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Chapter 680: An Arduous Return Journey

For the next month, Kant followed Adonis or Kloritz around to investigate. Occasionally, he would go to the site of the repair unit to help supervise the work.

The messenger would bring new information about the main city from Drondheim every other week and travel between the two cities.

As the scheduled time for the return journey approached, Kant’s mission to Durandal was also about to be completed.

After avoiding the storm period in the desert, Kant officially set off on his return journey one afternoon with a pile of information he had personally collected.

“Lord, be careful on your journey,” Kloritz said.

“Alright, I’ll leave the matter of Durandal to you,” Kant mounted his camel and said to Klortiz and Adonis, who were walking out of the city gates to see them off.

“We will definitely complete the project of Durandal as you requested, Lord,” Adonis said.

“Yes, goodbye,” Kant nodded in satisfaction and replied.

As soon as he finished speaking, the attendant leading the team at the front began to ride the camel forward.

Under the gaze of Adonis and Kloritz, Kant’s team left the city gate and disappeared into the barren desert.

It would take about a week to get from Durandal to the main city of Drondheim.

Under the scorching sun, Kant felt that his sweat was about to soak through the innermost layer of his clothes. He could not help but think that perhaps there should be a shortcut between the two cities. Such a journey was too tiring for the migrant workers who had to travel between the two places.

“How long will it take to get to Drondheim?” Kant asked the waiter who brought the dishes during dinner time.

“According to the discussion of the guards, we should be able to get there before dark the day after tomorrow,” the attendant replied carefully.

“Okay, I got it.” Kant nodded and signaled him to leave.

After dinner, Kant walked out of the tent and strolled outside. After hearing the news that someone fainted after dinner that night. He immediately walked to the captain of the guards and asked, “I heard that a soldier fainted today. Is it because of heatstroke?”

“Reporting to the Lord, the soldiers indeed fainted because of heat stroke,” the captain of the guards reported.

“Other than the one who suffered from heatstroke, do the other soldiers feel unwell?” Kant asked.

“There is only one person who fainted. When we were collecting dinner today, two soldiers called in sick. It seems that they are also not feeling well because of the hot weather,” said the captain of the guards.

“What about the medical team that came alone this time?” Kant thought of something and asked.

“After receiving the news, the medical soldiers have already gone to take care of these three people,” the captain of the guards answered.

Kant listened to the captain of the guards and was temporarily relieved.

“Take me to have a look,” Kant ordered.

The captain of the guards listened to the order and took Kant to the tent where the soldiers who suffered from heatstroke were placed.

Kant saw that the three soldiers were all lying on recliners. Each of them had two medical soldiers to examine and treat them.

When the person in charge of the medical soldiers saw Kant coming, he quickly got up from the chair at the side and walked to Kant. He bowed and greeted, “Lord.”

“Yes.” Kant continued to look around the room and asked, “How are the soldiers’ statuses?”

“The other two are fine. After taking a dose of medicine, their body temperature gradually returned to normal,” the captain of the medical soldiers said. “The fainted soldier’s status is a little troublesome. His consciousness is still not clear. The medicine did not have any obvious effect.”

“Is the side effect of heatstroke so serious?” Kant asked doubtfully. “You must do your best to treat him and keep an eye on his status at all times. Hmm… just in case, the other two soldiers who have already eliminated the danger are arranged to rest in other tents.”

It should be impossible for heat stroke to cause such a serious follow-up reaction. Kant had already decided in his heart, although he did not know why the soldier in front of him clearly had other symptoms that caused him to become like this.

If it was an old illness in the body, then the situation could change at any time.

He had to pay attention to it.

After Kant gave careful instructions, he returned to his own camp.

It was already quite late, and it was almost time to rest.

Kant put out the candlestick in front of the bed and slept with his clothes.

“Lord! Lord!” in the early morning, someone shouted outside the tent.

Kant was woken up with sleepy eyes, and his mind was in a mess.

When the person outside opened the door and walked in, Kant put on his coat neatly.

He was woken up so early in the morning, and Kant still held a little anger in his heart.

However, when he saw that the person was the captain of the medical soldiers, Kant began to feel uneasy.

“What’s wrong?” Kant calmed down and asked.

“There’s a strange phenomenon on the unconscious soldier’s body,” the captain of the medical soldiers replied while panting heavily.

When Kant heard this, a chill rose from the bottom of his feet.

The thing that he was most worried about had happened.

After stepping on his boots, Kant immediately rushed to the tent he had been to last night.

Two medical soldiers stood outside the tent. When they saw Kant, they immediately stopped him and said, “Lord, the soldiers may have been infected by the plague. You can’t go in now.”

“No, I want to go in and take a look,” Kant replied with a firm look.

“Yes.” The two soldiers looked at each other as if they were in a difficult position. Then, one of the medical soldiers took off the closed medical uniform he was wearing and handed it to Kant. “Then I’ll have to trouble you to wear this.”

Kant quickly took it from the medical soldier’s hands and quickly put it on. He opened the door curtain and walked in.

There were several medical soldiers busy working in the tent.

Everyone put up an isolation curtain near the sickbed for the soldier who was infected with the plague.

Even so, all the people in the tent were still wearing the same work clothes as Kant.

Not long after Kant entered the tent, the captain of the medical corps also hurried over in his work clothes. He followed Kant.

“When did you find out that the soldier was infected with the plague?” Kant asked.

“Before dawn today,” the captain of the medical corps replied.

After Kant learned the specific time, he nodded and walked toward the soldier.

“Lord.” The captain of the medical corps slightly stopped him.

“It’s okay.” Kant waved his hand.

Kant lifted the curtain around the hospital bed and walked in. He saw the soldier who was still unconscious on the hospital bed. The soldier’s exposed skin was full of rashes as if it was some terrible skin disease. Even though Kant was wrapped in his overalls, he could still smell the stench at the tip of his nose.


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