WebNovel Losing Money to Be a Tycoon Chapter 967 – Boss Pei Wants to Trick Me Again, But Luckily I Saw It Through!

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Chapter 967: Boss Pei Wants to Trick Me Again, But Luckily I Saw It Through!

When the video started, it was still Teacher Qiao’s unique and hoa.r.s.e voice with a dialect.

“My dear daddies, how are you? I am still the Teacher Qiao who works on updates until I burst my liver, until my hair turns bald, churning out updates like a mother pig. the ‘father of the game’.”

“Recently, the official platform has released a ‘cla.s.sic domestically-produced game collection’. I’m taking this opportunity to introduce a ‘cla.s.sic’ domestically-produced game known as the ‘shame of the domestic game’, ‘Mission and Choice’!”

“There might be many dear daddies who have not experienced that era and do not understand why this game is called the ‘shame of the domestic game’. It’s alright. Let me start from the background at that time and slowly explain it to you…”

Qiao Liang had started his career with this series after all. He could easily criticize rubbish games.

The video was filled with all sorts of information and game graphics. Coupled with Qiao Liang’s impromptu and humorous commentary style, even though it was a theme that had been done many times, it was still very interesting.

After complaining about how trashy the game was, Qiao Liang introduced the final outcome of the event: Players who had pre-ordered Mission and Choice had been refunded a lot of money, discs had been abandoned in large numbers, gamers’ enthusiasm to support domestically-produced games had been severely affected, domestically-produced standalone games had worsened and entered a long period of decline…

Qiao Liang was heartbroken as he narrated this part, and the audience’s bullet screen comments were filled with sighs.

However, at the end of the video, Qiao Liang changed the topic and gave the audience hope.

“Until today, Mission and Choice has been nailed to the pillar of shame of domestic games.”

“In the past, we could only vent our anger on this game, lament its misfortune, and be angry at its failure to compete when ‘Mission and Choice’ was mentioned.”

“However, what’s comforting now is that when we look back at the game ‘Mission and Choice’, we no longer feel angry. Instead, we feel a sense of mockery.”

“That’s because more and more outstanding domestically-produced games are emerging. The market for domestically-produced standalone games is no longer a desert.”

“We can finally let go of our unhappy memories and move on.”

“Someone once said that domestically-produced games are trash apart from Tengda. We might have Repent and be Saved and Struggle, but they are just a miracle flower in the desolate desert.”

“However, we now know that Boss Pei is not the only one working hard in the domestic standalone game market. We have the Dest.i.tution Plan, which produced the ‘Survival Manual of Workers’, ‘Ink and Clouds’, and other outstanding independent games!”

“As these independent game designers continue to grow, they will definitely continue to improve. The old tree of domestically-produced standalone games will once again flouris.h.!.+”

“The future of domestically-produced standalone games will definitely become better!”

“The content of the ‘Dest.i.tution Plan’ incubation base is exclusive to the official platform. You can read it yourself if you’re interested. In addition, ‘Black Ink and Clouds’ will be officially released tomorrow. I hope you can pay close attention!”

Qiao Liang was considered a huge UP Master in the gaming area of Aili Island’s website. The video had only been released for a short while, but it already had a lot of views and comments.

Many viewers clicked into the video excitedly when they saw that Qiao Liang had updated the video. They were greatly disappointed when they realized that it was ‘Trash Games Diss’. They expressed that Teacher Qiao had made a very feeble attempt since he made a video out of the game more than ten years ago.

However, after watching the entire video, the audience was deeply moved and the discussion was extremely enthusiastic!

“Fantasy Battle Remake’ has been released, yet we are promoting ‘Domestically-Produced Games Compilation’. I feel very disappointed. However, I felt better after watching this video. While Domestically-produced standalone games cannot be compared to foreign games, there are still people working hard!”

“Teacher Qiao is right. In the past, we scolded ‘Mission and Choice’ because there wasn’t really a single good game in the domestically-produced standalone game. Now, everyone can look at it in a teasing manner. It’s not because we are tolerant, but because the environment of domestically-produced standalone games has improved. We also have a batch of good games that belong to us. Thus, we can naturally laugh off the shame of the past.”

“I just went to watch an interview. It was really well done.”

“That’s right. I didn’t expect the developer of Black Ink and Clouds, Wu Zhicheng, to have such a tough life. If it weren’t for the ‘Dest.i.tution Plan’, the release of Black Ink and Clouds would probably have been delayed by another ten years… and it would definitely not have been able to achieve the current quality.”

“Boss Qiu’s thought process is very moving. He entered the industry with his dreams and lost himself in games with paywalls. He returned to it after going around in circles. Isn’t it a blessing to be able to fulfill his dreams in his middle age?”

“I just don’t know who this mysterious investor is. He seems to be someone with a big structure and magnanimity.”

“I’ve decided. In the future, as long as the quality of the games produced by the ‘Dest.i.tution Plan’ is good, I’ll definitely support it!”

Pei Qian’s mood worsened after reading the comments section.

Even though no one had guessed that the “mysterious investor” was him, the fame of the “Dest.i.tution Plan” and “Black Ink and Clouds” had increased again!

Not only that, not many people had paid attention to the old game ‘Mission and Choice’. It has become the focus of discussion for gamers because of Qiao Liang’s video now.

This was not good for the upcoming release of Mission and Choice!

Pei Qian adjusted Qiao Liang’s ranking in his notebook as he paced around the office anxiously.

Qiao Liang’s prediction had increased the risk of failure for Pei Qian’s perfect plan.

What should he do?

Pei Qian walked around the office twice and decided to give Meng Chang a call.

He had to take precautions.

The key problem now was not how to expand the results but how to stop losses in advance.

Pei Qian knew that Meng Chang had asked for thirty million yuan for publicity. Now, he has only spent ten million yuan. He still had twenty million yuan left.

If not for Qiao Liang’s video, Pei Qian would definitely hope that Meng Chang would spend the remaining twenty million yuan as soon as possible. The faster he spent it, the happier he would be.

However, things had changed.

Qiao Liang’s video had already achieved a very good publicity effect. What if the twenty million yuan was spent and Mission and Choice became even more well-known? What would happen if the game was released and the publicity budget was doubled?

The main reason was that Pei Qian did not ask about Meng Chang’s publicity plan, so he was instinctively worried.

At that thought, he immediately called Meng Chang.

At that moment, Meng Chang was playing Mission and Choice on his desk.

Seeing that Boss Pei was calling, Meng Chang did not dare to delay and picked up immediately.

“What? Don’t spend the remaining twenty million yuan?”


Meng Chang was dumbfounded. This was a bolt out of the blue.

From his point of view, everything was going well for publicity at the moment. The huge sum of money that he had spent did not cause much of a stir. Even if he did not publicize the “cla.s.sic domestically-produced games collection”, the effect would not differ much.

He had originally planned to ALL IN the remaining twenty million yuan next week. He would make the final decision and maximize the commission.

He had not expected Boss Pei to stop spending at this critical juncture.

Meng Chang could not accept this.

Pei Qian fully empathized with Meng Chang’s feelings and said earnestly. “I understand how you feel. After all, the results last month were delightful and the first half of the month went smoothly.”

“I’m mainly worried that if something really happens, you’ll feel bad and I’ll feel bad.”

“How about this? Don’t spend the twenty million yuan. I’ll calculate the commission based on the maximum amount. We’ll make do for this month and plan for a long time next month.”

Pei Qian could not say it too clearly. He was afraid that there would be a problem if he were to spend this huge sum of publicity funds. Meng Chang would not be able to get a single cent of commission while he earned money. Why would he do that?

Therefore, he chose a compromise plan and did not publicize it. He would give Meng Chang some commission as compensation.

Pei Qian had a strong sense of worry even though they might not die together if they continued advertising. His sixth sense had always been accurate.

Meng Chang was unhappy then.

“Boss Pei, you can’t do that! We signed the agreement in black and white. How can we change it so easily?”

Pei Qian was indeed in the wrong. After a moment of silence, he said, “I’m mainly worried that something would go wrong with your plan. When the commission is gone, it would be a loss.”

Meng Chang chuckled inwardly.

Boss Pei, you’re being too hypocritical!

It was obvious that the twenty million yuan publicity funds were about to go down the drain, so he came to trick him to stop. Saving tens of thousands of yuan in commission was a small matter, but saving twenty million yuan was a huge matter!

He would never give in!

It was not easy for him to plan for so long. He was just one step away from success. Did you think you could scare me with such words?

No way!

Meng Chang said firmly, “Boss Pei, you don’t have to worry. My plan is perfect. There won’t be any mistakes!”

“Please believe me and abide by the spirit of the contract!”

Meng Chang said it so firmly that Pei Qian had nothing else to say.

Actually, Pei Qian could not be sure that there would be problems after spending the twenty million yuan. He was only vaguely worried.

Since Meng Chang was so determined and thought that his plan was definitely not a problem, Pei Qian did not want to make things too unpleasant for an uncertain matter. He could only choose to trust him.

They had the same goal after all.

Pei Qian nodded at that thought. “Alright, follow the original plan. I won’t interfere.”

“Good luck!”

Pei Qian sounded extremely sincere when he said the last four words.

However, when Meng Chang heard that, he felt that something was amiss.

“No, I have to spend this sum of money immediately. Things might change if I delay!”


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