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Su Yun walked towards Huairou Muyu’s corpse step by step. His hands were trembling as he held onto her body. The Vertex Novels,

“Big brother …”

Hu Qianmei opened his mouth, wanting to console Su Yun, but the words were stuck in his throat.

She didn’t know how to comfort Su Yun, because perhaps what he needed at this time wasn’t the right words to comfort him.

He hugged Huairou Muyu’s body tightly, but did not say a single word. He only buried his head in her pitch-black hair …

His fists clenched tighter and tighter.

With the soul lock cut off, the pill’s effect on Huairou Muyu’s body erupted, causing her soul to suddenly dissipate, causing her to completely disappear from the world, and maybe other than this empty sh.e.l.l, she was nothing else.

, who was inside the sword sheath, had naturally seen everything that had happened outside. Su Yun’s impetuous actions had woken her up, but she could not do anything, nor could she do anything, she could only watch silently.

“Mei Er.”

Just then, Su Yun raised his head and looked at Huairou Muyu’s pale face in grief and said hoa.r.s.ely.

“Big brother, Mei Er is here …” Hu Qianmei hurriedly sat beside him and asked with concern.

Su Yun gently placed Huairou Muyu on the ground, looked at her and said softly: “Mei Er … Bring Muyu’s corpse back, and when I return from Eastern Imperial Island … “

“Eastroad Island?” Hu Qianmei was startled, then suddenly thought of something, and asked: “Big brother, what are you planning to do?”

“Of course it’s to avenge Muyu!” He suddenly roared out and threw his sword towards the mountain of corpses. The brutal aura burst out from the sword tip like rotten weeds, tearing the corpses of the Eastern Emperor Island’s people into pieces. A b.l.o.o.d.y mist started to float around the half moon lake, and the violent Qi crashed into the mountain in the distance, causing the entire mountain and lake to shake.

Hu Qianmei’s face turned pale white.

The anger in Su Yun’s heart was burning his internal organs, but he kept suppressing it, he could not suppress it anymore, the only thing he could do was to destroy the entire Eastern Emperor Island, to vent the anger in his heart.

However, no one knew what a person who had lost his sanity would do. Hu Qianmei understood that if he continued to let Su Yun go, he would only end up dying.

Immediately, Hu Qianmei disregarded everything and rushed forward, tightly hugging onto him, her tender white hands directly grabbing onto Su Yun’s hand that was holding the sword.

“NO!” You can’t go! ” Hu Qianmei gritted her teeth as she lowered her eyes and called out.

“I have to go.”

Su Yun’s voice became fierce.

Hu Qianmei looked at him, only to see his red eyes become even more crazed, and immediately shouted: “Brother, what you need to do now is not to take revenge, but to think of a way to revive Muyu!”

“Resurrection? How can I revive? ” Su Yun let out a beast-like roar, “If one’s soul is gone, how can one revive?”

“Calm down!” Hu Qianmei grabbed onto Su Yun’s arm with all his might, and cried out anxiously, “Myriad Heavens, what is it that isn’t there? Brother, are you sure that no magic treasure can revive Muyu? Since the Eastern Emperor Sky Sovereign is dead, and Eastern Emperor Island is just a piece of sand, killing them would be useless. Now, what you need to do is quickly revive Muyu and think of a way to revive her! “

The more Hu Qianmei said, the more excited she became, but she knew in her heart that the reason she said that, was only to stabilize Su Yun’s condition.

After saying that, Su Yun’s entire being seemed to be convulsing, he trembled a few times, and the fanaticism in his eyes dimmed down by several fold.

Seeing that, Hu Qianmei was startled.

“That’s right, Mei Er. You’re right …”

Su Yun muttered, his entire person seemed to have lost his soul.

“Big brother …” What’s the matter with you? Are you okay? ” Hu Qianmei said blankly, then panicked: “Big Brother, don’t scare me …. You… Are you all right? “

“I’m fine!”

Su Yun suddenly regained his senses, and said to Hu Qianmei: “Mei’er, quickly bring Muyu back, I’ll be back soon!”

After speaking, he turned and flew into the air, instantly disappearing into the distance.

“Big brother!”

Hu Qianmei called out three times in a row, but Su Yun had already walked far away …



After leaving the Bei Yang, Su Yun did not fly around randomly like a headless fly, but instead, rushed towards the Wanhua Realm.

Hu Qianmei was right, with such a large Myriad Worlds realm, there were countless divine objects and magic treasure s that appeared one after another. There were all kinds of magic treasure and even reviving a person’s soul did not mean that it was impossible. Therefore, Su Yun could only go find someone first. As long as that person was able to provide information, then Huairou Muyu would be able to return back.

After entering the Wanhua Realm, Su Yun did not even take care of the Realm Master, much less look at him.

Once inside the Dark Place, they would head towards the familiar river.

“Old man!” “Old man!”

Su Yun stood by the river side and shouted loudly.

“I’m here!”

An elderly voice rang out from not far away.

Su Yun turned to look and saw that a few Spirit Cultivator s were surrounding the old man and asking about his business. It seemed like they were making a deal.

Su Yun quickly walked over and pushed them away, then said anxiously: “Old man, I have something to ask you.”

Seeing that, the old man became dissatisfied, and the Spirit Cultivator became even more furious, he became angry: “Hey, this cultivator, do you have any morals left? Don’t know first come first served? Hurry up and leave! “

But just as he said that, Su Yun took out his sword and slashed to the side.


The vast profound qi was like a surging flood, surging out from his sword and smashing onto the ground. A ten-meter-wide, bottomless abyss was forcibly formed on the ground, with sword qi rippling and profound qi flying everywhere. Terrifying energy lingered in the air and even the entire Dark Place was trembling.

Upon seeing this, the few Spirit Cultivator s were dumbfounded.

“Go away.”

Su Yun bellowed.

Hearing that, a few of them trembled from head to toe, and immediately ran, who would dare to offend Su Yun.

“Hey hey, don’t go!” Don’t go, you haven’t paid yet! “Don’t go!” When the old man saw this, he became anxious and quickly shouted for them to stop. However, these people were like wild horses that escaped from their horses, unable to catch up.

Seeing that, the old man turned to look at Su Yun and blew on his beard: “Smelly brat, what are you doing? Do you know that you’ve ruined two of my biggest businesses! “

“I’ll make these up to you!”

Su Yun took out a profound coin card from his bosom and handed it over to the old man.

“As long as you fulfill my request, these will all be yours! All yours! “

The old man took the card and looked at it, his old face revealing a look of surprise, he looked at Su Yun and said: What a generous gesture, seems like the thing you want to ask this time is not a small matter?

“Please tell me!”

“Fine.” The old man kept the profound coin card and laughed: “Tell me, what do you want to know, I will definitely tell you everything!”

“You must know.” Su Yun anxiously said: “Please tell me how to revive a person whose soul has already dissipated!”


When the old man heard this, his sunken eyes widened. After a while, he said: “I think you’re crazy, aren’t you? He’s already lost his soul, and now he wants to revive? I don’t know about this.

“Old man, please tell me!”

Su Yun anxiously grabbed the old man’s arm, and shouted anxiously: “I know you will know, for all the realms, nothing is too bizarre. Old man you have the divine arts, so you must know how to revive a person whose soul has dissipated, right?”

“Oi, boy, this is too difficult.” The old man’s face was filled with helplessness. “My soul has already dissipated, even the Great Firmament Golden Immortal can’t save you. You …” What do you want me to tell you? “

“Don’t tell me there’s no magic treasure or spiritual object to save people?”

“I’ve never heard of such an effect from any treasure!” The old man said.

As these words fell, it was like a huge hammer, ruthlessly smashing apart the heart of Su Yun, who had just revived.

If even this old man didn’t know, then perhaps …

“That won’t happen, there must be a way!” There must be a way! ” Su Yun clenched his fists tightly, but his lips were extremely pale, and even started to tremble. Although he had cultivated his personality in the True Devil Sect, Huairou Muyu’s death at that moment had evoked the devil in his heart towards Su Qing’er’s death in his previous life.

“Oh!” That’s right! It seems that there is a treasure that can reform the soul and revive people! “

At this time, the old man suddenly thought of something and clapped as he spoke.

Just as he said that, a big hand suddenly grabbed his collar and lifted him up!

The old man was stunned, facing Su Yun’s eyes that were blazing with fire!

“Old man, you … What did you just say? Could a magic treasure bring someone back to life? What kind of magic treasure was it? Say it quickly! What magic treasure! “

Su Yun called out anxiously, his expression extremely agitated, his hand almost tearing the old man’s clothes apart.

“Put me down first! “Hey, hey, put me down first …” the old man shouted.

Su Yun was startled for a moment, then regained his senses and quickly let go of his hands.

The old man sat on the ground and coughed twice. He glared at Su Yun: “You brat, you are too reckless. Can you wait for me to finish speaking?”

“Apologies, Apologies. Old man, please tell me first, what kind of magic treasure can save people? “It’s urgent. Now, wait!” Su Yun immediately replied.

“Don’t be anxious, actually, I just remembered this magic treasure, because in the past, there was a Spirit Cultivator like you, who asked me if there was a magic treasure that could reform the soul in this world, and revive people, so I used a technique to check, and I remember that there was indeed such a magic treasure, what’s its name I forgot, but I remembered it was in Supreme Sect … … “Don’t be in such a hurry, I’ll help you find it now.”

After the old man finished speaking, he crouched down and placed the skull staff in his hand on the ground …


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