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Chapter 248: The Terror of Summoning Lightning

“Roar –”

A painful howl appeared.

Aamon Qieke’s two legs fell heavily to the ground.

Its heels were dripping with blood, and the tendons and ligaments of its feet had been completely torn apart!

“An opportunity!”

Bunduk was excited from behind as he took a step forward. The siege crossbow in his hand was pulled, and he shot with his fully loaded steel crossbow. At the same time, he quickly said to Kant, “Lord, you can attack now!”

Without the ability to move, even the abyssal demon was like fish on a chopping board.


Kant’s expression was solemn. He raised his hand to indicate that they should not act rashly.

He turned to look at the mages and ordered in a low voice, “Use the summoning lightning. The target…”, he looked at the two b.l.o.o.d.y heels and said in a heavy voice, “I want you to completely shatter its two feet!”

“Understood.”, the mages nodded.

This was very simple for them.

They raised their staffs and chanted a mysterious spell to communicate with the rules of this world.

The s.p.a.ce at the top of the cave began to fluctuate.

“Roar –”

Aamon Qieke raised his head.

Having experienced the battle of the G.o.ds, it naturally knew that this was the power of a spell.

It might have been able to ignore this spell in the past, but now, he was already weak and had broken the seals one after another. He had used up more than half of the power he had. Now, he was still heavily injured and could not resist at all!

The magic resistance of a superior demon was extremely high, it was almost immune to magic.

But it also depended on the situation.

Losing power was the same as losing magic resistance.

Now, Aamon Qieke could only clench its teeth and rely on its powerful demon body to forcefully resist the seven thick thunderbolts that were fiercely slas.h.i.+ng down from the void!

“Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, boom…”

The seven thunderbolts seemed to appear from the void of lightning realm.

Carrying the absolute brutal strength and scorching heat that far surpa.s.sed the flames, the thunderbolts struck heavily at the bottom of Aamon Qieke’s legs. They struck on its feet which were already dripping with blood and it was in great pain due to the torn ligaments and tendons. Its useless heels and its flesh were roasted and scorched in an extremely short period of time!

“Aooo ——”

A shrill howl once again shouted from Aamon Qieke’s mouth.

His eyes suddenly widened.

Red blood vessels covered its pupils, as if the pain had engraved on its soul and was unbearable!

“What a powerful destructive power.”

Bunduk’s pupils instantly shrank.

Not only him, even the soldiers behind him, Rhodok sergeants, the Swadian knights, Rhodok crossbowmen, as well as those Ravenstern rangers, were all dumbstruck as they watched the seven thunderbolts appear from the void and struck in the blink of an eye, they heavily struck Aamon Qieke’s heels.

The terrifying power of the lightning could completely represent the might of the heavens. The waves of thunderbolts that struck down were like the raging thunder of a stormy night, and the sound of the explosion made everyone scared.

Everyone was fear of such a terrifying sound.

However, Kant was extremely calm. Even he was shocked when he saw the lightning for the first time.


Kant’s voice was very calm.

The mages behind him had a tacit understanding. They raised their staffs again.

“Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom –”

Another seven thunderbolts appeared.

They streaked across the void, bringing with them the pure destructive power. In an instant, they descended on the charred and blackened heels.

Bright lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

When the lightning dissipated, traces of electricity were still left on the two calves of Aamon Qieke.

Meanwhile, the white bones pierced through the skin and flesh of its blackened and charred heels. Its entire calves were already dripping with blood. The brutal destructive power of the lightning severely injured its lower legs and even extended to his thighs.

Aamon Qieke’s miserable howl had already disappeared.

Its entire body was lying on the ground.

Its slightly trembling body was still suffused with a faint black smoke.

“Don’t stop, Continue!”

Kant’s eyes did not have the slightest bit of pity.

He turned his head to look at the mages who had already stopped and berated in a deep voice, “Use all of your summoning lightning. My order is to pour all of it onto this abyssal demon’s body!”

“Yes!”, the mages responded and continued to raise their staffs.

Bolts of lightning as thick as a human’s thigh struck down.

The lightning flashed and rumbled.

When the lightning struck together, they even formed a plasma-liked lightning ball swimming around.

Aamon Qieke’s entire heel was completely broken. Its white bones had been charred black by the temperature of the lightning, and even the black smoke on its lower body was pervading the air. The demon’s aura was getting weaker and weaker, it was as if the thunderbolts had struck its body and completely depleted its remaining demonic power!

As battle mages of the Enfath Empire, they did not need to learn too many spells. They only needed to learn a few, the most typical and most useful spells on the battlefield, and that would be enough!

For example, summoning lightning.

Under the terrifying power of lightning, no enemy could be unharmed!

A mage’s summoning lightning was limited to five spell slots per day.

Seven people meant 35 times.

There was a total of 35 thunderbolts striking down. The power generated was enough to break the foot of Aamon Qieke, the abyssal demon. After all, even abyssal demons had their own weaknesses.

For example, the eyes and brain, the throat and heart, and the weak knee joints, all these weaknesses were similar to an ordinary person.

As well as the ligaments of the limbs and tendons of the hands and feet!

“Is it dead? Is It dead?”

The soldiers behind widened their eyes in shock as they looked at Aamon Qieke, who was lying motionless on the ground. The nearly six-meter-long body of the abyssal demon was still gave a visual shock.

Even though it was lying on the ground in such a messy state.

The demon was still a demon.

“How is it?”

Kant turned his head and asked the mages in a deep voice, “How is the status of the abyssal demon?”

“Extremely weak.”, the mage replied. “We can send footman over to take a look.”

“Yes.”, Kant nodded.

There was a hint of pity in his eyes. The natural summoning spell had been used up completely.

The golem statues were all killed by the abyssal demon Aamon Qieke. They were shattered into the most ordinary stones and could no longer be controlled and commanded. He could only arrange the footmen for the investigation mission.

However, the battlefield could be very cruel sometimes.

Not only to the enemy, but also to his own soldiers.

Kant pointed to the five Rhodok sergeants in the front row and ordered them expressionlessly, “Go and take a look at that demon. I want to know the most accurate information.”


The five Rhodok sergeants nodded and walked forward quickly without any hesitation.

They obeyed the order.

Stepping on the broken stones all over the ground, they entered the underground city from the relics of the city wall.

The abyssal demon, Aamon Qieke, seemed to have really fainted.

No matter how close the sergeants came to its side, it did not move at all.


The sergeants reported to the back.

“Very good.”, Kant nodded and walked forward.

However, just as he almost stepped into the sacred sun pattern, he stopped and turned his head to give a signal to Bunduk behind him. He mouthed, “Cut its throat.”

Bunduk was stunned for a moment before he understood. He nodded and walked forward.

He gripped the spatha tightly.

He came to the side of Aamon Qieke’s huge head that was buried in the relics. He held the spatha with both hands and stabbed it into the trachea of the neck. Dark red blood spurted out, there was even a burning feel that sprayed all over Bunduk’s body.


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