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Loving You Is Not An Accident: It’s Destiny is a web novel made by heartsofclay. This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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“What do you mean?” she started to wonder if Daisy mistakenly forgot to make a reservation for her, when she specifically instructed Daisy to do it two days before the event. The staff once again explained to her the situation.

“Unfortunately ma’am, the hotel is fully booked now. We could not give you any suite.” The receptionist further stated and seems at loss for words. Unfortunate events like this do happens.

“Okay, I’ll call my secretary first.” She immediately dialled Daisy’s number. For few seconds still she did answer the call.

‘This is just great!’ but she maintained a cool demeanour despite that of her struggle cradling her son who started to weigh her down.

“Ma’am, would you like me to cradle your son for you?” the receptionist was kind enough to offer her a.s.sistance.

“Thanks, but I think he’ll wake up. So it’s okay,” she smiled. The receptionist showed a concerned face and worries about her. She wanted to insist but then she was already talking over the phone.

“Daisy, sorry to bother you, but have you reserved a suite for me here in the hotel?”

“Yes, of course, ma’am. I received their confirmation after the reservation. Let me check my e-mail again.” her secretary was startled, she heard Daisy tapping her keyboard swiftly. “…Ma’am, it’s stated here in the e-mail that they’ve already reserved a suite for you.” Ingrid handed over the phone to the receptionist so that they will be the ones to discuss.


Not far away… Samantha was walking out of the hotel together with her family and some colleagues when she spotted a familiar face in front desk.

“That’s Ingrid!” her mind exclaimed. She saw her holding her son and was a bit perplexed.

“Who are you looking at, Sam?” her husband asked.

“A friend who I never meet again after five years. Can I go over her for a minute?” she asked permission from her husband. He looked at his watch and shook his head.

“Sorry to say but we’ll be late on our flight.”

He knew that when his wife meets a friend whom she never saw for how many years, it will also take an hour before she decided to leave.

‘Is that her son? Gosh! What a coincidence that Clifford is also here. Ahh, it’s really a bad timing! Grr..’ she could only stare at them especially the boy’s hair who resembles exactly as Clifford Briggs.

How curious is she to look at the boy’s face. Did he get his features from his mom? Or from his dad? She giggled at the thought of her little trick she did five years ago. She still could remember Ingrid’s requirement for a donor and to Samantha it seems impossible.

“Dr. Sam, I need that the man has an above average IQ, golden hair, tall, blue eyes, and of course handsome, no civil or criminal records, have not engage in s.e.xual intercourse for at least a year.” Dr. Samantha almost shook her head when she stated her near impossible request.

“Ahh.. but do you have any other preference if ever we could not find such donor?” she said calmly despite feeling a great pressure. Her skills were indeed up to a challenge.

“Uhm, regrettably none. I’ll wait until you find that man. I am willing to pay the price, just name it.” Her voice was firm and there was no trace of uncertainty in it.

“As you requested, we will do.” She smiled faintly.

Just when she was about to faint from pressure after their talk; then came Clifford Briggs who entered her clinic. She leap from her seat and examined the man thoroughly as if he is a rare specimen.

‘My, my… talking about miracles.’ She secretly rejoiced. ‘Please let this man be the man Ingrid needs.’ She silently prayed and composed herself before she smiled and welcomed the guest warmly.

“Mr. Briggs, what a surprise! What can I do for you sir?”

His eyes was looking at her with such intensity that the doctor feels uneasy yet remained calm.


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