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Chapter 669: Visiting Huang Yang Town Again (9)

“Don’t belong to this world?” Lu Ran frowned. “What do you mean?”

Lu Sheng said, “It means that I’m no longer from this world. I can’t stay in this world for a long time.”

Seeing their confused expressions, Lu Sheng felt very helpless.

This was the reason she did not want to show her face. She had to explain it again and again. It was quite tiring.

“No matter what, I’m relieved to see that you’re fine.”

She came here for two reasons. Firstly, to visit her old friends. Secondly, to see the Lu family and the He family.

Seeing that they were healthy and had developed the Lu family’s restaurant so well, she felt relieved.

“Aunt Sheng, aren’t you returning to the Lu family with us today?” Lu Nian asked.

“Of course!” Lu Sheng smiled and said, “I haven’t returned to Liu Yue Village for a long time. I want to go back and take a look.”

“Then, let’s go back now,” He Qin said. “Since everyone is here, it’s good to go back and gather.”

Lu Sheng nodded. “Okay!”

Lu Ran said, “Then, you and Lord Chu can bring Nianer, Ah Xin, and the rest back first. I’ll go and buy some things with the uncles. We’ll be there soon.”


When Lu Nian heard that, he said excitedly, “That’s great. Let’s go home!”

Chu Sihan smiled and hurried out with Lu Sheng and Lu Nian.

Lu Xin hurried after them. After hesitating for a moment, she reached out and held Lu Sheng’s arm.

Lu Sheng looked at Lu Xin’s hand that was holding her arm and smiled.

Downstairs, Ye Luo was drinking alone. When he saw them coming downstairs, he hurriedly stood up and asked, “Are you leaving?”

Chu Sihan shook his head. “No, we’ll go back to Liu Yue Village first.”

“Back to Liu Yue Village?” Ye Luo glanced at Lu Nian and Lu Xin and understood immediately.

He only wanted to follow Lu Sheng and the rest to that world. He felt extremely tortured waiting for every moment!

Hence, when he heard that the duo did not intend to leave, he was more or less disappointed.

“Second Sister, this is our carriage. Take this.”

Lu Xin pointed at the carriage.

Lu Sheng nodded. “Yes.”

Thankfully, the carriage was big enough to accommodate five people.

Moreover, Lu Nian was small to begin with and did not occupy much s.p.a.ce.

On the way back, Lu Xin kept telling Lu Sheng about what had happened all these years.

It turned out that after Lu Sheng pa.s.sed away back then, Lu Ran released all the servants he bought, leaving only the two coachmen.

Lu Xin had a good relations.h.i.+p with a servant. She heard from the servant that when Lu Ran asked them to leave, she secretly cried for a long time because she could not bear to leave the servant.

Later, Leya could not stand it anymore and specially asked Lu Ran.

However, Lu Ran said that everything the Lu family had today was brought about by Lu Sheng. Now that she had left, they should not be enjoying their lives in peace.

Ever since then, the Lu family had not bought any servants.

When Lu Sheng heard that, she sighed. “Brother is too stubborn.”

Why did she work so hard? Wasn’t it to let them lead a better life?

Yet, they refused to enjoy the benefits and insisted on doing it themselves.

Lu Xin said, “Two years ago, when Second Sister wasn’t around, Brother always hid in the backyard and cried alone. I’ve seen him a few times.”

“Lu Ran is quite loyal,” Ye Luo commented.

Chu Sihan nodded in agreement.

He also felt that Lu Ran was a loyal person. Otherwise, his father would not have arranged for Lu Ran to be by his side.

Lu Sheng sighed.

However, it made sense. The owner was Lu Ran’s biological sister from the same mother. It was only right for him to miss her.


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