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Chapter 496: Hiding Outside of Lionheart City

Near Lionheart City, in a quiet tributary of the Resniston River.

A trireme was leaning against another trireme.

Then, a thick wooden plank more than ten meters long and one meter wide extended from the side of one trireme and rested on the side of another trireme.

Baheshtur pressed lightly on the side of one trireme and flipped over, stepping on the plank and walking towards another trireme.

The two triremes swayed along with the waves, causing the wooden board to sway.

However, Baheshtur’s footsteps were very steady. A mere jolt could not affect him in the slightest.

Baheshtur was a race on horseback — an elite that came from the Khergit Khanate.

As a nomadic thug, Baheshtur had always been living on horseback in the Continent of Caradia. The jolt on horseback was much more intense than the swaying of the wooden board.

This time, Baron Kant entrusted Baheshtur with full authority over the surprise attack on Lionheart City.

Although Baheshtur’s reputation in Caradia was not a good one, it was not inferior to that of the wandering knight, Firentis or the scoundrel n.o.ble, Rolf.

He also had outstanding military talent.

This nomadic thug was a troublesome but troublesome and th.o.r.n.y figure wandering around Caradia.

Baheshtur was especially good at hara.s.sing tactics. He could spy around the target like a ghost. At the most unexpected moment of the target, he could launch a fatal attack from the weakest position of the target’s defense.

Baheshtur was good at taking risks.

He was similar to Rolf.

But the difference was that Rolf was born in a n.o.ble family. He tended to think about benefits and liked to harm others for his own benefit.

On the other hand, Baheshtur was born in the gra.s.sland tribe of the Khergit Khanate. He had seen the struggles and annexations of the gra.s.sland tribes. He deeply understood that the winner would get everything, and the loser would lose everything.

Therefore, Baheshtur ‘s war plan was not based on temporary benefits. Instead, it was planned and arranged with the ultimate victory as the highest principle. For the sake of victory, Baheshtur could do anything.

He was not like Rolf who cared too much about preserving his own strength during the war. As long as he could obtain victory, a suitable sacrifice was necessary for him.

There was no war between tribes on the prairie that did not kill people.

In the Continent of Caradia, Baheshtur had always been an image of being irritable, cunning, and daring to take risks.

Baheshtur easily jumped onto the deck of another three-row wars.h.i.+p.

The trireme he jumped onto was Baron Kant’s s.h.i.+p.

Baheshtur had come to submit a war plan to Baron Kant, a war plan to launch a surprise attack on Lionheart City.

Reniston River was a prosperous river. There were many prosperous cities and towns on both sides of the river. On this river, there were also a large number of merchant s.h.i.+ps.

However, due to the isolation of the political barrier between the South County and the East County, there was less traffic on the river. These few days, they met the merchant s.h.i.+ps of the fleet led by Baheshtur. At this moment, they were all quietly sinking at the bottom of the deep Resniston River.

They could not leak the news of the surprise attack.

When they needed to pa.s.s by the prosperous towns on both sides of the river, Baheshtur would arrange for the s.h.i.+ps to travel by day and night to avoid being detected by the guards in the towns.

At this moment, this fleet had already been hidden in a hidden branch of the river near Lionheart City for two days.

Baheshtur loved war, but he did not fight unprepared wars. If he faced an opponent that he knew nothing about, no matter how weak he looked, Baheshtur would rather flee far away first.

This was Baheshtur’s way of doing things. On the Continent of Caradia, there were many hunters like Baheshtur, but many of them died.

Baheshtur was able to survive and make a great name for himself. This had something to do with his way of doing things.

Lionheart City was the largest city in the Dukedom of Leo. At the same time, it was also a prosperous trading city. There were no strict checks on the people who went in and out.

During these two days, Baheshtur sent out soldiers and easily infiltrated Lionheart City. He investigated the situation of the troops and the defense of Lionheart City.

After two days of investigating the troops of Lionheart City, Baheshtur had a relatively detailed understanding of the type of troops in Lionheart City, their strength, arrangement, and the rotation of the defense.

From the arrangement of the guards and the rotation of the guards, Baheshtur deduced that the four top-tier n.o.ble families of South County who controlled the guards of Lionheart City did not discover their surprise attack fleet. This was because Lionheart City did not have any large movements and arrangements to guard against them.

The docks of Lionheart City were still as prosperous as before. Although the guards were not weak, they were still the usual number.

After understanding this information, Baheshtur made war plans based on it. Moreover, he made three sets of war plans.

The surprise attack plans in the war plans were all the same, the only difference was the second half of the plan.

There were successful surprise attack, failed surprise attack, and the follow-up plan afterward. In the face of any possible situation, there were detailed countermeasures.

A crafty and changeable style was often built on sufficient preparation.

Kant sat in the cabin, which was specially used for office work. He carefully read some ancient doc.u.ments about G.o.ds, demons, and the war between G.o.ds and demons.

In front of the desk made of high-quality wood, there was a bright silver table on each side. On each silver table, there were three high-quality honey waxes purchased from the Silver Platter Kingdom, which lit up the entire room. The floor was covered with a thick velvet carpet, and the wooden walls were hung with luxurious decorations. The entire room looked very luxurious.

Kant had absolute confidence that they could conquer Dukedom of Leo. This was not blind confidence, but the confidence that came from knowing himself and the enemy.

Therefore, he did not put too much attention on it. Instead, he gradually extended his gaze to the distant future.

Status always came from power.

The highest power in this world was none other than the G.o.ds and demons. They were once the rulers of this world, and now they showed signs of returning.

Kant had already fought many rounds with the G.o.ds and demons’ forces.

But whether it was the undead forces led by the death knights who belonged to the G.o.ds’ forces, or the supreme lord who called himself the Devil of h.e.l.l, the King of Evil, and the Ruler of the Flames, Aamon Qieke, or the supreme lord of the Devil of h.e.l.l, the Lord of Sin, and the Master of Flames, Flensas.

None of them could represent the true G.o.ds and demons.

Not to mention the undead army led by the death knights who called themselves the G.o.d’s descendants, they were not G.o.ds and demons at all.

Take the two demons for example. No matter how great and powerful they boasted about themselves, they were actually just small characters among the demons.

The supreme lord of the h.e.l.l demons. What a ridiculous t.i.tle. This was probably the most genuine t.i.tle of the two demons.

That was because demons came from the Abyss and devil came from h.e.l.l.


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