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The Escape Plan

The festive noises could be heard from afar, in the center area of Ming Ying Sect, a huge red pillar soared to the sky, the scene was extremely spectacular.

“They are engraving the dragon and phoenix stage.”

A servant walked in and spoke to the lone figure by the window.

“Dragon and phoenix stage?”

“I heard that to prepare for this day, the sect leader had invited many experts, and he personally went to help and deploy the blessings array for miss, and there are only two days left. It is imminent, but if we leave now it is still not too late!”

“How many times have you said that” Hu Qian Mei said without even turning around.

“Although I had said it many times, but this time it is different! I Heard that Sect leader had personally invited many higher ups of the sects to join in the event, the place is very ceremonious now, and many people of the school are very busy, this is the time when the school is very empty, if we take this chance to leave, we might be able to escape!”

The servant explained.

When she finished, Hu Qian Mei was in a daze for a while.

Her dim eyes suddenly had a light that flashed past, she looked outside anxiously, seeing that the guards outside were truly lesser than the previous few days.

“Miss, if you are not even afraid of dying, why are you scared of trying it out? If we are successful, we will be free!” The servant advised.

Hu Qian Mei hesitated for a moment, her heart moved by the servant.

The soft white fox tail waved left and right, she was hesitant, then she nodded: “ Ok, Ying Ying, I will listen to you, we will leave now!!”

“Yes! Miss!!”

“Ah, although sect leader sealed my cultivation, he had forgotten, my strongest skill is in illusions. As long there are no one like Liu Xin Dong, no one can escape from my illusions!”

Hu Qian Mei had made her decision, without being doubtful, she immediately ran to the bed to take her blood red sword, then called Ying Ying out.

Reaching the many levels pavilion, Hu Qian Mei immediately held her breath, and attentively used her illusion technique, and when the mystical technique was completed, she nodded her head towards Ying Ying.

Ying Ying understood, taking a deep breath, she immediately put on her game face of being terror stricken, and ran out of the door.

“Not good not good!! Miss fainted!! Not good!!”

Her sharp cries sounded terrified, her voice shouted throughout the entire embroidered pavilion, and all the guards outside heard, and immediately became anxious.

“What? Who fainted?”

“Who did you say fainted?”

A few people ran over.

Bird King, one of the Four Heavenly Kings who was standing outside heard the commotion, and immediately rushed to eh group of people, towards Ying Ying and asked: “What did you say? Hu Qian Mei fainted?”


Ying Ying was teary, and said with fear and a broken heart: “Miss wanted to try and remove the seal the sect leader had placed on her, but in that anxiousness, her Qi became messed up, and she fainted!”

“Sheesh! Such a trouble!”

Bird King secretly chided, and then directly brought a few people to inside the pavilion.

Just that.

When everyone ran in, a ripple undulated out, as though they had stepped into another world.

But when they entered, they saw that inside the pavilion was like a paradise. In front of them were all types of beauties, voluptuous and curved at the right places, beautiful looking.

All of them stood at the side of a large alcohol reservoir, pouring alcohol and raising their cups at the Ming Ying Sect people. Many of the ladies even brazenly walked over, pulled them in, sat by the alcohol reservoir and started flirting. With heads rubbing together, they all seemed very happy.

The people of the Ming Ying Sect were unable to hold it in, all of them lost their senses and got trapped into the illusion of all the beauties, and had no more self control.

And Bird King was startled.

His cultivation was not like the people beside him, and with the strange scene appearing before him, he immediately felt that it was weird.

Bird King immediately protected his senses, closed his eyes and ignored the enticing lures of the beauties all around him. He hardened himself like a rock, and his body immediately started to activate his mystical techniques, slowly he stored up the power and finally exploded out.


Bird King bellowed out loud, a circle of strange force with him at the center spread out in all directions, when the strange force appeared, it released a loud sound, causing all the Ming Ying Sect people who were trapped in the illusion to be shocked awake. All of them looked around at their surroundings in confusion.

“What happened? What happened to me?”

“W-where are all the beautiful ladies?”

“Beauties, don’t go!!”

A few of the people had not regained their senses.

The Bird King was infuriated as he slapped the people. They finally woke up.

The people looked back to the pavilion only to see it empty. Hu Qian Mei was no longer there. Neither was her servant, Ying Ying.

“s.h.i.t! Hu Qian Mei has escaped!”

Bird King just realised this as his face changed drastically.

“What? Protector Hu has escaped?”

“Quick! Give chase!”

The people shouted.

“We comply!”

The Bird King clenched his teeth as he glanced outside: “Go and inform the other three Divine Kings. Tell them to help me immediately. Remember, you must not let protector Liu and the clan leader know about this! Understand? Wait for me to capture Hu Qian Mei! Pretend nothing has happened!”

If Hu Qian Mei’s escape news travelled out, Bird King would not get away with it. Now that he still had a chance to make up for it, obviously he would take all of his chances.

The Bird King did not delay any further. Instantly, he turned into a gust of wind and blew out off the pavilion.

And then.

At the side of the Ming Ying Sect.

Two shadows escaped frantically.

Although Hu Qian Mei’s cultivation was mostly suppressed and was merely a first stage Profound Spirit Cultivator, her speed was not any slower. In addition, her location was very near the outskirts of the sect. It would be an easy feat for them to escape the Ming Ying Sect.

But, the servant was weak. She could not catch up to her at all. All of her Profound Spirit Qi was exhausted and she could no long run any further.

“Miss, miss. Go ahead. Don’t care about me. I, I can no longer run anymore.” Ying Ying panted heavily.

Hu Qian Mei noted as she grew anxious.

“Ying Ying, quick! Hang on! Follow me! If you stay here, you’ll definitely be seized by them. Most probably, you’d be killed by them too! We have to leave now.”

“But but, I can’t run, miss.”

“I’ll help you!”

Hu Qian Mei extended her hands and placed it lightly on Ying Ying’s chest, pouring Profound Spirit Qi directly into her body.

A moment later, Ying Ying recovered.

“Miss, this”

“Although the sect has taken my storage ring, that doesn’t mean I don’t have any methods. Let’s go.”

Ying Ying teared up as she cried: “You’re so good to me, miss.”

The two continued to run at the speed of a cheetah.

The wind whistled in their ears.

All the figures around them were casted behind fast.

“After this road, we’d arrive at a huge piece of stone forest. We can rest in there! Ying Ying, we’re almost escaping.”

Hu Qian Mei cheered.

“En!” Ying Ying nodded.

But, before the two could think more, a ray of blue barrier formed in front of them. The barrier was just like a wall, sealing off the road to the mountain.


Hu Qian Mei was stunned.

“This is the barrier of the mountain! Miss, this is bad! We’d be exposed!” Ying Ying was pale as a sheet of white paper as she started trembling.

Hu Qian Mei gritted her teeth as she glared at the blue barrier. She was not happy at all. Ka dang, she pulled out a dagger from her waist and sliced onto the wall.


The sword tip struck the barrier, causing the barrier to tremble badly, ripples appeared everywhere, but the barrier was not broken at all, not even a trace of injury appeared.

“d.a.m.n it!! d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n it d.a.m.n it!”

Hu Qian Mei held her blood red short sword tightly, and frantically slashed at the barrier, one strike after another, giving it her all.

However, regardless how frantic she was, or how much strength she put in, she was unable to break the barrier.

“Save your time and energy, protector Hu Qian Mei!”

Just then, a snort came out, then she heard the rustling wind from behind her, a gush of wind blew over, causing Hu Qian Mei to fly a few metres, when the wind dissipated, the feathered bird king appeared.

“Bird King!”

Hu Qian Mei turned and stared deadly at him.

“Protector Hu Qian Mei, follow me back!” Bird King said solemnly.

“Open the barrier!”

She held her red sword tightly and yelled.

“Follow me back!” Bird King snorted: “If not, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

“If my cultivation was at normal, do you think you could dare to behave like this in front of me? Quickly open the barrier!!”

“Heh, what a pity, your cultivation has been sealed, now, you’re weaker than me, why should I give you face? Hu Qian Mei! The reason that I called you a protector was to give you face. You still think you have the rights as a protector? In the Ming Ying Sect, you are nothing! Let me tell you, if you do not follow me back, I will tie you up!!”

“You dare?”

“Why won’t I dare?”

Bird King had lost his patience, he snorted and moved his body, pouncing straight for Hu Qian Mei.

“Miss, be careful!”

Ying Ying screamed, and immediately flew in front to block for Hu Qian Mei, but Hu Qian Mei was faster than her, she immediately flashed in front of her, and used her short sword to stab towards Bird King.


In her current state, how could she face against Bird King?

A ‘bang’ sound was heard, and Hu Qian Mei’s pet.i.te body instantly flew out, striking the wall of the barrier, then she rolled down, her mouth opened, and spat out blood, she was obviously on the losing end.


Ying Ying screamed in panic and immediately ran over to support Hu Qian Mei.

“Hahahahaha, Hu Qian Mei, are you really this weak? You truly disappoint me!!”

Bird King was elated, his eyes full of mischief.

He walked towards Hu Qian Mei, he touched inside the storage ring on his finger, and very quickly, he took out a bright white rope.

The rope was as thick as two thumbs and it was glowing in radiance. It must be a treasure.

“Now, I will do what I said.”

The Bird King smirked as he chucked.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Hu Qian Mei was not happy at all. She was fuming with anger.

She held tightly onto her red sword and prepared to fight.


Just then, a weird cry of a sword sounded out. Then a ray of black radiance shot from the sky and to where she was.


The black light had broke through the barrier, with unstoppable sharpness and power it directly ripped the barrier apart, then fiercely striking towards Bird King!


The tip of the sword landed with energy bursting forth, actually causing Bird King to retreat a few steps.

He anxiously stabilized himself, then looked in front of him, only to see a pitch black sword right in front of him.


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