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“Ahh… It’s just that I want to show you that is why I was checking it here.” He lied her without blinking his eyes with ugly smile. d.a.m.n, this devil can make his heart feared.

“Are you sure?” Smrity raised her eyes in suspicion, she knew he was lying but she did want to nag him further in front of Sweta.

“Very sure.” Again he lied without getting nervous,

‘Grandfather you should be politician.’ Shisham said inwardly when he saw him lying shamelessly. He felt really good when Smrity nagged him, because no one in family can do so.

“Alright, Let me introduce someone to you.”

Smrity pulled Sweta in front of Anubhav, he raised his eyes when he saw Sweta his eyes lit up. So adorable girl, with bright smile and pure heart. Her eyes is crystal as clear, she really beautiful but not as Smrity. Smrity held heavenly looks like she looks pure as angle.

“Grandfather, this my best friend Sweta Chettri. And Sweta this is my grandfather Anubhav Basnet.”

“Namastey, May I call you grandfather?” Sweta greet him along with wanted to permission. While Anubhav greatly pleased by Sweta’s charm and elegancy.

“Why not you can.” Anubhav said with gentle smile.

“Grandfather.” After then Shisham greeted to Anubhav. Anubhav raised his eyebrows, then his face darken little bit,

“Did you finished the task I given to you last time?” He asked, without recognizing his greeting.

Shisham hugged him and wishpered in his ear,

“Look didn’t I show her here, the only thing remain is she have to accept my proposal. Do you like her or not? Also help me from your guidance the task will be completed. “

When Anubhav heard what he point his finger in disbelieve towards Sweta,

“You mean she..” He utter only three words before he continue Shisham put Anubhav’s finger down.

“Don’t ruin my plan.” He said to Anubhav.

One year ago Shisham already became 24 years, he still hadn’t any girlfriend. So Anubhav said him, get girlfriend before showing his face in front of him. It became his ultimate task given by grandfather forcing him to death until he found Sweta. She completely change his view about girls, by looking his sister he always kept distance from girls. But when he met Sweta, his heart wants to make her his own.

“She… No wonder your sister let her to came here, do she knows about her position and ident.i.ty?” Anubhav asked to Shisham, by looking Smrity he could never guess and dig up anything.

“No, I think Smrity needs more time. But do you know why Smrity suddenly came to Mumbai. Aren’t you working behalf of her?” Shisham asked suspiciously, he knew that Smrity’s plan to come Mumbai is not only about Dark Force, he could sense there is also something big going to happen.
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“You are not in place to ask about her business, and what she do is always good for business why should I ask?” Anubhav didn’t give him answer, but he didn’t forget to give compliment to Smrity and give him taunt. That is his grandfather in his eye Smrity is the only one.

But at least he loves him, as per other grandchildrens no one was close to him. Everyone was forbidden to get close to him, because of their greedy and gold digger nature.

After some chit chat Smrity went to her room. She change her clothes and went to study room of her grandfather.

“You are here?”

“Grandpa, you know situation right?” Smrity didn’t want to waste time, so she came directly to the point.

“Mmm… I know.”. Mr Basnet face darken by saying this.

“And you also know who is behind all these?” Smrity again asked the question, she put lots of effort to make company so much strong now …

“I know.” Mr Basnet didn’t deny it, but his eyes shows guilt.

“Grandfather, don’t interfere in this matter this time, and also I am not going to let second uncle. I always spare him for his deeds but now I could no longer tolerate. This action of his put company in danger, and I am not going to let it happen. No matter what price I have to pay.”


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