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Chapter 326: New Year’s Eve (4)

“How did you know?”

Shangguan Dian was surprised.

Lu Sheng smiled and replied, “You mentioned ‘Demon Realm’ just now.”

Shangguan Dian was stunned at first, but then he smiled evilly. “You have good observation skills.”

Even Lu Zhou could not reconcile his words. No wonder Lu Zhou accepted her as his disciple. She was indeed not simple.

“He’s the Demon King. He’s also my good friend.”

“This is my disciple, Lu Sheng.”

Lu Zhou introduced each other to them.

“Demon King?”

Lu Sheng was stunned.

Her master was actually a friend of the Demon King?

This was…

She really did not understand her master at all.

Her master’s relations.h.i.+p was really invincible.

He was the leader of the Five Peaks, a friend of the King of Hades in the Netherworld, Official Lu’s biological younger brother, and the most favored Third Prince in the human world.

Now, he was the Demon King’s friend!

No wonder the State Minister said that if the Demon King woke up, these people would definitely not be able to escape.

Was this Demon King on their side?

She would never anger her master again. If she accidentally offended these big shots, she might not be able to keep her life.

“h.e.l.lo, disciple!” Shangguan Dian said with a smile.

Lu Zhou’s face darkened. “Who’s your disciple? This is my disciple!”

“Oh!” Shangguan Dian sniffed and quickly corrected himself. “h.e.l.lo, little niece!”

Lu Sheng forced out a smile that she thought was very happy. “h.e.l.lo, Uncle Demon King!”

When Lu Zhou heard that, he said coldly, “He’s older than me.”

“Ah… h.e.l.lo, Uncle!”

Wouldn’t these old demons age?

Shangguan Dian smiled and nodded. Then, he asked Lu Zhou, “Where’s your daughter? Didn’t you say you were going to your daughter’s house for the new year?”

Why did he only see his disciple but not his daughter?

He had even prepared a big red packet.


Lu Sheng looked suspiciously at Lu Zhou. “Master, when did you have a daughter?”

Why had she not seen her before?

“Don’t listen to his nonsense,” Lu Zhou said lightly. “Who else can be my daughter but you?”


She knew it. If her master, this ten-thousand-year-old iron tree, had a child, how could she not know?

“Huh?” Shangguan Dian frowned and looked at the King of Hades in a daze. “So, the daughter you’re referring to is his disciple?”

The King of Hades put down his teacup and raised his eyebrows. He asked, “Lu Sheng was raised by Junior Brother. Is there anything wrong with saying that she’s his daughter?”

“I see!”

He was wondering why Lu Zhou would marry a mortal. So, he had accepted a human girl as his disciple.

Lu Zhou’s eyes flickered and he lowered his eyes silently.

Shangguan Dian was not very smart. If he knew Lu Sheng’s true ident.i.ty, Lu Sheng would probably find out in a few days as well.

“Uncle Yan, aren’t you going to see the Lord?”

Lu Sheng asked the King of Hades with a smile.

“He’s not in Huang Yang…”

Before the King of Hades could finish his sentence, he suddenly stopped.

Lu Zhou smiled faintly. “Disciple, your Lord Chu is here.”

Lu Zhou had just finished speaking when Lu Ran’s slightly surprised voice was heard. “Lord Chu, why are you here too?”

“I just came back. I came to visit Sheng Sheng.”

Chu Sihan’s indifferent voice was heard.

The people in the room turned their heads and looked out. They saw Chu Sihan, who was dressed in black, walking in.

Lu Sheng was shocked.

Chu Sihan had clearly said that he would not return to Huang Yang Town for the new year.

“Yan Han?”

After sizing Chu Sihan up, the Demon King was also surprised.

He looked at the King of Hades and asked, “We haven’t seen each other for hundreds of years. How did your son become a human?”

He remembered that when he saw Chu Sihan in the Netherworld, he was still a Small Ghost King.


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