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“Please excuse my intrusion, Master and Mistress, but young master Lance has arrived.

The couple was surprise because they were not expecting Lance to arrive.

“Please let him in…” John Howard said.

In a moment, Lance appeared paid them some respect.

“Oh, please do sit where you feel comfortable, Lance.” Rose said politely.

“Thank you, Aunt Rose. I apologize for coming here unannounced.”

“Don’t worry, dear, you’re like a family to us.” Rose rea.s.sured.

“So, what brought you here, young man?” John asked. His expression was plain and normal.

“I’ve seen some news involving Ingrid, Clifford Briggs and Clark.” The couple gasp at what Lance said.

Rose holds her husband’s hands.

Just in time, the news was diverted to international news. Their focus are turned to the television. Rose anxiety grew every minute while John’s jaw moved, but he need to compose himself not wanting his blood to boil that could result to high blood pressure.

“As for the international news, the new CEO of Briggs and Briggs Company, that is a renowned company of cosmetics, Mr. Clifford Briggs is involved in a scandal with the company’s Executive Vice President, Ingrid Howard. Recently, they were rumoured to be secretly married and that they already have a child whom they were with over the weekend to have a family short vacation in Maldives. Some photos were already shared over the internet which gained different reactions. Here’s the story…”

Another reporter was featured and her background was outside the international airport of Diamond country.

“Just this morning, Mr. Clifford Briggs, Ingrid Howard and a rumoured love child of the alleged married couple arrived in the airport of Diamond country from a weekend getaway in Maldives. The photos taken by a netizen showed that the two were having a great time together. However, after their short vacation, they arrived at the airport and were already escorted by men in suit the moment their private plane landed. On their way out, they were barraged by the media, but both of them ignored them all. Although, there was one female reporter caught Miss Howard’s attention and this is what happened…”

“Listen carefully Maya Holmes, you may destroy me, drag my name down to the mud, defame me and bad mouth me but never, ever involve my child. You will not like what I’ll do just to protect my son.”

The video was cut and only showed the partial and makes it appear that Ingrid Howard was threatening a female reporter. The report did not cover the whole story but only a fragment of it which makes Ingrid Howard threatening the woman instead and come out as the mean one.

The reporter continued. “The said video was already uploaded in the internet it garnered various reactions and everyone has their own comment regarding the incident. Some said that Ingrid should not have said that for the reason that it only proves that the issues were true,”

John Howard shut off the TV because he could not believe what he is seeing.

“How could do they do this to my daughter! She wouldn’t do that!” John Howard roared in anger.

“John, please be calm, I think we need to go to her, she needs us now.” Rose pleaded.

“I’ll go with you, too, uncle John, aunt Rose.” Lance volunteered.

John stood up took his phone and called Clint Briggs. Without delay he answered.

“I think we need to meet tomorrow. Lance, Rose and I will be arriving there first thing in the morning. Please make my arrival discreet.” John paused as he listened to what Clint is saying and keep nodding in agreement. His expression was so serious and dangerous.

Rose and Lance antic.i.p.ated what the two had agreed upon.

“I haven’t come in contact with Ingrid recently. I think it’s high time that we execute our plan.” John said firmly.

“Ah huh. Yes, see you then.” John moved his gaze to his wife. “We’ll be going to Diamond Country tonight. Lance, go home and pack your things. Our departure time will be at eleven. It’s still eight o’clock and we still have time.”


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