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A trap that should have led Su Yun to his death was instantly toppled by these great devils of the True Devil Sect.

Su Yun watched all of this in a daze, the disbelief in his eyes unable to be wiped away.

In the blink of an eye, the immortal was completely annihilated. Was this the expression of a demonic expert?

What level were these existences at?

He suddenly thought of something and quickly took out the sword sheath. He shouted towards the inside: “Qingyu, get them to bring Yuan Tianya out.”

Ling Qingyu obviously knew what was happening outside. He responded and immediately informed Wei Ming and the rest.

With the help of the Great Exquisite Art, everyone brought out Yuan Tianya, who had consumed most of his immortal energy.

At this moment, Yuan Tianya was already panting heavily. Although the strength of Qin Hidden Dragon, Xing Bai, and the others weren’t much compared to his, there was Wei Ming on his side. Wei Ming was always shouting out all the thoughts in his mind when he was about to launch an attack, causing him to be unable to defend against many of his attacks.

Everyone joined hands to force Yuan Tianya out of the sword sheath. With Su Yun’s timely opening of the sword sheath, Yuan Tianya immediately rolled out.

The dense devil qi crawled and bit at his body like a viper. His entire body trembled a few times, then he immediately stopped his attack on Xing Bai and the others. His eyes widened as he scanned his surroundings.

“Where’s Empty Spirit?”

He could not find Kong Ling’s figure, and what appeared before him, was only the pitch black substance, he could not see what was inside, but seeing that Su Yun was standing not far away from him, he guessed that she was probably in some mishap.

However, no one replied to him. The only thing that responded was the huge devil hand that came out from the black shadow behind him.


Seeing that, Su Yun immediately shouted: Don’t kill him, just cripple his cultivation, I still have use for him.


A puzzled voice came from the Shadow.

“Forget it!” Since you’re here, I’ll help you. “

The sound came again. Suddenly, the demonic hand reaching towards Yuan Tianya grabbed him and held him in its hand.

“Ah?” “What is this?”

Yuan Tianya screamed loudly and struggled hastily. However, no matter how crazily he struggled, he could not escape this terrifying hand.

With a “kacha” sound, all the skin and flesh of Yuan Tianya’s body cracked open and his body trembled for a moment. Then, like a dead fish, he collapsed into the devil’s hand and did not even have the ability to stand up. He could only do his best to breathe.

The hand of devil qi gradually dissipated and Yuan Tianya fell like a dead fish. Seeing this, Xing Bai, who was standing beside Yuan Tianya, hesitated for a moment and finally gathered up his courage to grab Yuan Tianya.

Seeing that, Su Yun immediately cupped his fists: “Thank you senior.”

“No need to thank us. Even though we left the True Devil Sect, we are still people of the Devil Realm.”

At this moment, a person slowly walked out of the black shadow mist. Although this person appeared alone, his entire body was still pitch black. One could not see his appearance clearly, and could only see his two blood-red eyes.

The devil qi in the sky gradually diluted down as the other figures slowly flew towards the distance. The dense coldness in the air also gradually calmed down.

“Why did all of you seniors choose to leave the True Devil Sect at that time? The seniors are all powerful, and are probably already at the Spirit Star Realm. With such skills, what need is there to be afraid of the immortals? “

Su Yun asked in confusion.

He did not know what methods these people had in the past, but looking at it today, it was extremely shocking. If these great demons were willing to return to the Devil Realm, would they still need to be afraid of the people from the Immortal World?

However, Demon Lord, there is one thing you are wrong about. Even though we felt very strong when you see it now, in reality, our power is nothing in the Immortal World.

the figure said again.


Su Yun was extremely shocked.

Wasn’t this kind of existence that could easily crush a fifth stage Spirit Immortal was truly strong? Then what is the peak level? The peak of the Spirit Profound Realm?

The people that were killed before and the person over there are merely mere servants from the Immortal Court. They can’t be considered as people that can be easily crushed, but the Immortal Court is not simple at all. There are also existences that could contend against us.

The figure continued.

Su Yun nodded his head, hesitated for a moment, and in the end, opened his mouth: “Even though today’s matters are over, Su Yun does not understand, why all the seniors are rushing over there?”

“We received the news and rushed over to help you.”

“News?” Su Yun was startled: “Who sent you the news?”

“The Sect Master of the True Devil Sect!” The figure said indifferently.

“Master?” Su Yun was shocked, he never thought that it would be the real Devil Sect’s Sect Leader. When did he invite these demons to come to the sect headquarters?

“Yes, it’s the Sect Leader.” The figure paused for a moment, then continued, “After you entered the Immortal World, we sensed a trace of it. Although you hid it very well, the devil qi is different from the Immortal Qi, the Immortal Cultivator is very sensitive to the devil qi, our sensitivity towards the devil qi is much higher, thus, not long ago, I was sent by various Masters to the True Devil Sect to inquire about the Sect Master’s matter, but we did not know that so many things had happened. We did not know that the current Devil Lord already had such methods up his sleeve, to enter the Immortal Realm. Therefore, just in case, to help you guys at some crucial moment, I left a plate behind, a plate that allows the Sect Master to contact us. “

The figure said, from somewhere, he took out another order badge and handed it over to Su Yun.

Su Yun was startled, he looked at the order badge, it was a normal order badge, no decorations, no seals, only the word ‘Demon’.

He stretched out his hand and took the token. He looked at the words on it and felt the blood in his body starting to boil …

did not know whether or not the Eight Tooth Society would tell the sect master, but what he did not know was that the real Devil Sect Lord would notify the group of great demons, telling them to resolve this crisis. Did Sect Master know beforehand that Su Yun would suffer a great loss in this mission?

“In the future, if you have any problems, you can use this badge to notify us. If you can solve them, we will help you out.”

the figure said.

“Help?” Is everyone in the Immortal World? “



“A place you don’t need to know, and you can’t know. Furthermore, our existence is a secret to many people. Although some people in the Immortal World know of our existence, but from the looks of it, we are safe. Demon Lord, actually, we did not want to appear and were not allowed to show our faces. After this, we need to hide for a while. You also need to hide your tracks well, so don’t arouse suspicion from the Celestial Court. In fact, other than the Celestial Court, this vast Celestial Realm still has a lot of power that you shouldn’t mess with. “A big tree rouses the wind, especially when we devils can’t do anything about it. Otherwise, we’ll be annihilated!”

Su Yun heard and frowned, nodding his head.

As if he had seen through Su Yun’s thoughts, the figure paused for a moment, then said: “Do you still remember where the devil soul in your body came from?”

“It is a soul bestowed by the Demon Saint, how can Su Yun not know about it?”

“What do you think about the power of the devil soul?”

“His abilities are extraordinary, if not for the devil soul, Su Yun would not have been able to use his current methods so easily.”

“Then what do you think about the Demon Saint?”

Su Yun felt that his brain was not sufficient, just his soul alone was enough to reach the peak of the Spirit Profound Realm, what method does that person use?

“There is no limit to the power that we can wield, and we were all once members of the true Devil Sect, but ever since the two great masters Chang Gu died, the true Devil Sect and even the True Devil Realm have started to slowly decline, and the great devils have continuously left the True Devil Realm, not because they had abandoned the True Devil Realm, but because they wanted to go to a higher and stronger place, where the path of life for the True Devil Realm is normal. Otherwise, the True Devil Realm would definitely be swallowed up by the Immortal World and be eliminated by the ten thousand worlds.

“Senior Demon Saint?”

The badge in your hand is my keepsake, so once you use it, I will immediately receive a signal. But remember, you must not use it rashly because the signal that this token releases may get caught by our enemies. If so, then it will bring even more trouble.

“Yes, senior is only senior. What exactly are you planning?” Do you need this junior’s help? “

However, the situation in the Immortal World is very complicated, if we were to get involved in one place, it would only lead to more trouble, so we might as well wait for the Immortal World to calm down first. Let me see, the sword sheath you are using, should be the sword sheath that the legendary Limitless sword ancestor s are using, right? Do you have a relationship with the sword ancestor? Or did you accidentally get hold of this box? “

“This sword sheath was pa.s.sed down from the sword ancestor. I am actually also a descendant of the sword ancestor.”

“If we can get sword ancestor’s help, then this matter will definitely be successful. Unfortunately, we are still Devil Cultivator, and we do not know how long he has been gone for.”

“sword ancestor also has some matters to take care of right now, so I’m afraid that he might not have the heart to take care of senior’s matters.” Su Yun shook his head.

All these years had pa.s.sed, and he did not know if the sword ancestor had found his soul, or if he had recovered to his peak state. He did not know how Su Yun felt about it, but in the current situation, he could not think about anything else.

sword ancestor is a genius of the way of the sword, he had also entered the Devil Realm before and challenged the genius sword demon of the way of the sword of my true Devil Sect. The two fought fiercely for three days, and in the end, the sword demon lost to the sword ancestor in just one move, I do not know when I heard the elders talk about it, but as for the matter of you being the successor of my sword ancestor, your future is limitless.

The figure gradually dimmed down.

“Senior!” Senior! “

Seeing that, Su Yun anxiously shouted.

But the person did not reply to Su Yun.

As the sky gradually brightened, the temperature in the air returned to normal. Everyone had already disappeared. Su Yun stared into the distance, and did not make a sound for a long time.

“Sir, is there anything else you haven’t said?” Seeing Su Yun still staring far away, Wei Ming came closer and asked carefully.

“Of course.” Su Yun sighed: “I still don’t know that person’s name. Who is he exactly? Which Great Demon? “



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