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Chapter 371: Life plus Life again

As Angela’s floating platform pa.s.ses over the southern area of the fox-clan, Lucien asks his wives if they all got the flowers and feathers or if they want to keep looking.

They all have beautiful angel feathers painted with blood, and the last girl to pick a flower was Olivia, who quickly chose that black rose before the fight with the angels. But Amelia and Envy still need flowers, just like Sophia.

“You still need to find our gems and ferous beasts’ teeth,” Lena speaks with an expectant expression, but the truth is that she would be happy with even a simple stone if it were a gift from Lucien.

His other wives nod with the same expectant expression as Lena, but Lucien confidently smiles as he starts pulling some beautiful s.h.i.+ny gems out of his storage ring.

“Woah!” Some girls exclaim while they are all delighted by the beautiful glow of those colorful gems. They are as beautiful as Agapius’ instant teleport gems. Still, they are not magical treasures but just rare stones that are influenced by the water mana of the Ghost Lady inside the Lake of Tears.

Lucien tosses a beautiful solid blue gem to Lena and places a crystal blue one in Sophia’s hand. “I got gems for everyone, even for you, my love.”

Sophia beautifully smiles as she is thrilled that Lucien thought of her while choosing the gems. Also, the color of that gem perfectly matches her crystal-blue eyes, and it is obvious that Lucien chose it carefully.

“Thank you, hubby!!” She jumps in his arms and hugs him tightly, and they start kissing again.

Amelia cannot contain her jealousy, so she quickly approaches Lucien and shakes his s.h.i.+rt. “Brother… will you go with me to the forest while I choose my flower? You can hunt the wild beasts in that meantime.”

Lucien stops kissing Sophia and kisses Amelia’s lips, making her blush a little because everyone is looking at them while their other sisters roll their eyes.

Then he starts to caress Amelia’s face. “Yes, my dear, we are going to the forest so that you, Sophia, and Envy can choose flowers. But I don’t necessarily need to hunt the beasts.”

“Why?” Amelia asks while Lucien’s other wives are also curious about why he doesn’t need to hunt beasts to get their teeth.

Lucien smiles as he takes out many big and sharp teeth with a bright green glow from his storage ring. His wives are shocked, not understanding from what beast he got those green teeth, but some of them quickly start to remember about that.

He explains. “The bodies of those sharks that we killed near the life crystal mine would rot in our storage rings, but I kept their bones and teeth because it has a lot of life energy, just like the crystals.

“Isn’t it against the rules?” Marie asks.

“Why would it be against the rules? These teeth are from sharks that I killed with my own hands.” He responds.

l.u.s.t nods while commenting. “Also, these teeth are full of life mana; that is, they are great offerings to the Nature Spirit and will be an excellent fertilizer for the trees that we are going to plant.”

While all Lucien’s wives agree, Anne makes a thoughtful expression. “Mom told us not to kill the beasts when taking their feathers and teeth…”

“We wouldn’t hurt the beasts for no reason, but the angels and sharks didn’t give us a choice. These offerings will also work as reminders of what happens to our enemies.” Lucien speaks in a confident tone.

Anne and all of Lucien’s other wives agree with that. In fact, their gifts are full of meaning for them and for Lucien, which makes them genuine offerings and not just beautiful objects.

With all his wives agreeing, Lucien looks at Eve, Donna, and the other sins. “We will not take too long.”

Eve and Donna nod while Sloth smiles at him. Lucien thinks Wrath and Pride are very transparent people, and he can understand what they want, but Sloth is an enigma to him, which is somehow an additional charm that attracts him.

Lucien smiles at his wives and asks Angela to take them to the home of Anne’s mother, Laure. Then he hugs Amelia and Sophia after she keeps her magic pillow in her storage bracelet before he flies towards the forest while l.u.s.t, Sloth, and Envy return to their souls.

Amelia’s white hair sways in the air, as do Sophia and Lucien’s red hairs as they fly quickly through the sky.

Both his cute sisters enjoy the warmth of his body, his addictive scent, and his affectionate touch while wis.h.i.+ng that they never arrive in the forest, so he doesn’t stop hugging them.

The sins within their souls have different levels of jealousy. Envy is literally tortured by jealousy while l.u.s.t, although also feeling jealous, is very confident of her position as his main wife.

Sloth, on the other hand, doesn’t even notice that she’s a little jealous too. She just likes to watch Lucien and reflect on how fascinating he is. But of course, a part of her wants to be in the same place as Amelia and Sophia right now.

Sophia and Amelia begin to kiss Lucien’s neck and cheek, making it difficult for them to fly, but they quickly reach above that field of flowers where his wives fought the angels.

He lands in the middle of what remains of the flower field, now destroyed by battle. Almost all the flowers were completely crushed, while only those furthest from the field center suffered little damage.

But Amelia, Sophia, and Envy seem determined to find beautiful flowers, well, as soon as they manage to stop kissing Lucien.

For about ten minutes, Lucien kisses Sophia, Amelia, Envy, and l.u.s.t equally, while Sloth just watches them from inside Sophia’s soul. Then, Amelia goes to look for flowers with Envy.

“I will be at the lake to the south, looking for more beautiful gems.” He talks after kissing Sophia and then flies to the Lake of Tears.

Sophia starts looking for a flower but as soon as she realizes that Amelia is very concentrated on the other side of the flower field, she flies south using her floating pillow.

‘That doesn’t seem fair to me…’ Sloth comments in Sophia’s mind.

‘Amelia has been with Lucien all this time while I was in that lonely tower, missing him so much. Now I will have the maximum possible of time with him, and I don’t care if that is fair or not.’ Sophia responds as she quickly finds Lucien’s location.

As soon as Lucien lands on the edge of the lake, he looks back and smiles as he sees Sophia, on top of her magic pillow, coming towards him at super speed.

He opens his arms, and Sophia hardly collides with him, making them both fall into the lake, now with transparent water. She quickly hugs him tightly, and they start kissing before they even reach the water.

Lucien loves all his wives very much and equally, but the connection he has with his sisters and the sins is different from his relations.h.i.+p with his other wives in a special way.

He also loves all his girls in a special way, but while his other wives seem to be part of his heart, Amelia, Sophia, l.u.s.t, and Envy seem to be part of his whole body.

After living most of his life beside Sophia, only when he had s.e.x with her and really opened his heart to accept her love did he realize how important she is to him.

She will always be his sister, but she is also his lover and mother of his child. He cannot describe how much he loves her and how well he feels while her demonic energy and life mana runs inside his body just as his energies flow into her body.

Both embrace and touch each other pa.s.sionately inside the lake while their tongues exchange fluids inside her small and delicate mouth.

Cold? They will never feel cold as long as they share and generate heat while rubbing their bodies together.

Breathe? Lucien alone can stay several minutes underwater due to his life mana satisfying the basic needs of his body for a while. But now, together with Sophia and her life mana, they can go almost half an hour without breathing while just kissing.

As they kiss, Sophia begins to caress Lucien’s face and then firmly holds his horns while talking to him mentally. ‘I missed you so much that now I can’t stay away from you for even a single minute!’

‘I feel the same way, my dear.’ Lucien responds while hugging Sophia tightly. His hands run over all of Sophia’s back and a.s.s while he satisfies his longing for the perfect curves of her body.

Sophia gets very h.o.r.n.y while feeling Lucien’s hands caressing her body. She wraps her legs around his waist while trying to bring their most private parts closer.

Her mind starts to fill with ‘l.u.s.t’ as she remembers their first time. She had dreamed about him so many times while she only had those quick memories to do please her body.

Now she has the real Lucien in her arms and no longer has to depend on short memories and paintings. Now, she can only think of one thing: s.e.x. She wants to have s.e.x with him to her heart’s content; she wants to get compensation for all the days she suffered for not having his touch.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t think I will be able to find a flower for you.’ Sophia talks to Lucien mentally as he starts to undress, still inside the lake.

Lucien quickly responds while also starting to undress. ‘You are the only flower I need, my beautiful red rose.’

Sophia’s heart beats faster as she is overjoyed by Lucien’s loving words. That past where he was depressed and did not correspond to her feelings seems like a nightmare that never existed, and he always belonged to her as she belongs to him.

While they please each other, l.u.s.t and Sloth observe the changes in their bodies. Unlike their first time, Lucien now has complete control over his demonic energy, which is much more powerful and abundant as well.

So too is Sophia’s demonic energy, which willingly enters Lucien’s body, relaxing and strengthening him while his original energy enters Sophia’s body, also taking some of Envy’s energy.

l.u.s.t can’t help but be surprised at how easily Lucien mixes his energy with Sophia’s. The process seems a lot smoother than compared to the energy of Envy and Pride, in addition to Sophia’s body also willingly accepting everything that comes from his body, even Envy’s energy, without rejecting it as Pride’s energy did within Elsie’s body.

‘Love can be a really powerful weapon…’ Sloth comments mentally to l.u.s.t.

‘Indeed… She loves him so much that their energies mix so easily.’ l.u.s.t responds.

‘I was also talking about you.’ Sloth slowly giggles in l.u.s.t’s mind.

‘Our energies are the same, our hearts are in total sync, our souls are more bonded than any other… so of course, we love each other.’ l.u.s.t speaks confidently.

Sloth is silent for a few seconds before speaking as if thinking out loud. ‘I wonder if I’ll ever feel that way too…’

‘I’m sure you will.’ l.u.s.t quickly responds.


A hundred meters north of the flower field, Amelia looks for a flower because there are none left in the field that catches her eyes.

Envy walks behind her while making an upset expression. “You know your sister is now in his arms, don’t you?”

“She just met him after so long apart,” Amelia responds and quickly continues. “I couldn’t bear to be away from him for just a day now, let alone several months…”

“But-” Envy tries to influence Amelia to go after Lucien, partly because her nature is like that and also because she doesn’t want to stay away from him. If she had the option of staying only in his soul, she certainly would do it.

But Amelia interrupts Envy. “Stop complaining! We can get back to his side faster if you help me find a good flower.”

Envy thinks about something to say, but she is silent as she sees a beautiful colored glow coming from a hollow tree trunk a few meters away.

Amelia also notices that glow, and they both speak together. “Looks good…”


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