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s.h.i.+ro: Hey guys, sorry I fell asleep translating this yesterday…Here’s some explanation to the terms I used in the chapter.

Great Grand-master – the old woman’s master’s master

Grand-master – the old woman’s master

Master – the old woman

Disciple – Yue Yu

Yue Yang and the others returned to Shang Jing.

Yue Yu’s mentor lived in a quiet small villa in Shang Jing Academy.

She was an old woman with hair as white as snow. She wore her clothes plainly and simply, and she seemed calm and gentle.

Seeing that Yue Yu had come, she slowly nodded her head as a kind of loving glow appeared on her eyes. She gestured for everyone to sit down and said softly, “Princess Qian Qian and the others, please sit down. Yu-er, didn’t you go to Tong Tian Tower with the Princess?

“Master, this is my third oldest cousin. He wanted to understand more about how Great Grand-master had challenged the Gemini Temple back then…” Yue Yu sat down near the old woman and held her hands.

“Yu-er’s third oldest cousin? Ah, good boy, sit down, you don’t have to be so polite! “The old woman measured Yue Yang seriously as she nodded: “You are completely different from the rumours. You understand how to hide your abilities even though you are still very young. Commendable! Yu-er, why did you bring up such an old story?” Yue Yu immediately answered, “My cousin wanted to challenge the Twelve Zodiac Temples. He has cleared the Aries and Taurus Temples, but he is stuck with the Gemini Temple. I told him about how Great Grand-master has challenged the trial before, hoping to give him some inspiration. In the end, Princess Qian Qian felt that it would be best if we come over and asked you in person… If Great Grand-master has especially stipulated not to tell outsiders about her experience, then we will stop asking you.”

“Cleared the Aries and Taurus Temples?” The old woman’s body shook when she heard that and started to measure Yue Yang up and down again, “It’s been a long time since such an outstanding youth appeared in Da Xia Empire, what a good news!”Speaking of clearing the Gemini Temple, actually, Master did not specify that it was to be kept a secret. Sure, I will tell you guys about it!”

“Thank you, master!”Yue Yu happily held the old woman’s hands up, holding them to her lips.

She was very close with the old woman, almost as close as a mother and a daughter.

If it wasn’t for their student-master ident.i.ty and the fact that the difference between their age was too big, other people would have really mistaken them for a mother and daughter.

The Xie Clan was extremely respectful to the Yue Clan when they were still growing. The Xie Clan master, Xie Tao, had also always flattering and licking Yue Shan’s boots.

Afterwards, there were two members of the Xie Clan who managed to climb onto Level 7 [Overlord]. One was called Xue Nu, who was also known as “Thousand Miles Killer” while the other was called Xue Tu, also known as the “Exterminator”. This caused the Xie Clan to rise greatly in power. Furthermore, they had the backing of one of the Four Great Clans, the Yan Clan. Hence, they gained even more power.

If it weren’t for the fact that they did not have a solid foundation and recognition by the common folks, they would have become one of the Five Great Clans.

There were even more geniuses emerging from the Xie Clan currently, for example, the pitiful guy’s rival in love, Xie Qian Ren. He was one of the brightest younger generation, and he was extremely famous, almost as famous as Yue Tian, Yue Yan and the others. His abilities were only below the Three Great Killing Stars, Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and Xue Tan Lang. Xie Tao, who had previously sucked up to to Yue Shan, the Yue Clan subst.i.tute Clan Master before, had become more and more arrogant each day, especially after he became Blade Mountain City Master.

(s.h.i.+ro: Just to let you guys now… Feng – Wind, Yan – fire, Xue – snow, Xie – blood)

There was one time they had business with the Yue Clan. After selling the goods to the Yue Clan and receiving the money, they had ordered some Clan members to disguise themselves as robbers and stole the goods back, selling them to the others.

This attack had caused a great loss to Yue Clan’s wealth.

It was also the start of the grudge between the two Clans.

Xie Clan continued to deny the accusation. Even when Jun Wu You, the emperor, asked them about the matter angrily, they were still unyielding as they had backing. Finally, the Yue Clan could only give up a suffered quietly as they could not find any evidences. As the Yue and Xie Clan fall out, they discontinued any communication between both parties. Although the marriage arrangement between Yue Yu and the oldest son of the Xie Clan, Xie Qian Qiu had not been rescinded, even a blind person could see that the two clan’s attempt at marriage relations had completely failed.

Yue Clan didn’t have an excuse to rescind the marriage, and the Xie Clan was deliberately trying to step on the second daughter of Yue Clan, stubbornly refusing to rescind the marriage.

Not only that, the Xie Clan had even urged Yue Yu to quit school early so that she may marry into the family quickly.

In reality, Xie Qian Qiu had already married the daughter of Lie Clan. He already had a wife and concubines, and at the same time, he was also the most notorious playboy of Shang Jing Academy.

The playboy Xie Qian Qiu was notorious for always dallying with beautiful girl, he was even dubbed as the ‘School Flower Killer’.

He was extremely different from Yan Po Jun, who was a serious man. A lot of girls had thrown themselves into Yan Po Jun alike, but his reputation was still not bad. At least, he would not be like Xie Qian Qiu who strutted around announcing publicly that he had completed the “Thousand Girls Feast”.

Yue Yu’s mother was not the legal wife and had pa.s.sed away early. The legal wife’s treatment to Yue Yu was also borderline, she did not shower her with love nor be cold and indifferent towards her.

In front of others, she would even pretend that she cared about her daughter.

Towards Yue Yu’s marriage, she only agreed. In any case, the Yue Clan could not find a good excuse to rescind their marriage.

Yue Yang didn’t quite understand Yue Yu’s problem before, but after he went to Ivy Academy and the Despair Abyss, Yue Bing had told him her story. Only then did he realize that this gentle, warm and refined older cousin of his had such a tragic destiny…

“Yu-er, sit down!” The old woman caressed Yue Yu’s face lovingly as she sighed, “That time, the matter about the elders challenging the Trial has brought much embarra.s.sment to our sect as they had been completely cheated and deceived. Hence, we, the younger generation, didn’t talk about it much. Inside the Gemini Temple, all the challengers who managed to take off the Golden Mask had met a second shadow at the Rear Hall afterwards. The second shadow was the complete opposite of the first shadow. Not only will it have an opposite s.e.x, its power will also be fixed at Gold-ranked Level 6. It wouldn’t be like the first shadow who changed their abilities according to the body of the challenger.”

“Did you mean that the second shadow that a boy would meet would be a girl shadow? And that a girl would meet a male shadow?” Yue Yang froze when he heard her explanation.

“Yes. As Grand-master had entered the trial with heavy injuries, her fiance and family had even thought that she had been humiliated by the shadow inside. Hence, they rescinded their marriage arrangement. Master had pleaded for her innocence and even asked the Empress at that time to investigate and clear her name. However, until the end, she still couldn’t get her lover’s heart back. She finally committed suicide to prove her innocence. The Gemini Temple’s shadow was only imaginary, so it wouldn’t humiliate the challengers. In order to investigate the truth, my Master had tried different kinds of ways to enter the trial and finally, she proved that no matter what, the second shadow copy’s body would never do something to humiliate the challenger. My pitiful Grand-master couldn’t prove her innocence till the end. It was all because her fiance was trying to seek for power through marriage relations and decided to marry the Left Minister’s daughter, thus he used Grand-master’s innocence as an excuse. The second shadow and the firsts shadow are twins, but the second shadow is the true Guardian of the temple. The second shadow would also not…”

The old woman’s story had caused Yue Bing and Princess Qian Qian to sob.

Being able to think that that Grand-master’s chast.i.ty had been sullied because she challenged the Trial, that Grand-master’s fiance’s way of thinking was really exaggerated and malicious.

That Grand-master had really chosen the wrong fiance.

Princess Qian Qian was extremely regretful towards this matter. She felt that she must not chose the wrong partner no matter what. She didn’t want to have a tragic ending like that Grand-master.

She turned and looked at Yue Yang.

She felt that although this brat was a playboy, had a mind full of perverted thoughts and always thinking of pus.h.i.+ng girls down, he was still outstanding in different aspects. First of all, he cared about his family. No matter if it was Fourth Mother’s or Yue Bing’s matter, he was always the first to come to their rescue. If he married a girl, she believe that he would also be a caring and loving husband to his wife. Secondly, he had morals and was also honest, he wouldn’t say anything hypocritical.

As for the other aspects such as combat abilities, he was even more outstanding, one in a million.

Although she didn’t want to admit that this brat was really outstanding, compared to other guys, this brat was still quite a good choice.

His only problem was his fickle heart. This brat’s was a big pervert by nature, falling in love with beautiful girls the moment he saw them. Furthermore, he had a strong desire to possess them all. Fortunately she didn’t have any boy friends, otherwise this brat would probably kill that unlucky guy out of jealousy.

Learning from Yue Yu’s Great Grand-master’s story, Princess Qian Qian decided that she would consider it more carefully first. It concerned her future anyway.

If she chose wrongly in a marriage, that would be the end.

Could the Prince of Zhi Jin that had asked for her hand in marriage be better than Yue Yang?

Could that young Sect Leader of the Floating Mist Sect that she had never seen before be more outstanding than the big pervert Yue Yang? Her father did not want her to marry for a political reason, that was her fortune. Hence, she really must consider it carefully. She shouldn’t let a moment of rashness destroy her whole life.

Yue Yang didn’t know, but Princess Qian Qian was carefully comparing him to all the guys he knew secretly in her heart.

Yue Yang was deep in thought, thinking about an important question.

The first shadow copy, why would it wore the Golden Mask? Why would the second shadow appear after the Golden Mask was taken off? What would happen if he took that Golden Mask and bring it out of the Gemini Temple?

“This is my master’s diary when she challenged the trial last time. I’ll give it to you for your review!” The old woman gave Yue Yang a diary containing detailed materials and resources about the Gemini Temple. It even had various ill.u.s.trations.

Yue Yang was overjoyed. After they say goodbye to the old woman, he couldn’t wait and impatiently read through the diary quickly.

Seeing that Yue Yang was too obsessed with the trial, Princess Qian Qian couldn’t help but to punch him lightly.

Yue Yang waved his hands, “Shoo, you can read it after I finished reading. I’ll sue you for s.e.xual hara.s.sment if you touch me again…” Princess Qian Qian had gotten used to his words, but Yue Yu and Yue Bing was there. Princess Qian Qian felt really awkward and blushed, as she gave Yue Yang another light punch. Yue Yang was thoroughly confused. What’s wrong with this girl? Had she become addicted to punching others? As he prepared to punch her back, Yue Yu hurriedly hold his hands and said, “Don’t be angry, it’s a good thing that she is. .h.i.tting you!”

“What?” Yue Yang was even more confused. How could it be a good thing that she is. .h.i.tting him?

“If it were others, she wouldn’t beat them. Hehe, alright, you should stop reading your book. We are all very hungry, how about we find a place to eat?” Yue Yu realized that Princess Qian Qian had a kind of different look when she look at Yue Yang. There was a mysterious glow, or maybe, the light that had already existed in her heart before had grown even brighter. Yue Yu thought that it was perhaps because of her Great Grand-master’s story that Princess Qian Qian made some kind of decision that she had not made before.

With a woman’s sixth sense, she obviously felt happy for her brother.

She was happy, but she also felt that her cousin was an idiot. Girls are usually more reserved than guys. If it weren’t for the fact that Princess Qian Qian had feelings for him, why would she act like a spoiled kid around him?

Furthermore, her punch was so light and gentle, it couldn’t even kill a mosquito. How was this beating people up? It was practically a pleasure…

This idiot cousin, he really was living in happiness without appreciating it!

Yue Yu was afraid that Princess Qian Qian wouldn’t clarify it clearly because she was shy, so she could only stop Yue Yang who was about to punch her back. Let alone Yue Yu, even Yue Bing who didn’t understand love at all could see that Princess Qian Qian had feelings for her brother. She was secretly laughing at this point of time, laughing at her brother’s idiocy. He had mistaken Big Sister Yi Nan as a guy, and had even thought that Princess Qian Qian was beating him up now. She thought that her brother had been cooped up in his room for far too long that he didn’t understand a girl’s heart at all.

Rightfully speaking, Yue Yang indeed liked to coop up in his room as an otaku, but he was definitely not an idiot.

He was only pretending to be one.

Princess Qian Qian, the tigress, he would definitely not let her feelings towards him slip away. But right now, he would only tease her around and play all sorts of tricks on her. It wouldn’t be too late if he could find a good opportunity to push her down in the future…

“Aih, isn’t this my future wife? I heard that my wifey is so pure and spotless that even I, her rightful fiance can’t even touch her a little bit, as if you are made of pure gold. Now, why are you pulling a guy’s hands so aggressively? Even if you guys want to do it, don’t do it in front of me. In any case, I am still your fiance, you know? If I had known earlier that you are a hypocritical s.l.u.t, I would have left you to die without mercy. Fancy that I thought you were still a virgin, it turns out that you are expired goods…”

A strange, loud voice resounded from a pathway as a guy strutted forward.


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