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Chapter 570 Image of the Old Clubs Collapsed

The ten team members got out of the bus after the handshake.

Team Leader Su was shocked once again. He looked at the small bus, to Zhang Yuan, and then finally at the players.

Those who did not know would think that this was the car of some sports delegation! These members were all tall and muscular. They were more like gymnasts than esports players. The five in front were alright; they looked normal. However, what was with the five muscle monsters at the back?! They seemed to be good at fighting.

Team Leader Su thought to himself silently. This looked totally different from what I imagined!

No other esports club had such types of members? What kind of training did you undergo usually?

Question marks floated over the head of Team Leader Su.

It was just that it was obviously impolite to ask these questions so Team Leader Su suppressed his curiosity forcibly. He brought Zhang Yuan and his team into the H4 Club.

They would first visit the club and then find an internet cafe nearby for a mock compet.i.tion according to the previously finalized itinerary.

Zhang Yuan really wanted to visit the other esports Club and learn from their experiences.

The DGE club had been training very well according to Boss Pei’s methods, but Zhang Yuan was still feeling unreliable. He wondered if he could glean some experiences from these old brands.

Huang w.a.n.g and some other members were obviously particularly excited. They were finally unveiling their adored H4 Esports Club! Were they able to meet their favorite players and ask for autographs?

Everyone followed Team Leader Su into the training hall of the club.

It was said to be a training hall, but it was actually the original living room. There were seven computers placed in a circle around the living room.

It was not big originally. Now that computer tables and seats squeezed into it, then there was only a small area of about two meters by two meters left in the middle. There was also a coffee table, but these seven people had no more s.p.a.ce for movement. There was an H4 Club poster on the wall, but they looked old and out of place.

The tables, chairs, computers, etc. nearly made the eyes of Huang w.a.n.g and the others fall out of their sockets.

It was a little too shameful!

They were all very old-fas.h.i.+oned computer desks. Other than being narrow, they did not consider the most important ergonomic factor.

The position of their hands was significantly higher than the elbow, and the range of the mouse was not enough. One would be very uncomfortable if they played for an extended time.

The computers were obviously not new either.

That was because, for some clubs, the main esports games they played were all old games. Even for the new games, to ensure that everyone had the same experience, the configuration would not be very much different.

Therefore, when purchasing computers, many clubs would save some money in this area to ensure that the games could run smoothly. Why did one need to add a few thousand yuan per laptop to get the highest specifications?

However, in Huang w.a.n.g’s view, these training computers were from the Stone Age when compared to the ROF Computer-Installation.

The configuration of these system units was definitely not good since there was no light on the cha.s.sis!

Huang w.a.n.g whispered to Old Zhou. “We are not going to use these computers to compete right? Please, no, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t even be able to utilize 50% of my strength with these computers.”

Old Zhou replied quietly, “I don’t think so, there are not enough computers. We’ll probably be heading to the nearby internet


Huang w.a.n.g was relieved. “That’s great.”

Team Leader Su began introducing the base to Zhang Yuan enthusiastically. In fact, the approach was similar to DGE Esports Club, but the club definitely rented the villas or apartments to save costs. The residences were similar. It was nothing more than to change the living room into a training room and the bedroom into the players’ dormitory.

But, that did not mean the experience was similar even if the approach was.

This villa might be in the suburbs of Shanghai, but every inch was worth its area in gold therefore these villas were not very s.p.a.cious. It was a huge difference compared to Ming Yun Villas.

The training hall of DGE Esports Club was s.p.a.cious and comfortable. Here, it was even squeezier than a normal internet bar. The DGE Esports Club had two to a room; here, they had upper and lower bunks which could squeeze four in a room. Only meritorious players could enjoy the treatment of a single room.

During the visit, Huang w.a.n.g met his favorite Starcraft professional player and obtained his signature happily. However, his good impression of H4 had completely collapsed.

Where was the good old club? Where were all the formality and high standards? These players were originally internet-addicted teenagers who joined DGE Esports Club when they first started playing professionally. They were really surprised by the superior environment when they first started training at Ming Yun Villas. It also gave them the illusion that good domestic esports clubs were the same. Everyone suddenly realized that their training conditions were too good after visiting the H4 Esports Club. Moreover, eating here seemed to rely purely on takeaways. Don’t be mistaken; it was not like the Fish-Catching Take-Outs, but random takeaways. They would throw it away if it was not nice and order again when they were hungry.

That made Huang w.a.n.g and the others feel incredible.

That was because Coach Yaling repeatedly emphasized the concept of nutrition. It had taken deep roots into everyone’s hearts and was completely in accordance with fitness standards. Eat at least five small meals a day, including extra meals and all sorts of food to maintain balanced nutrition.

Looking back to where they were here, wasn’t it just a huge dubious internet club?

No one would have felt that anything was wrong if they had not been in the DGE Club. One could achieve a seamless connection from an internet club like this.

However, after enjoying such a good training environment and supporting facilities in the DGE Club, they immediately felt that the conditions here were too scant.

The players looked at each other and understood that they were all having the same feeling from each other’s faces.

That was too disappointing!

Of course, they would not say anything. They understood basic courtesy.

The players of H4 Club were also secretly observing them while they were visiting. Many of them showed shocked expressions on their faces.

The first reaction was: What was this? Is our club going to be a.s.sociated with the gym? What was this? Why so many guys? The group of people had strong muscles and had tall statures. They felt as though they would burst their clothes in the next second and shout ‘the Sacred White Sword, follow me’, it made them scared.

After Huang w.a.n.g and the others went around the club, the H4 Club had roughly figured out that this was a visit by the other clubs.

However, that was even more bizarre this way.

What kind of mystery club was this? Was it for the esports club, or was it for traditional sports?

In short, both sides looked at each other with their expectations totally off track.

The visitation ended in no time.

Zhang Yuan was a little disappointed; he did not manage to learn about anything! It seemed like Boss Pei was right. The domestic clubs were indeed too irregular, and he could not learn anything from them. It seemed as though Boss Pei’s method was the most effective.

Everyone returned to the living room, and this place immediately became crowded.

“Alright, thank you, Team Leader Su. Shall we start the mock compet.i.tion?” Zhang Yuan suggested

Team Leader Su nodded. “Sure, everyone, please wait outside. I’ll get my team members ready. We’ll head to an internet cafe nearby.

“Uh, did everyone bring their own keyboards and mouses?” Zhang Yuan nodded. “Of course.”

It was common sense to bring your own keyboard and mouse when you were out for compet.i.tions. A set of handy mouse and keyboard was as important to the players as handy weapons were to a fighter.

After ten minutes, everyone came to an internet cafe nearby.

Everyone frowned again.

This… Was simply too far from the standards of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe!

Everyone used to play in similar internet cafes previously, and the environment of this high-end internet cafe was better than the internet cafe they were in previously. However, Huang w.a.n.g and the rest had subconsciously used the standard of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and imposed it onto other high-end internet cafes.

One should at least meet the standards of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 2.0-or even 1.0even if they could not meet the standards of the latest Live Esports Museum at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0?

However, this internet cafe was basically a little better than Xing Le Internet Cafe. According to Team Leader Su, this was the best Internet cafe nearby. Everyone was feeling melancholy, but there was no helping it. They were outside so they had to make do!

The two teams must choose a private room to ensure sound insulation. Huang w.a.n.g could not help but think of his funny experiences of partic.i.p.ating in an internet cafe compet.i.tion before entering the DGE Club.

At that time, all partic.i.p.ating teams were allowed to choose their seats freely in the lobby of the internet cafe. Before the start of their game, most of them entered their custom rooms, and no one knew where their opponents were seated.

However, it was impossible to hear your teammates because the lobby was very noisy so they all had earphones on and spoke.

As a result, Huang w.a.n.g realized that the guy opposite him speaking loudly to his teammates seemed to be in the match with him.

The five at the opposite team were his own opponent! However, the commander from the opposite side did not recognize it at all being fully immersed in the game. Halfway through the match, he shouted at the top of his lungs ‘steal the dragon, steal the dragon’. Huang w.a.n.g heard everything loud and clear so he brought his team to the nest of the dragon. The hall was noisy, but his opponent shouted so loud that his voice could probably be heard outside the Internet cafe. That made Huang w.a.n.g very embarra.s.sed. Could they feign that they could not hear what they were shouting about and really let them steal the dragon? That made no sense.

He could only slurp it all up with tears. Brother, I did not want to eavesdrop. You can only blame yourself for shouting so loudly; I could hear it even if I wore earplugs.

After the game, both sides shook hands. The expressions on the opposite side were simply brilliant. Especially the commander, this compet.i.tion might just leave a shadow in his heart forever.

There would not be such confusing behavior now that both sides had their own private rooms.

Zhang Yuan looked at both captains. “Which team goes first?”

Huang w.a.n.g gave it some thought. “We should definitely strive for a good start to the first match? Team One goes first.”

Team One was better in tactics, coordination, and personal skills. Huang w.a.n.g’s developed biceps and chest muscles were the best proof. Jiang Huan nodded. It made no difference to him.

Zhang Yuan nodded. “Okay, Team One will go first. Remember, the arrogant soldiers would be defeated. The strength of a big club is not something we can imagine. We must go all out!”

“I’ll record down the results of all matches; if you lose, the entire team will go back for additional training,” Coach Yaling added coldly.


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