WebNovel Lord Chu's Wife Is Wild Chapter 609 – Chu Hongzhong Ran Into Evil (2)

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Chapter 609: Chu Hongzhong Ran Into Evil (2)

“Really?” Fu Ting frowned. “Why didn’t you mention it before?”

Chu Hongzhong said helplessly, “I’m fine, right? I wasn’t too sure either. I only thought of it by chance when I saw Lu Sheng today.”

“Is there a need to ask such a thing?” Chu Sihan yawned faintly and said lightly, “To put it bluntly, you ran into evil.”

Chu Hongzhong clicked his tongue and said unhappily, “Don’t interrupt and listen to Lu Sheng.”

Chu Sihan raised his eyebrows slightly and shrugged at Lu Sheng.

He seemed to be saying, “I told the truth, but he doesn’t believe me.”

Lu Sheng pursed her lips and smiled. Then, she covered her mouth and coughed lightly. “Ah Yan is right. Uncle, you did encounter evil. I wonder where you met them?”

Chu Hongzhong pondered for a moment and said, “The road that goes downhill from the highway is about a hundred meters away from the slope.”

“I know that area,” Chu Sihan said coldly. “Three years ago, there was a traffic accident there. Three students were knocked down by a big truck and died on the spot.”

Speaking of this incident, Chu Hongzhong also remembered.

He frowned slightly. “You’re saying that the three figures I saw might very well be those three students?”

Chu Sihan said coldly, “It’s not a possibility, but a certainty.”

Chu Hongzhong did not believe him. Instead, he looked at Lu Sheng silently, seemingly waiting for her answer.

Lu Sheng nodded and said, “If nothing goes wrong, it should be them.”

“But I have no grievances with them. Why would they pester me?” Chu Hong sincerely did not understand.

“Who said that ghosts would pester you because they have a feud with you?” Chu Sihan sneered and said, “If they’re hungry, they’ll pester you too.”

“Huh?” Chu Hongzhong looked at him suspiciously. “What happened to you today? Why are you talking so much?”

This kid had not been so relaxed when he spoke to him previously. What was going on today?

“Isn’t it good for our son to talk so much?” Fu Ting glanced at Chu Hongzhong and said unhappily, “Do you want him to continue being a boring person?”

Chu Hongzhong sighed softly and decided to ignore Chu Sihan. Instead, he continued asking Lu Sheng, “How can I avoid being pestered by them?”

“It’s very simple.” Lu Sheng smiled and said, “You can throw some food at them when you pa.s.s by. Of course, you have to wear some items to ward off evil spirits.”

Lu Sheng took out an Exorcism Talisman from her pocket and pa.s.sed it to him. “Uncle, this is for you.”

As he had seen how powerful Lu Sheng was, Chu Hongzhong did not doubt her at all and reached out to receive it.

“Thank you, Lu Sheng. I wonder what food I should throw out?”

“Chicken liver,” Lu Sheng suggested. “Buy two chicken liver and cook them. When you pa.s.s by, just throw them out.”

“Okay!” Chu Hongzhong nodded. “Take a seat first. I’ll get someone to prepare.”

Lu Sheng nodded slightly.

After Chu Hongzhong left, Fu Ting looked at Lu Sheng and asked softly, “Sheng Sheng, did you learn this ability from a young age?”

“Yes!” Lu Sheng nodded and said truthfully, “I’ve learned these since I was five.”

“How old are you this year?”

“Ah…” Lu Sheng pondered and said,” More than a hundred years old.”

Fu Ting was stunned before she burst into laughter. “You’re so funny.”

Lu Sheng knew that she would not believe her. She could only smile and say, “I’m a year older than Ah Yan.”

“Oh?” Fu Ting was surprised. “You’re nineteen? I really couldn’t tell. I thought you were only fifteen or sixteen.”


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