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“Did you see that?”

Zhi Zun pointed at the broken limbs on the ground and said solemnly: “After entering the Supreme Sect, those who do not know fear, those who do not know fear, those who do not know joy, those who do not know sorrow, even if they are facing even the strongest, will not flee, their only thoughts are to chase after that illusory Supreme Divine Dao, and they only believe that Supreme Divine Dao is the supreme path in this world. Those who do not belong to the Supreme Sect are all abnormal species, all of them are despicable objects. If Liuluo were to continue staying in Supreme Sect, there will be a day when she will be like these people, and die a miserable and fearless death! “


Su Shentian secretly clenched his fists and replied softly.

Shen Xuexue had long since turned her face away in grief.

The people of the Supreme Sect were indeed as the world had said.


Just then, the Supreme Sect started to shine again, and more people rushed out.

There were a huge crowd, over ten thousand of them, and each one of them had a cultivation base that was not lower than the second stage of the Sky Spirit Master!

“Why are you still so stubborn, why are you still unwilling to join the Supreme Sect, why are you not willing to be redeemed, why are you not willing to choose the right path!”

Just then, a melodious and melodious voice floated out from the Supreme Sect.

With that said, Shen Xuexue’s body trembled, and no one knew if it was tears of joy or pain, she anxiously looked at the door, her pale face had complex emotions written across it.

Su Shentian shifted his gaze, stared at the door and did not say a word.

The light in the door became brighter and brighter, accompanied by a mysterious aura.

The people that rushed out of the door were divided into two rows, standing on both sides of the door, and then all of them kneeled down and shouted towards the inside of the door.

“When the Dao is formed, all forms of magic will appear. When the universe is sealed, the Holy Maiden will enjoy it forever.”

“When the Dao is formed, all forms of magic will appear. When the universe is sealed, the Holy Maiden will enjoy it forever.”

“When the Dao is formed, all forms of magic will appear. When the universe is sealed, the Holy Maiden will enjoy it forever.”

The voice rose and fell, one after the other, loud and clear. In the midst of this call, a young girl with a tender face walked out.

Her milky skin was like a porcelain doll, her nose was like a cherry, her eyes were like water, her hair was black and shiny, falling onto her chest. She did not have any makeup, nor did she have any decorations, and just like the others, she wore a set of golden clothes. But, what was different from the others was that her chest did not have a white dragon pattern, but a white phoenix pattern.

Seeing that the young lady had walked out, Shen Xuexue’s expression immediately became agitated. He could not help but walk forward, but she was immediately stopped by Su Shentian.

“Snow, don’t act recklessly.”

Su Shentian called out.

G.o.d knows what his state of mind was when he said that.

Shen Xuexue endured his grief, glancing at his husband, only to see a flash of helplessness in the depths of his eyes, his heart feeling even more bitter.

She took a light breath and cried out to Su Liuluo: “Liuluo, do you still insist on staying in Supreme Sect? For the sake of the Supreme Sect, you don’t even want your mother? “Let’s go back to mother’s place. Mother won’t let you go!”

After saying that, Shen Xuexue’s tears couldn’t help but flow out from her slightly red eyes.

“If you are here to join the Supreme Sect to search for Supreme Divine Dao with us, then, we welcome you. If you are not, then please leave as soon as possible, otherwise, we will eliminate you in accordance to the rules of the Supreme Sect.”

Su Liuluo said expressionlessly.

The voice did not have much emotion!

Hearing that, Shen Xuexue’s heart was broken, her tears flowing even more: “Liuluo, do you know? Your words are going to pierce through my mother’s heart! “

However, facing Shen Xuexue who was utterly heartbroken, Su Liuluo did not reveal any expression of guilt, nor did he reveal any expression. Instead, he looked at Shen Xuexue, Su Shentian and the rest with a cold glint in his eyes.

“Xue Xue Xue, oh G.o.d, you don’t need to say anymore. Anyone who joins the Supreme Sect will not be able to recognize their true self. This is not Liuluo’s fault, it is Supreme Sect’s fault! But now that things have progressed to this point, we have to bring Liuluo away, we can’t let her sink any deeper! “

Just then, Wen Zai who was at the side spoke out suddenly. Like the wind, he rushed towards Su Liuluo, immediately throwing out a palm attack to kill him.

It really was as he said.

Su Liuluo was forced to retaliate, she calmly took half a step back and gently raised her jade wall. Her five fingers flashed, and a strange aura flew out from her fingertips.

The aura was a mix of black and white, and the black was wrapped around his white body. It was extremely mysterious and profound, and was extremely different from normal profound qi.


The two of them rushed forward and supported themselves.

“Are you alright, Master?”

Su Shentian called out.

“I’m fine.”

Tentatively stabilizing her Qi, she said softly: “I never thought that after so many years, Liuluo’s cultivation had increased yet again. With her great talent and unique Limitless Profound Qi, her current cultivation is probably even stronger than mine.”

“Master, please do not attack, let me fight with Liuluo.” Su Shentian said in a deep voice, “I don’t believe that she would kill me, her biological father.”

“Do you think she doesn’t dare?”

Tathagata immediately berated: “Supreme Sect’s people are heartless, do you think that they have done too little to kill family and friends?”

“But Liuluo’s cultivation is too high, he is not easy to deal with.

“Lost? No! I have roamed the world for tens of thousands of years, could it be that I am afraid of a junior? “

Wen Zi let out a low cry, and then he quickly took out a pill from the s.p.a.ce bag s and threw it into his mouth, then rushed towards Su Liuluo.

Seeing that, Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue could only watch from the side

After trudging all the way, they finally reached the Bei Yang.

Once he stepped into the domain of Hei Yu, Su Yun’s footsteps could not help but quicken up as he rushed towards the cultivation house that Hu Qianmei had settled down in earlier.

People were pa.s.sing by on the street, Su Yun’s pitch black clothes were rather conspicuous, adding that he had a white face and red eyes, his entire body overflowed with devil qi, it made many people glance at him along the way.

smiled as he walked over and touched the sealing array. In an instant, the array formation stopped moving, and at this time, the owner of the house should know that there was someone outside, and that the sealing array would most likely be released to allow people to enter.

It was just that …

Su Yun waited at the door for a long time, but nothing happened. On the contrary, the array formation automatically activated again.

What was going on?

Su Yun was suspicious, was Qian Mei not in the house?

Su Yun thought, and then pressed on the array, but after waiting a moment, he still could not open the door.

At this time, he saw that at the end of the street, there was suddenly a commotion, and then a shout came.


“If you don’t stop now, don’t blame me for not showing mercy!”

“Don’t think that this is a city,” said one of them. “We don’t dare to make a move. If you don’t stop, we’ll immediately kill you!” We will never be punished by the mayor! “

Roar ~ ~ ~ The roar continued, the crowd on the crowded street was forced to separate, there were a few figures scuttling over, they were extremely fast, in a blink of an eye they were already at the house, Su Yun looked ahead, and the person leading the way was actually a man dressed in red with white ears and a white tail.

At the moment, Hu Qianmei’s body was covered with wounds, she was panting, with beads of perspiration trickling down her forehead. She looked back and shouted: “You will regret it, as long as I do not die today, I will definitely teach you a lesson!”

With that, Hu Qianmei used all of his strength to walk towards the house.

A mansion like that had a certain amount of defensive power. When it was being built, there were quite a few Spirit Formations set up around it, and all of those Spirit Formations were controlled by the master. It was not easy to break through and enter the residence.

It was just that …

Just as Hu Qianmei reached the house, he saw the man standing in front of the gate.

She was momentarily stunned and she stood on the spot, not daring to believe this person’s appearance …

The person behind him seized the opportunity. With a flash, he landed right behind him.

Without saying a word, a middle aged man punched Hu Qianmei in the back. Hu Qianmei’s tender body immediately flew out, and heavily smashed into the wall, causing it to shatter. She rolled a few times, but when she tried to stand up, her small mouth spat out a mouthful of captivating red blood.

Su Yun was stunned.

He quickly stepped forward and helped Hu Qianmei up, and quickly imbued profound qi into her body.

“Big brother, you’re finally back!”

Hu Qianmei said emotionally, her face was haggard and her lips were stained with blood.

“What happened?”

Su Yun asked softly.

“I …”

Hu Qianmei was about to say more, but suddenly her face changed, and she shouted anxiously: “Brother, be careful.”

With that said, the middle-aged man flew over with a kick, with profound qi attached to his leg, he fiercely rushed towards Su Yun’s head.

“Are you her partner? In that case, die! “

The cheers came like the wind.

If his cultivation was not high enough, this kick could have shattered a person’s head.

But, Su Yun did not even bother to look at him, he casually raised his hand, opened his palm, and caught the flying leg.

The middle-aged man was slightly surprised.

Before he could even react, the palm attacked in vain.


With a crisp sound, the middle-aged man’s lower leg instantly shattered. Even his bones and flesh had been crushed into mud. One of his legs had been crippled.


A blood-curdling screech rang out. The man frantically struggled, but his leg was grabbed and he was unable to break free.

“Go back to the manor and wait for me.”

Su Yun lightly kissed Hu Qianmei’s forehead and said with a slight smile.

“Big brother has more people than you!”

“Hurry up and go, don’t worry about me.”

Su Yun laughed.

Seeing that, Hu Qianmei hesitated a bit, but she felt that Su Yun was different from before, her cultivation seemed to be stronger again, and even if she was unable to handle them, she would definitely be able to escape without a problem, and without hesitating, she was injured, and would not be able to help, she would only be a burden to him if she stayed.

“You have to come back quickly!”

Hu Qianmei said reluctantly.


With that said, Hu Qianmei walked towards the house.

Seeing that, the man on the other side became anxious, and immediately rushed forward, but Hu Qianmei’s figure was vigorous, with a burst of speed, he closed the sealing array formation, causing the door to open, and he rushed in. After that, the array formation was once again activated, and the door was completely sealed shut.

“Sly fox!”

“Open the door!”

These people shouted in exasperation.

However, it was to no avail.

“What are you all still waiting for? Hurry up and save me! “

The middle-aged man who was in so much pain that his head was covered in cold sweat roared out when he saw that his companions were still looking at the fox.

His roar made people realize that there was another Su Yun here.


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