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Chapter 591

A single sword strike had broken through!

The power that the old Sect Leader gave him was almost all used up. Xiao Huailin himself used some kind of technique to change his cultivation, which gave him the illusion that he was only using the third grade of Sky Spirit Master, but his cultivation must be even stronger, and to break through a body that has a higher cultivation than himself, that is extremely difficult, even though Xiao Huailin is also at the end of his strength, it is still not possible. ” But now, Su Yun had actually given him a fatal strike, relying entirely on the miraculous Lotus Star Sword Art, relying entirely on his imagination.

When he activated the Lotus Star Sword Art, Su Yun felt as if his mind had been deprived of all thoughts and powers. It was completely blank, and his state of mind was even calmer, to the point where he was terrifying. He no longer had the grief of dying a horrible death for the old Sect Leader, nor was he angry at Xiao Huailin.

The old Sect Leader had once said that the main motivation for his thoughts was his thinking and his state of mind. After eliminating everything, he insisted on what he wished for right now and used the profound energy as a medium to make his sword dance. This was a powerful sword skill that transcended ordinary sword techniques.

When his state of mind and thoughts completely emptied, Su Yun’s brain and heart could not help but let out a crazy thought.

Destroy Xiao Huailin!

His chest exploded, causing blood to spurt out, his internal organs were shattered, Xiao Huailin’s body immediately dropped down from the sky. It fell to the ground.

Seeing that, Su Yun did not rest, he raised his Tribulation Fire Sword and rushed forward again, the sword tip sweeping out, wanting to break apart his flesh and blood, and shatter soul.

Only when his soul was cut down would Xiao Huailin truly die, if not, when he encountered the supreme expert reconstructing his body for him, he would still be able to revive, so, if he wanted to kill Xiao Huailin, he would have to kill him thoroughly.

However, right at that moment, a ray of white light suddenly shot out from Xiao Huailin’s neck, and enveloped his entire body.

This light was like a transparent membrane that tightly surrounded his body. When the light appeared, a large amount of light surged towards the broken part of his chest, quickly transforming into transparent internal organs and flesh …

“This is bad!”

Yan Wen frowned, his figure moved, and instantly appeared in front of Xiao Huailin. With one hand forming a finger, he quickly pointed at the thin film that wrapped around Xiao Huailin.


A large circle of profound qi rippling out from the surface of the film, the void trembled, all the experts in the four directions were blown back, and the film also shook and cracked, but was not ripped apart.

Seeing that, Su Yun rushed towards the tribulation fire and hacked it, but still created a crack, and did not break it.

“Protector Su, this must be some kind of protective magic treasure, I’m afraid this Xiao Huailin is a descendant or disciple of some supreme expert, this protective magic treasure is definitely an extraordinary object, it must be bestowed by some powerful holy saint, it is so easy to break through, if he wants to escape, we need to quickly cut him off, and capture him!”

Yan Wen called out.

Su Yun nodded his head, and started to attack fiercely, but before much of a hit, Xiao Huailin who was wrapped in a membrane suddenly opened his eyes, and started to move quickly.

At the moment, he seemed to have received the support of the magic treasure s, and was able to unleash a lot of profound qi s. In the blink of an eye, his body had landed tens of kilometers away, and was dodging the sharp light.

But all the experts present had extraordinary cultivation bases, with the profound technique that connected to the sky, while Xiao Huailin was retreating, a total of seven people immediately landed beside him and started attacking.

However, before the seven of them could make a move, a scorching heat attacked them.

It was the Fire Dragon!

It used all its strength to break free from the Devil Bone Spirit’s restraints and rushed towards Xiao Huailin with an extremely fast speed. In a blink of an eye, it was already at Xiao Huailin’s side, and then, without caring about anything else, it started to attack the experts around.

An expert was not allowed to get close, but Xiao Huailin took the opportunity to turn around and flee, not caring about the life or death of the fire dragon in the slightest.

Seeing this, everyone wanted to chase and kill it, but the fire dragon was guarding that place with its life. Anyone who approached that place would have to welcome it.

With Fire Dragon Hall’s rear, Xiao Huailin could very smoothly escape.

Su Yun wanted to urge the Devil Bone Spirit to intercept Xiao Huailin, but just as he was about to give the order to the Devil Bone Spirit, his vision went dark. Before he could even react, he fell from the sky and fainted, and the enormous Devil Bone Spirit immediately turned into sand and disappeared into the air.

The profound qi was exhausted!

“Quick, bring Protector Su down for treatment.”

The pale Huo Tianwu anxiously shouted to the people of Lotus Star Sword Sect.

Hearing that, an expert immediately rushed over to catch Su Yun, and a few Lotus Star Sword Sect people rushed over, without any hesitation, they supported Su Yun and retreated.

The scene was a mess.

Yan Wen and the rest had not given up, a group of people stayed behind to kill the Fire Dragon, while the other people followed Yan Wen and chased after Xiao Huailin.

Although his chest was pierced, he was still unable to die. He continued to run, his speed was extremely fast, other than the top existences like Yan Wen and Canghuai Senior, who were able to keep up with his footsteps, the rest of them were left far behind, not even their shadows could be seen.

With the magic treasure in his body, Xiao Huailin naturally would not kill him so easily. He took out an eyeball sized bead and threw it behind him, at the same time shooting out a ray of profound qi onto the bead. When Yan Wen and the rest reached the smoke, the profound qi in everyone’s body immediately dropped, as if it was swallowed by the smoke.


Yan Wen formed a hand seal and shouted loudly. The profound energy rippled out in all four directions and pushed the smoke away. When he looked at Xiao Huailin again, he was already nowhere to be seen.

“d.a.m.n it, let that kid run!”

Zhang Lukuang said angrily.

“This person’s cultivation is not ordinary, his entire body is a treasure, and with the help of an ancient Vicious Beast like the Fire Dragon, I’m afraid he is not an ordinary person, I wonder if there is someone capable behind him.” The Canghuai Senior said worriedly.

In fact, when they were trying to kill Xiao Huailin, although they were ganging up on him, no one dared to kill him. Xiao Huailin was strong, and had arrogantly come to the Linglong Mountain to cause trouble, they did not know if there were any powerful people behind him, and some of them were worried that they had offended the lord by killing Xiao Huailin, and so they kept their trump cards, hoping that he would be captured or killed. That was why Xiao Huailin was able to escape, otherwise, with so many experts from the Linglong Mountain acting together, the injured Xiao Huailin would not be able to leave.

Although they came together, their hearts were different.

Yan Wen and Canghuai Senior understood what the crowd was thinking, but none of them revealed any of their intentions.

“We should immediately give the order to chase after Xiao Huailin throughout the mountain, and add more defenses to prevent anyone who is unknown from entering the Linglong Mountain. It would be best if we can capture Xiao Huailin, and if we can’t, we must chase him out, so that he won’t dare to take another step into the Linglong Mountain!”

Yan Wen said in a low voice.

“That’s right.”

Everyone nodded.

At this time, many Spirit Cultivator flew from behind.

Seeing that, Yan Wen immediately walked over.

“Lord Yan Wen, have you caught that madman yet?” A Sect Leader cupped his fists towards Yan Wen and asked.

“He was lucky enough to escape.” Yan Wen shook his head.

As these words were spoken, everyone revealed a look of disappointment.

“The fire dragons can be destroyed?”

“Not dead.” The person shook his head and said, “We were in the middle of a battle with the Fire Dragon when the Fire Dragon suddenly disappeared. Our methods were all for naught. How wonderful.”

“Disappeared? How is that possible? “

“This is absolutely true! Everyone has seen it. “

“Then what happened?”

Everyone was puzzled.

Yan Wen scratched his chin and thought for a while, then said: “Maybe we guessed wrong, this fire dragon might not be the Vicious Beast that Xiao Huailin captured, but it’s just a magic tool that he summoned.”

“Magic tool?”

The few of them looked at each other. Suddenly, they thought of another existence that possessed an extremely powerful magic tool.

It was the Lotus Star Sword Sect who suddenly arrived while he was unconscious, Su Yun!


A fiery red figure crashed into a lush green forest.

With a peng sound, the figure landed, creating a large crater in the ground. Burning flames splashed in all directions, igniting the surroundings, scaring away some of the nearby birds.

The figure laid on the ground and gasped for breath, after that, he used his sword to support himself as he stood up.

“I never thought that there would be so many experts in Linglong Mountain and even that black-cloaked guy! d.a.m.n it, too d.a.m.n it! Relying on your numbers to bully me with my numbers, I will definitely take revenge, Su Yun right? I, Xiao Huailin will definitely not let you off! “

Xiao Huailin said while gasping for breath.

He lowered his head and looked at his chest.

At this moment, the organs in his chest that were created by the transparent membrane were already slowly collapsing. He felt his strength getting weaker and weaker, and the pain in his chest was getting stronger and stronger.

“Father said before, this magic treasure will quickly heal wounds when it receives a fatal blow, prevent its death, and save its life. However, this can only last for a day, if I can use the profound qi to produce new flesh and blood to fill up the wounds on this day, it won’t die.”

Xiao Huailin muttered, he immediately sat down cross legged, activated his Spirit Qi to recuperate and recuperate his injuries.

However, after meditating for four whole hours, the profound qi started to rapidly revolve in his body, stimulating the blood vessels in his cells, causing them to regrow, yet there was no sign of movement at all …

It was as if the injured area was completely isolated from his own body, not affected by the profound qi at all.

“What’s going on?”

Xiao Huailin was shocked!

No effect at all?

He lowered his head to look at his wound and saw a white flame burning there. It was small and faint, but it was real.

No matter how the profound qi threw itself onto the flame, it could not extinguish it.

These flames were thousands of times more violent than the flames he was using!

How would Xiao Huailin know that this was the supreme flame on the mountain where the Tribulation Fire Sword was located? Even if he used a G.o.dly technique, he might not even be able to extinguish the flame.

“Hey, what are you doing here?”

Just as Xiao Huailin turned pale with fright, a clear and crisp voice came out from beside him.


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