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Chapter 472 Old Master Lin Changed His Mind

3rd April, Sunday…

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Handong University branch…

Pei Qian and Lin Chang drank their coffees silently.

These two days were weekends. Pei Qian could have finally rested at ease without any psychological burden, put all his worries behind, and led a short and happy life.

However, Lin Chang came to Jingzhou today, which meant he had to meet him.

It’s just that… both of them fell into silence after greeting each other. They half-thought they succeeded thinking of how they were planning and strategizing a few months ago. However, in the end, both the game and the mobile phones were both popular. Lin Wan also swelled unprecedentedly and even began ranting in her family group chat, expressing her hatred. Both of them had problems on their mind. However, it did not seem appropriate for both of them to stay silent. The problem had to be resolved!

Lin Chang started reluctantly after a while. “Boss Pei, things are not going too well with the game and the cell phone. Didn’t we make sufficient plans?”

The corners of Pei Qian’s mouth twitched.

The planning part was mainly done by Pei Qian. He planned ambitiously, only to earn like a dog in the end. However, Pei Qian could not take it lying down. Lin Chang, do you dare say you don’t have any responsibility at all?

If you had not made your own decisions in the publicity of Tomorrow is Beautiful, the movie would not be so popular. The advertis.e.m.e.nts in it would not be studied, and the OTTO cell phones would not have such a good start…

In any case, you are definitely responsible as well! You can’t just throw all the responsibility at me!

Pei Qian sighed and said, “I gave you the responsibility of publicizing Tomorrow is Beautiful. You arranged for so many film schedules which established a high-end image for the OTTO cell phone in the minds of the consumers before its release. That has also disrupted the deployment of my strategy.” Lin Chang had a look of disbelief. “How was that possible?!

“Boss Pei, didn’t you write the script of this movie? You definitely know about the advertis.e.m.e.nt for OTTO cell phones. The quality of the movie is so high and had such a rich spiritual connotation. You know it better than anyone else that it would still be popular even if I did not do any publicity for it! “I will believe that the other movies succeeded because of publicity, but Tomorrow is Beautiful…? Publicity is nothing more than icing on the cake!”

Lin Chang actually threw the responsibility back to Boss Pei at the speed of light.

Pei Qian, “…”

He could not accept it but it did seem difficult to refute after thinking about it.

Tomorrow is Beautiful was now regarded as a work of excellent quality and profound connotation. Most people believed that the key factor of its success was its quality even though publicity had its merits.

As for the matter of excellent quality…

The biggest contributor might be Zhu Xiaoce, but Pei Qian seemed to be responsible as well.

Pei Qian started to doubt himself. Would all these not be destined to happen according to Lin Chang’s words?

They fell into a short period of silence again.

Lin Chang whispered suspiciously, “Boss Pei, could you actually have done it on purpose?

“You let Ah Wan handle the industries that seem like it might fall on the surface, but you actually know beforehand that both the game and the cell phone would be huge successes? Why else would you use the other industries to help them?

“As far as I know, you are personally responsible for the promotion of Be Quiet. All sorts of benefits from cell phone advertis.e.m.e.nts also benefited from other industries.

“Could it be that… you actually don’t want Ah Wan to leave?”

Pei Qian’s face turned black. “No such thing!

“Lin Wan is the director of two departments. She is very familiar with the other department heads. She had the authority to demand benefits from the other departments and to coordinate the overall situation.

“As for Be Quiet… it was an accident.

“Boss Lin, believe me, of all people; I want Lin Wan to go home more than anyone else.”

Pei Qian’s expression was extremely sincere.

Lin Chang looked at Pei Qian without a word but had suspicion in his gaze.

That was normal. Your suspicion would also grow if someone banged their chest and promised you something, and yet they failed many times because of some other ‘subjective reasons’ or ‘unexpected factors’…

However, Pei Qian was definitely wronged in this case. Then again, it would seem as though no defense would have any effect now that things had come to such a state…

He could only continue to formulate goals for the next stage. He must persuade Lin Wan to leave this time!

However, Lin Chang’s next sentence threw him off-guard while he thought of his next goal.

Lin Chang sighed gently. “Alright, Boss Pei. I’m not here to push responsibility today. I have another matter on hand. To be honest, the situation has changed.

“Lin Wan has been showing off in our family chat over the past few days especially about the Otto mobile phone successfully selling for 8,000 yuan. It was a price that even the flags.h.i.+p mobile phone that my elder sister is responsible for did not reach.

“There was a huge difference in the sales volume, but Ah Wan has only been making mobile phones for a few months, and my eldest sister has been doing it for several years after all…

“In short, the scene is very chaotic.”

Pei Qian thought for a while. “Then… Will the Old Master allow her to continue doing her thing?”

“As expected, Boss Pei always gets to the core of the issue. This is the key to the change in the situation,” Lin Chang said with a grin.

“Not only is the Old Master not angry, but he is also very happy. I’ll tell you the truth, Boss Pei.

“Old Master was very upset that Ah Wan came out to work out of anger previously. He knows the situation with the workplaces outside and felt that Ah Wan was wasting time. That was why he kept trying to get Ah Wan back to inherit the family business.

“Ah Wan was working on games previously without much progress. Mobile games might have made some money, but it was nothing much after all so Old Master’s att.i.tude did not undergo any change.

“However, Ah Wan said that she made a cell phone priced at 8,000 yuan. The Old Master is suddenly very interested!

“He, therefore, got someone to understand a bit more about Otto cell phones and Tengda Corporation. Guess what happened?”

The corners of Pei Qian’s mouth twitched. He had a very bad premonition. “What?”

Lin Chang had a very complicated expression. “Old Master understood the process of how the cell phone became popular and how it managed to sell it to a price of 8,000 yuan. He has nothing but praise for you!

“You boldly used Chang You and priced it as a high-end product right from the beginning. You did subtle publicity in the movie and used Tengda’s other industries to push the cell phone’s popularity. You’ve also made a way out for yourself in this saturated market…”

“Any wrong step would have called the Otto cell phone to fail!

“Especially at the news conference. Old Master felt very surprised since no domestic producers had ever done that before. The Old Master mentioned that this news conference had saved hundreds of thousands in advertising fees!

“Old Master knew that most of the strategies must have been Chang You’s and your merit, but Ah Wan would definitely be able to grow even if she is only handling a small portion

“And then Old Master obtained a simple understanding of the Tengda Corporation’s other industries including the Upwind Logistics, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, etc….”

Pei Qian was starting to feel even worse. “Just tell me the end results…”

Lin Chang paused before saying. “The Old Master changed his mind.”

Pei Qian, “?”

“Changed his mind? He does not want Lin Wan to go back?”

Lin Chang had a complicated expression. “Yes.

“Old Master originally wanted Ah Wan back because he felt that the companies outside are not reliable. He felt that Ah Wan was completely wasting her time working for these companies.

“However, Old Master’s biased opinion against these companies was slightly s.h.i.+fted seeing Ah Wan’s spectacular results… oh, that doesn’t sound too accurate. I should say his bias against Tengda has s.h.i.+fted.

“Old Master admires you and feels that Ah Wan will be able to learn a lot under you. He felt that it wouldn’t be bad for her to train here for a few years before going back to inherit the family business.

Pei Qian, “???!”

It wouldn’t be bad to train here for a few years before going back? What do you mean by ‘won’t be bad’? That obviously can’t do! What would become of my company if she were to stay here for another few years!

‘Getting Lin Wan back to the family business front lines’ was such an insignificant goal in the face of just one small success?

Old Master Lin, can’t you stand firm on your grounds?!

“What did Lin Yu say then?” Pei Qian asked hurriedly.

Lin Chang shrugged. “What can she say? She has to listen to Old Master.

“Old Master’s att.i.tude now is since Ah Wan can learn something from here, then she can stay here for a while. Moreover, the Old Master hinted for us siblings to coordinate ourselves to lend her a helping hand in her career…”

Pei Qian’s mind was filled with question marks.

Bro, that’s no joking matter for a monster like Shenhua to ‘lend a helping hand’! You’ll probably break my arm! He recalled the past.

Lin Yu helped to promote the b.l.o.o.d.y Battle Song on the Shenhua application store; Lin Zhou allowed them to use Shenhua View for free; Lin Chang publicized Tomorrow is Beautiful…

His thoughts turned to the future…

If you three responsible for cell phone, real estate, and entertainment were to join forces and Lin Wan’s career were to soar; then wouldn’t Boss Pei’s money loss-making machinery die on the spot?

Pei Qian rejected on the spot. “No need!”

Lin Chang nodded. “Yes, that’s what I told the Old Master!”

Pei Qian responded, “Huh?

Lin Chang said with the expression ‘I know Boss Pei best’: “I told old Master that Boss Pei built everything from scratch and is talented beyond doubt. You had always rejected such help. Moreover, Boss Pei’s every decision had gone through careful thought and had certain odds to win. We will just be adding to your trouble if we were to chip in.”

Pei Qian nodded very happily. “That’s right!”

Lin Chang, you do know me indeed! What you said is really what I want to hear!

You might have some problems understanding strategies, but everyone can still be good friends as long as you don’t do anything out of the ordinary!

Pei Qian gave it some thought and asked again, “Then, Boss Lin, did Old Master hint when does he want Lin Wan back?”

Lin Chang considered for a while. “If I were to guess from Old Master’s att.i.tude… Lin Wan can go back when she can handle things by herself.”

“I think she is able to handle things by herself now!” Pei Qian quickly said.

Lin Chang shook her head. “The Old Master doesn’t think so. Boss Pei, Tengda is still considered small to Old Master. The sales volume and profits of Otto cell phones cannot even compare to an ordinary private-labeled cell phone from Shenhua. It is still very far away from being able to handle things by herself in the eyes of the Old Master.

“I think Ah Wan has to be one of the top people in the area she is in before she can obtain recognition by the Old Master…”

Pei Qian’s expression darkened.

One of the top? For a cell phone to become ‘one of the top people’, that company would at least need to be worth billions of yuan, right?

Are you joking with me?

“What about other areas? For example, being one of the best in the world in the game industry. Would that count?” Pei Qian thought out loud.

“I guess so. Old Master does not have any biases against the game industry. However, a game like b.l.o.o.d.y Battle Song will definitely not work. It has to be influential other than being profitable,” Lin Chang replied.

Pei Qian nodded, with some understanding in his heart. It would be done if he were to arrange for Lin Wan to be in charge of the domestic server for IOI!

The goal was still the same: to ‘get Lin Wan to go back and inherit the Lin family business’. Previously, it was to try to make the projects fail. Now, it was to make the project successful.

Of course, the success was in line with Boss Pei’s goal. Success did not mean earning a lot of money, but it could be to make things popular!

Pei Qian was just worrying about who he should put in charge of for the IOI domestic server, which was a sure win.

He was certain now. He would put Lin Wan and Shang Yang Games in charge!

He could at least kill three birds with one stone if he were to do that.First, Shang Yang Games needed to avoid making good standalone games. They had already proven their ability with Be Quiet.

Then, the IOI domestic server would probably become a huge success no matter what. Since it was unavoidable, then he would throw Lin Wan into it so that Old Master Lin could quickly get her back to inherit their own business.

Finally, if IOI domestic servers were to succeed, it could defeat GOG—the big problem in his heart. Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games would go head-on with each other even though they were sibling companies. Little brother hit the elder brother hard. That fight would be very amusing indeed.

Pei Qian nodded. “Alright, I’ll try to make it so that Old Master Lin will get her back in half a year!”

Boss Pei really had no confidence in making sure a project would definitely fail. However, to make a project succeed, especially a reliable project like IOI… Boss Pei did have some confidence.

Lin Chang viewed Boss Pei with suspicion, especially since his expression changed so swiftly. “Eh… Boss Pei, you seem to have planned in advance.

“So… you were indeed just bluffing me when you told me that you wanted to make Ah Wan fail, right?

“Could you have guessed that the Old Master would change his mind if Ah Wan were to show her competence?” Pei Qian, “…Boss Lin, you’ll lose my friends.h.i.+p one day if you were to continue making wild guesses like this.”


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