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The restlessness in Sun Chengyan’s palace created waves after waves in the peaceful palace. Empress Dowager Liu and a large number of palace experts rushed here, but before they even got close, they could already smell the strange, b.l.o.o.d.y scent that came along with the wind.

Empress Dowager Liu’s face fell as she increased her speed and charged towards Sun Xianyan’s quarters. Once she entered, she was greeted with a field of corpses.

These were all Sun Xianyan’s guards.

The air was still filled with the mystical Qi that had yet to disperse. The surrounding buildings had all been destroyed. The traces of the battle could be seen everywhere, inside and outside the palace. It was a complete mess …

Empress Dowager Liu’s face turned even uglier.

What is this place? This was the palace of the Kingdom of Zi Yue! However, a messy battle was taking place here! Who would dare to mess around here? This was a complete provocation of the majesty of the immortal country’s royal family.

She quickly walked forward, and the experts behind her separated as well, starting to investigate. However, the first thing they saw was Su Qing’er, who was leaning on the palace door, sitting on the ground, panting heavily.

“This person is …”

“Ah?” She was Shangguan Mei Yang’s disciple! It’s the people who destroyed the Forbidden Area! “

“Isn’t she locked up? Why would it appear here? “

Empress Dowager Liu turned her head to question the crowd.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion, but a few of them lowered their heads.

“Li Shun!” What exactly is going on? ” Empress Dowager Liu shouted in anger.

“Esteemed Empress Dowager, I don’t know about this either. The prison official came to report that His Highness Sun Li was here on behalf of the empress dowager, so we didn’t dare disobey Your Majesty’s orders and so we allowed Lord Sun Li to enter the prison to take Shangguan Mei and Yang away. The prison had a fight, the cell had been destroyed, and this one had inquired about it, but Prince Sun Li said nothing happened and told this one not to make any noise. This one thinks that the person has already been taken away, so this one doesn’t ask further.”

Li Shun was trembling from head to toe.

Empress Dowager Liu’s expression had already begun to change.

“I have never given any orders to let Sun Tante go! You must be lying to me! ” “Someone come!” Empress Dowager Liu shouted.

“Your subordinate is here!”

“Quickly drag this person down, behead him and destroy his soul!”

“Yes sir!”

Immediately, two guards stepped forward.

Hearing this, Li Shun was scared out of his wits. He quickly kowtowed and cried out, “Majesty, spare me! Please spare me!” This little one absolutely doesn’t dare to lie to you. It really was Prince Sun Li who took his men away. This little one’s words are true, absolutely true. Esteemed empress dowager, spare me …

Empress Dowager Liu refused to listen and shouted again, “Drag him away! “Drag him away!”

The guards didn’t dare to hesitate and directly led Li Shun away as if they were carrying a dead pig.

No one dared to make a sound.

Empress Dowager Liu was furious. After an unknown amount of time, she turned to the person next to her and spoke in a low voice. “Quickly go and summon Sun Li to meet me.”

“Yes sir!”

The others nodded and left.

Everyone knew that Li Shun wasn’t lying. No one could fool him for his lie. As long as they faced each other, the truth would be revealed. Yet he suffered such a fate. It could only be said that Empress Dowager Liu insisted on killing him. Otherwise, if what Li Shun said was true, then if this matter got out, the face of the Kingdom of Zi Yue wouldn’t be able to remain standing.

Empress Dowager Liu secretly snorted, her gaze landed on Su Qing’er who was standing far away, and walked over.

“Little girl, tell me honestly. What happened here?”

She spoke in a low voice, full of pride.

However, Su Yun actually lowered her head and her charming body trembled slightly, as if she had not heard her words.

“d.a.m.n it, you dare to ignore me!”

Empress Dowager Liu was furious and shouted, “Pull her up!”

“Yes sir!”

One of the guards walked over quickly and wanted to grab Su Qing’er’s hand to pull her up.

However, just as the guard approached her, a strange power suddenly erupted from Su Qing’er’s body. The guard was caught off guard, and was pierced through by the power, and was directly ripped apart.

Blood splattered everywhere, and corpses flew everywhere.

Everyone was stunned.

What was going on? The other side made a move?

But the crowd clearly didn’t see her make a move!

“Awful! Awful!”

A whisper sounded as the trembling people stopped trembling. She slowly raised her head, her pair of completely empty eyes meeting the eyes of Empress Dowager Liu and the others.

Empress Dowager Liu swore that she had never seen such empty, lifeless eyes. They were beautiful, with perfect lashes, eyelids, and pupils. Even the most formidable painter would never be able to make out these eyes, but at this moment, these eyes seemed to have lost their soul.

“This is …”

Empress Dowager Liu’s phoenix eyes sank as if she’d sensed something.

Why does it make me feel like I’m going to kneel down? She thought to herself.

This girl was very special. Perhaps there was some sort of secret on her body, perhaps it was some sort of special physique.

“Take her.”

Empress Dowager Liu growled.

The surrounding palace experts were no longer silent, and they immediately rushed towards Su Qing’er.

Although everyone did not know who this young girl was, they all knew that she was not someone that was easy to deal with.

The group activated their Qi and gathered together, pressuring Su Qing’er. The pressure released by the dozens of experts at the peak of Spirit Emperor was enough to break anyone’s body and mind, but after the aura enveloped Su Qing’er, she did not have any reaction.

“Be careful, it’s not easy to deal with!”

The spirit cultivator was shocked and shouted loudly.

“I can’t see through his cultivation, if he isn’t wearing a magic treasure with a shield, then he must have Spirit Sage’s strength! Be careful! ” The female cultivator screamed out.

His words were extremely ear-piercing and it made people feel extremely uncomfortable. However, at that moment, everyone who heard them felt their hearts tremble and their souls tremble.

Spirit Sage? Could this girl be a Spirit Sage cultivator?

What kind of existence would that be?

If that was the case, then these people were suicidal! Although there were many experts at the peak of the Spirit Emperor, against a Spirit Sage, there was no way they could win. The existence of a Spirit Sage could be considered a true saint, and was already considered an early stage immortal, and could not be compared to ordinary mortals. Although there were many experts here, if Su Qing’er truly had this method, no matter how many people there, he would only be throwing his life away.

Thinking of this, the few people charging at the front couldn’t help but slow down.

Die? Everyone was afraid, especially those who had cultivated to their level of cultivation. In fact, those people were most afraid of death, because they all knew that it would not be easy for them to have this kind of strength when they had reached their current level. Once they died, regardless of whether their souls could survive or not, their entire lives would be ruined.

“What are you all waiting for?”

Seeing that everyone had suddenly stopped moving, Empress Dowager Liu was immediately enraged and shouted loudly, “All of you, attack! This is the palace of the Kingdom of Zi Yue, no one is allowed to act impudently here. I don’t care if she is a Spirit Sage cultivator or not, if we don’t capture her today, all of your heads will fall to the ground!”

The empress dowager’s words were like a thousand kilograms falling down, smashing the crowd so hard that they couldn’t even breathe.

If they didn’t go, they would die. If they went up, there might be a chance for them to survive. The crowd hesitated for a moment, but in the end, they still chose to compromise.

“We swarmed over. This person didn’t seem to be in a good condition, so we took the opportunity to seize her and hand her over to the empress dowager.”

A person growled.


Everyone responded by taking action.

However …

Just as everyone was preparing to attack Su Qing’er, Su Qing’er took the initiative to attack.


A strong gust of wind blew in, and everything around them turned dark red. In an instant, everyone found themselves enveloped in a hazy fog.

“What’s going on?”

Someone panicked.

“Don’t bother with him. Take him away first!”

A few spirit cultivator experts rushed towards Su Qing’er in a triangular formation, the three of them had extremely high mutual understanding, and attacked Su Qing’er from three sides at the same time. The three profound qi were like three swimming dragons, striking towards the seemingly weak and weak body.

The three of them were breathing nervously as they stared at the delicate and weak girl. Their hearts were hanging in the sky.

However, as the trio’s attacks neared the young girl, she did not react at all …

“A good chance!”

The three of them were secretly delighted.

With the strength and speed of the three, even if the young lady was really a Spirit Sage existence, she would definitely not be able to block their attacks.

He was going to win!

The others could not help but feel delighted.


At this critical moment …

Clang clang clang!

Three m.u.f.fled sounds were heard.

The people were shocked, they turned to look, only to see that around Su Qing’er’s body, a large amount of scarlet red clouds suddenly condensed out.

The clouds were as light as a veil, making this beautiful young lady look like a fairy. However, although the clouds seemed gentle, they were incomparably hard, as if the three Wandering Dragon profound qi were striking a vajra wall, not even causing the slightest bit of damage!

This was even tougher than divine clothing!


The experts of the palace were all dumbstruck.

The three people who were near Su Yun were even more dumbfounded.

He had originally hoped that this strike would be able to subdue Su Qing’er, so even if he couldn’t kill her, it wouldn’t be difficult to inflict heavy injuries on her.

When the three of them approached, Su Qing’er seemed to notice their presence. She gently turned her pale white neck and looked at them with her beautiful little face.

In that moment, the three of them felt as though they were in an ice cellar, their bodies suddenly became ice cold, the profound qi in their bodies seemed to have been frozen, they felt extremely uncomfortable.

“This is bad!”

Empress Dowager Liu suddenly cried out, “All of you retreat, quick!”

With that, she was the first to charge out of the scarlet red fog.

Some of the Spirit Cultivator who had reacted quickly followed the empress dowager and rushed out, but those who were too slow were too late.

The scarlet clouds that rippled across Su Qing’er suddenly materialized in an instant.

In the blink of an eye, silence reigned at the entrance of the chamber.


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