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Translated by BerrryBunz


Prince Fu Su, was the second son of the Su Family’s Patriarch.

According to rumours, prince Fu Su had outstanding talent. When he was only eight years old, he had already stepped into the first stage of Spirit Intermediate Realm. It could even be said that the entire Southern region was shocked.

Hence, the Su Family had very high expectations of him. All the treasures and ingredients were given to him to facilitate his cultivation. As such, his cultivation level increased day by day.

At twenty years old, he felt the Su Family’s cultivation methods were not suitable for him and so, he left to venture out and find more suitable guidance. Five years later, he attained the first level in Spirit Core Disciple and went back to the Su family.

In just merely five years of hard work, he went from the realm of Spirit Intermediate Realm to Spirit Core Realm. With such apt.i.tude, Su Yun could  only suppress him with the help of the Everlasting Stone.

That was a true genius!

n.o.body knew what his cultivation level was now, but it was definitely close to a Spirit Soul Disciple.

He was so young and he was about to promote up to Spirit Soul Disciple! This realm was considered one of the most desired and hardest realm to attain.

As his talents were different, they were unsurpa.s.sable. The Su family confirmed this descendant would be the one to revitalize the family clan. Hence, the patriarch had made the shots and bestowed him the name of ‘Fu Su’, meaning to always support the Su Family, and bring honour to the ancestors.

And the reason he was called Prince was because the Su Family acknowledged this man as the heir of their business and become the next patriarch of the Su family.

Su Yun stared at Prince Fu Su and his heart sank a little.

In the future if he had a conflict with the Su Family, this would be a problem.

The way that Prince Fu Su handled things were decisive and vicious, such that no one would lose their temper.

The entire atmosphere were stunned. Although his cultivation realm were not as great as the experts but these experts all had to give him some face.

Sir Zi Xu came back to reality and looked down at the trembling swords then stared at Prince Fu Su for awhile. Finally, he moaned softly: “Since he is dead, then forget it! I… will not investigate any further!”

“Although I don’t know who is the real culprit behind the theft of Heavenly Scale Fish King, but the Su Family will bear all the loss!” Prince Fu Su said.


Sir Zi Xu’s expression was better looking. He nodded and looked towards Hu Rong and the others.

“Indeed, he his son. Fu Su, you have done well. If that’s the case, I will have nothing to say and let this matter go!” Hu Rong waved his big hands and was appeased.

Whether or not Prince Fu Su was the second Prince of the Su Family, He had admitted to his wrongs and repaid the debt, what else could the audience say? Moreover, the corpse of Heavenly Scale Fish King might not even be taken by the Su family.

With Prince Fu Su sudden appearance, this matter was settled.

Tai Shang Tuo set up a feast and invited all who was involved in the ma.s.sacre of the Heavenly Scale Fish King to come forward to Tai Qing Monastery. Most of them accepted the invitation and many more only left after Heavenly Scale Fish King’s body was disposed of.

The Su Family did not stay for long either. With Prince Fu Su leading, they left for the Su family quickly.

Why did Prince Fu Su suddenly rush over? n.o.body understood. It was only when the Su family knew of the news that Su Huang Ming was killed and worried no one was leading the Su family. So they arranged for Prince Fu Su to help out, and coincidentally, this thing happened.

On the contrary, Su Yun disapproved. If they only wanted to send someone to take Su Huang Ming’s place, then there was not a need to send Prince Fu Su over. There must another story behind this.

But, at least Su Yun was safe and sound. This journey, Su Yun’s hands had been covered within the Limitless Sword Manual to cover up the Qi. the Heavenly Scale Fish King Qi was too strong. Although it was dead but it needed at least half a month before the Qi would slowly fade away. Any ordinary people might not sense the Qi so easily but Prince Fu Su was not ordinary at all.

Once they were back at the Su family territory, Su Guan Hai was immediately called upon to the enforcement law hall for interrogation. Su Yu waited to hear the outer sect disciples to be safe before he left immediately.

Once this was over, Su Yun would immediately bring the parts of Heavenly Scale Fish King out of Su Family household.

The Fish King eye’s were humongous and it was impossible to use it as it was. It needed to be processed before it could be used.

He left Su Family and came to a piece of land far away and along with him, was the Spring Crystal Furnace from the ruined hut. He started instigating the array and refining the Fish King’s eye.

To refine the King Fish’s eye to Heavenly Scale Divine Eye was very simple. It only required Profound Spirit Qi and the Furnace to force the energy hidden within the cornea of the Fish Eye into pupils.

The final product would be two thin crystal lenses the size of a normal human being’s eyes. After refining, Su Yun would put this crystal lenses over his own eyes.

Instantly, the vision power would increase!

Even a speck of dust a thousand metres away could be caught by the eye!!

When focused, everything the eyes saw would be half a beat slower!

“What is this thing? What are you making, rascal?”

The sword elder peeped out of the limitless Sword Manual and asked weirdly.

“Heavenly Scale Divine Eye!”

Su Yun blinked and adapted to the crystal lenses over his eyes. He felt his eyes were covered by a tinge of light blue light.

“Heavenly Scale Divine Eye? Are those the eyes of the Heavenly Scale Fish King’s eyes?”

“Right! The exquisite eyes from the Fish King! The fish king was almighty and the weapons on its body were considered divine treasures. This pair of eyes are not simple. The Heavenly Scale Fish King has incorporated its own two mystical techniques into it and so when the left eye opens, it could hide all the Qi on its body so that n.o.body can detect its cultivation level. When the right eye opens, it could a.n.a.lyse the Profound energy on the other people and determine their capabilities. On top of that, this pair of eyes come together, they could have a vision field up to a thousand miles away. With that, they could capture any shadows with the moving wind and see through everything!!”

“How is it powerful?”

Sword elder was surprised, but after a moment, he was baffled: “Brat, rumors say that there is only one pair of Heavenly Scale Divine Eye right?”

“There is only one Fish King, and therefore it is natural to only have one pair!”

“Then…you just got the Divine Eyes, right?”

“Of course.”

“Then how do you know about the mystical properties of these Heavenly Scale Divine Eye?”

“About that…” Su Yun looked distracted for a while, laughed ridiculously, and did not say anymore.

“Such a weird rascal!” Su Yun remained silent and sword elder did not ask anymore. He shook his head and went back to the Sword Manual.

“Senior, when I just left Su Family I bought two skirts. Can I place them in?”




The divine eyes was done. Su Yun went back to a hut and took out all the hundred demon extermination G.o.d array he prepared previously and continued to use the needle to p.r.i.c.k himself to drip his blood into the array to worship.

Such days were peaceful but as the blood continued to drip down into the array, the hundred demon extermination G.o.d array as also forming slowly. Upon completion, the ferocious Qi surged and was suppressed by Limitless Sword Manual. Sword elder sniffed such a wild Demonic Qi and was stunned.

“Rascal, how did you learn to master such terrifying array. What exactly are you going to use it for??”

“To attain the Sprite’s Shadow!!”

Su Yun was slightly pale as he took back the ‘flying sky moon mirror’ from his hand and tied the ‘Hundred Demon Extermination G.o.d Array’ with the skull scroll before he placed it into his storage ring.

“Sprite’s shadow?” The sword elder knew it was a powerful treasure. His heart shivered: “If you can attain the Sprite’s Shadows, and you have the Heavenly Crystal and Death Sword! You don’t have to be afraid of any Spirit Soul Disciple and you could win against them all!”

“What about confronting with the Su Family and the Profound Sky Sect?”

“Then you’re just inviting trouble by over reaching yourself…”

“So, this isn’t enough! I still need a plan grander than this!”

“You have a plan?”

“This is only the first step. There isn’t much time!”

Su Yun lowered his eyes and a tinge of icy cold intention flashed across his eyes.

If he lived this way, it was actually very tiring.

But for the people he cared about, what was all these?

The sky was getting dark, the moon was on the rise.

After dripping his blood, Su Yun was very weak and needed to rest in the hut to preserve and nurture his spirit. He did not practice his sword either.

Bang Bang Bang…

Right at this moment, a series of hasty knockings came from the door.

Su Yun opened his eyes and he felt suspicious. Without waiting for him to open the door, he could hear Su Xin Yue cries.

“Big Bro Su Yun! Big Bro, quickly open the door. Big bro Su Yun…oh…”

The strong girl’s voice sounded helpless and painful right at this time as if she was traumatised. Su Yun’s heart tightened and quickly got off his bed and ran to the door.

Ka cha, the door opened.

He saw a young girl covered in blood and the one being carried was lying on the floor in front of his hut.

The two were covered in blood. The blood stained the ground and almost formed a pond.

Xin Yue, Xing Yang?

Su Yun was stunned.

He hurried the two into his hut.

“Big Bro, I’m okay. Please, Save brother first!”

Su Xin Yue’s face was pale and white, her voice shaky as she cried.

“What happened to Xing Yang??”

Su Yun placed Su Xing Yang on his bed and removed all the clothes on him as he asked.

But Su Xin Yue bit tight onto her lips and did not say a word.

“Tell me!” Su Yun repeated himself, his tone was strict. No one would have the feeling to disobey to that.

“It… It… It was Su Dong Hao… Who did it…” Su Xin Yue wiped her tears. With her head lowered, she said bitterly.

“Su Dong Hao?” Su Yun was slightly surprised: “Su Dong Fang’s brother?”

“Yes, exactly. He is Young Master Dong Fang’s brother…” Su Xin Yue bit onto her lip and said: “When my brother and I entered the inner sect, we were bullied. I know this is the regulation of the inner sect so my brother asked me to bear with it. It would all be fine after a while. Although my brother is short tempered but he knows his limit and he kept quiet. One day, when my brother and I were out on a mission. We had a conflict with the Su family. Brother could not control his temper and started fighting with them. Who knew when he attacked, brother actually dislocated one of the person’s arm! The person never fought with brother again and went back to Su Family and reported this matter. The housekeeper wanted to destroy brother’s cultivation and chase the two of us out of Su family. My brother and I begged for mercy but to no avail. Then, Su Dong Hao appeared…”

“He is the son of the great clan elder, after informing him, he shrugged this matter away! But it has not ended. Su Dong Hao willingly begged mercy for us was because he had an ulterior motive. He… He wanted me… Wanted me…”

When Su Xin Yue said her story to this part, she could not say anymore and tears, mixed with fresh blood came streaming down her face.

Su Yun was stunned: “He wanted you to become his partner for pair cultivation??”

“No… No! Su Xin Yu shook her head hurriedly. The tears fell onto the floor and said: “With my looks, even ordinary people won’t fall for me. On top of that, my status is low. Su Dong Hai is the son of the great clan elder. He already has all the beautiful girls flocking around him, why would he fall for me??”

“Then what does he want from you?” Su Yun did not understand.

“He… He wanted me… Wanted me to be Su You Rong’s wife!!”

Su Xin Yue bit on her lips tightly and felt wronged.

“What the f.u.c.k!!”

Su Yun bent over and stood up and exclaimed: “But Su You Rong is a female!”


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