannot possibly be that Master Si has a crush on someone else’s sister, right?”

Not to mention, this girl was really beautiful. Jiang Xianrou was considered one of the most beautiful girls in their circle.

However, the girl in front of them was even more beautiful than her.

She had a strong aura and an air of vigor around her.

Every man would definitely want to get to know her.

Zhang Yang patted him with a serious expression on his face. He said, “Don’t speak without thinking. There may be many reasons we don’t know of. It’s not what you are thinking of. Miss Qiao is deserving of Young Master Qin’s attention.”

The man raised his eyebrows in consternation and said disapprovingly, “Zhang Yang, you must be exaggerating. She’s just a high school girl from Rao City. How good can she be?

“Look at Master Si’s status. How is she deserving of his attention?”

His expression was one of disbelief.

Zhang Yang didn’t bother to explain anymore and said, “You wouldn’t be able to understand even if I told you.”

Miss Qiao wasn’t only Master w.a.n.g’s sister, she also had connections to the Wei Family. She had saved Old Master Wei’s life. The Wei Family now owed her a favor.

Qin Si’s att.i.tude showed that he was now supporting Qiao Nian. With so many people supporting her, only fools would dare to go against her.

Qiao Nian didn’t hear their conversation. After playing with her phone for a while, she felt a little sleepy.

At this moment, Ye Lan called her. She got up and walked to the side to pick up the call.

“Yes, I’m not at the hotel.” She raised her eyes and looked at the people in the room. Then, she lowered her eyelids, put her hands in her pockets casually, pursed her crimson lips, and said carelessly, “I’m at the Lan Pavilion with some friends.”

Qin Si saw her raising her eyebrows while talking to the person on her cell phone. “You want to come over? Oh, I’m not going to leave for the time being. Okay, I will wait for you.”

Qiao Nian hung up and walked back.

Just as she walked past him, she raised her hand and pressed her eyebrows. Not knowing how to explain the phone call just now, she just said, “An aunt was nearby. She heard that I was here and is planning to come over to meet me.”

Qin Si instinctively reached out for a cigarette. He wanted to go for a smoke to clear his head. Gazing at the girl in front of him, he slowly retracted his hands and said, “Okay, just let her know which room we are in. Anyways, the room is large. It will only be livelier with more people.”

“Okay.” Qiao Nian took out her cell phone. She didn’t pay attention to his actions when he reached for the cigarettes and just said, “In that case, I will send her a message.”

“The room number is A1869.” He raised his chin indifferently and told Qiao Nian the room number clearly.

Qiao Nian stood with a relaxed posture and sent Ye Lan the room number.

As soon as she put down the cell phone, she heard someone speak. “Sister, not everyone can get into Lan Pavilion. It might be bad if your aunt is stuck outside waiting for you.”

Lan Pavilion was a private club with a members.h.i.+p system. It was extremely exclusive. He was not wrong. Most people were unable to get in.

Qiao Nian was able to get in because Qin Si had informed the security guards beforehand. He had told them not to stop a female high school student from entering.


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