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Chapter 67 – Horns, Tail, and Mewing Wings

Changes to Misha’s body occurred. She felt a p.r.i.c.k above her temples area and her tailbone as if something grew from them. Soon, two mini-horn appeared on her head, and a small lizard tail penetrated through the back of her cloth.

A portion of her front blond hair reddened, which the contrast between her golden hair and the highlighted red bang made her stood out.

The back of her hands, her wrists, and the areas from her shoulders to her neck were covered in reddish dragon scales. Even though Tama was with Misha, she looked similar to the lizardmen mutants!

Misha’s nails could extend and shrink back as she wanted. Also, she could smell burning scent and petroleum gas from within her lung.

Misha felt like she could breathe fire!

Tama’s color also changed from the paled yellowish to deep orange. She wriggled her limbs and moved them around as she could feel the change.

When Tama whipped one of her tentacles, a trail of fire sparkle followed.

Seeing the trail of fire, Tama thought it was fun. She flapped her tentacles around for a few times before another change occurred.

Two of Tama’s tentacles transform into Dragonewt wings, flapping behind her back. Each wing was as small as an A4 paper, and both wings were not strong enough for Tama and Misha to fly.

However, it was a good start for both of them.


*Mew!* (Hey, I like this!)



“There’s more!”

Upon completing the tutorial quest, there were three more rewards that required Misha to pick.

A unique racial skill,

A new cla.s.s,

A unique skill of that new cla.s.s.

Now, she had to pick her skill first.


1. [Screaming Sun], Type: AOE Skill

– Ignite a wide area into the sea of flame with a snap of fingers.

– Range of fire depends on the skill level.

– Fire temperature and explosive force depend on the skill level.

2. [Summon: Fire Spirit], Type: Summon Skill

– Summon fire spirit(s) in the shape of a fireball.

– The fire spirits can use fire type magic to a.s.sist you.

– The number of summoned fire spirits depends on your skill level.

– All fire spirit possesses 10% of the summoner’s strength.

3. [Calorie Ignition], Type: Support Skill

– Consume 100 points of your hunger meter to temporary boost all your status for one minute.

– Boosted percentage of the attributes depends on the skill level.

4. [Inferno Mastery], Type: Pa.s.sive Skill

– Increase the efficiency, EXP acquired, food effect, and bonus skill levels of all fire-related skills.

– All bonus gained from this skill doesn’t calculate with the fixed skill caps.

“Why do these skills relate to fire? Does all Dragonewt excel in fire element?”

Looking at four options, Misha crossed her arms to think.

The first option was automatically eliminated. Misha’s true form already had many attack skills, so this AOE was not that necessary.

The third option did not suit her taste. This purpose of this skill geared toward emergency usage, or it could also be used as a surprise element against a tough opponent.

Misha could abuse it by using it to reduce her hunger gauge to eat more jellies, but she would be able to do that once she had many gels under her possession. This skill might sit in her skill list for a long time before she could use it. Therefore, Misha did not like this.

This left with two options.

In Mia’s real world, no psychic could summon an element spirit, so Misha was tempted to choose it.

However, the pa.s.sive skill, [Inferno Mastery], sounded more useful in the long run. The bonus skill levels that would not be calculated with the hard skill caps seemed to be most helpful.

The hard skill caps set at 300. However, with Inferno Mastery, Misha could have one or more skills beyond the level of 300, which could optimize the unique abilities of her race.

This was a tough choice.

“Sometimes, I hope I can just choose all the skills.”

Done with her train of thought, Misha picked [Inferno Mastery]. Oddly enough, Tama did not interfere with her choice this time.



Seeing the next reward, Misha did not bother reading through the long description of all available second tier cla.s.ses. She scrolled down to see if there was any way that she could postpone it.

Scrolling down to the bottom screen, Misha found what she was looking for.

There was one paragraph of description at the very bottom of the long list.


Misha clenched her fist and closed the quest window without hesitation. By delaying the cla.s.s-change, Misha could optimize her status attributes by maxing her current cla.s.s level first. Once she reached level 200, she could change job cla.s.s later.

With everything out of the way, Misha sighed and turned around, planning to go back to her capsule apartment to log out of this game. It was the time for her to go back and inform the recent events to her grandmother.

Upon looking at her surroundings, she found a crowd of 30 to 40 people looking at her.

As soon as her eyes met with the audience, they clapped and cheered.

“Congratulations, miss!”

“Congrats on your evolution!”

“Good job!”

“Misha, congratulations!”

Misha blinked in confusion, “What in the world?”

From within the crowd of people, Crystal pushed through the crowd and walked back to Misha.

Upon seeing her horns, red scales, red hair, and Dragonewt wings made by Tama, Crystal had a wry smile on her face.

“How in the world have you suddenly evolved into a Dragonewt? I don’t remember feeding you a core of alpha.”

“Core of alpha?”

“The heart of an alpha egg. Well, never mind that. It looks like you’ll be d.a.m.n famous very soon.”

“Eh? What’s the problem?”

Crystal patted Misha’s head and sighed, “90% of all population in this base haven’t evolved yet. The other 8% evolved into Demi-Human, and the rest are Demi-Hydra. In our entire base, there is only one dragonewt other than you.”

Crystal turned around and looked behind her. Walking out of the crowd, an elderly man in his 50s approached Misha and Crystal.

Similar to Misha, he had two dragon horns above his temples. Brown scales covered both sides of his face. Behind his back, a brown dragon tail extended through his black suit.

Behind him, a pair of enormous wings as large as two adult man combined were folding behind his back.

Without the horns, wings, and the tail, he looked like the other lizardmen in this base.

He had combed silver hair and silver full-beard. With the full set of black suit, black pants, and a butler tie, Misha thought that this elder was a butler from a demon lord’s castle or some sort.

“Misha, this is the grand commander of base 88.”

The elder man smiled at Misha, “I’m Sebastian. Nice to meet you, young miss.”

One of Misha’s eyebrow corners shook. This NPC had a butler character background setting as she had thought!

“N-Nice to meet you, sir.”

“Take it easy, little miss. Come with us for a while, we would like to ask you a few questions.”

Misha gulped.

‘Will they interrogate me because of my evolution? Can I tell them about the game system and the tutorial quest? Wait, they’re NPCs! They will never understand the game terms even if I tell them that. This must be a part of a chain quest, or I’ve met some sort of quest conditions.’

With an optimistic mind, Misha followed after Crystal and Sebastian.

While they were walking toward Sebastian’s office, Misha took this chance to examine her current status.



Name – Misha

Race – Inferno Dragonewt

Cla.s.s – Una.s.signed Combat Cla.s.s

Level – 61/200

EXP – 305/6,000


Free Attribute – 280

STR – 151/1,017 (68.58%)

VIT – 203/1,782 (10.07%)

AGI – 199/1,015 (20.59%)

DEX – 167/1,015 (5.18%)

INT – 501/1,045 (17.58%)

WIS – 376/1,015 (42.25%)

Luck – 19/115

STM – 160/1,765 (9.12%)



Inferno Mastery – 1/200

Self-Regeneration – 23/200

Pheromone – 20/100

Acidic Fluid – 8/100

Polymorph – 4/100

Pyrokinesis: Burning Resistance – 60+1/200

Pyrokinesis: Blast – 1+1/200


Reading her status, Misha noticed that something was not right.

First, she just noticed that her race was actually Inferno Dragonewt instead of just Dragonewt.

Secondly, her newly learned skill from the red gel, Pyrokinesis: Burning Resistance, should have started at 1/200. However, it was already 60/200.

The “plus one” should be the effect of [Inferno Mastery], and the change of skill caps should be the perk of the race.

Then, Misha recalled that her real-world body had the skill of the same name. The last time she checked, it was only 59/100.

‘Wait a minute, since this skill shares the same name, do both of my bodies share the skill level!?’


Meanwhile, Tama was having fun with her new abilities. She flapped the new transformed wings as if she found a new toy.

*Mew!* (I like fire!)

*Mew!* (I love it big!)

*Nom-Nom Mrrr* (But I’m hungry …)

*MEEEEEW!* (Misha, give me food!)


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