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Chapter 190 – Power Leveling

‘Ah, her level jumps again.’

In the middle of gra.s.sland before the newbie town, Dove kept staring at the level ranking interface with a bright smile on his face.

Two long saw knives hung on a belt in their sheath. Yet, cold air aura came from his weapons.

Dove wiped black blood on his hands as he stored a corroding zombie before him into his inventory. He glanced at his VIP inventory with a wry smile.

‘I shouldn’t have saved a few diamonds and items from the beta period. Too bad, I have sold everything besides the j.a.ptems.’

Only miscellaneous items from bettesting time remained in Dove’s inventory, such as canned food, firearms, bullets, and medicines. However, they were enough to help Dove progress faster.

Still, it took many hours to kill a corroding zombie. By the time he managed to kill it, Misha had already progressed to level 38.




1. LV.38 (S1) Misha Bloominglilly

2. LV.35 (S3451) Dove Donovan Jester

3. LV.32 (S2) Maple Rockingheart

4. LV.30 (S3) Felia Blue

5. LV.27 (S6) Sasha Hummingbird

6. LV.25 (S10) Natalie Arc

7. LV.24 (S5) Lana Gabriel

8. LV.24 (S7777) Shurka Luckyaf

9. LV.21 (S2) INWTRUE Dawson Woompeckar

10. LV.20 (S2) INWTRUE Roman Ba.s.s



The top rankers kept changing their position as they were hunting strong monsters.

Although killing one strong monster gave them enough EXP to increase many levels at once, it took forever to take one down because of their defense and the monsters’ deadly attacks.

Still, Dove got the gist of their attack patterns.

Dove had to focus his character’s AGI and DEX again to use his agility to out-maneuver the monsters. Once his speed got higher, the power-leveling would be a lot easier.

Also, he started the game with a unique race.




The extinct race, which was once a powerhouse during pre-World War III. They used to be considered as the evolution of humanity, but the Demon King hunted them down to the last man.

You are one of the survivors. Although your race has been cursed by the Demon King Mia and his wives, you can awaken your true potential to fight against the demon’s army by exploring the world and clean the world from monsters with your psychic power.


– Max level is set at 200.

– Advancing the main occupation to a higher tier will reset the level to 1, but you will retain all attributes and skills.

– Can learn every type of psychic ability.

– Can detect soul cores from dead bodies.

– Consuming soul cores increase HP and PF, depending on the soul core’s quality.

– Automatically acquire one INT and one WIS for each level up.

– Born with a unique skill [Psionic Language].

– Obtain double soul points from devouring souls and soul cores.

– Reduce the PF cost of all psychic abilities by half.

– Gain one attribute point in LUC for every 20 levels increased.

– Evolution to a more advanced race is possible.



‘Time to find another monster. I can’t fall behind this time.’



While the top 8 had no trouble grinding against monsters or working on quests, ordinary players began complaining about the game.

“The game has no tutorial!”

“I can’t find quests!”

“Where to get weapons to kill monsters?”

“Monsters are too hard!”

“No adventurer guild!”

Then, players who were envious of the rankers started accusing the top 10 players.

“Is Misha and others using cheating tools? How are they leveling so fast?”

“I’ve been grinding all day, but I’m still level 10! They’re hackers!”

“I’ve been monitoring their level. All of their levels jump 3 to 5 levels at once!”

“That Misha has just leveled up from 29 to 38 in one go! I reckon that should have been about 30000 EXP to get that far. Is that even possible!?”

“She has to kill something with a power of 2500 or higher to get that even if she has that VIP10 privilege!”


The flood of troll and hater comments lasted for an hour after the first in-game day had pa.s.sed. Then, several professional players began to voice their opinion.

“I remember that Donovan Jester was once a professional player from other games. Since a certified pro-gamer can get that far, there must be something that you don’t know. Also, I’ve reached level 18 so far. The monsters are tough, but if you pick the right spot to grind, your EXP flow should be smoother.”

“All of you whiners are noobs. Explore the G.o.dd.a.m.n game and find a master of a craft!”

“^As he said. There are hidden masters in the game.”

“I have a clip of Misha wandering in the city with a grey name. She has that AK-47 with her. That should explain everything.”

“^Share us, please.”

“^^ How did she get that!?”

“^^^ I explored the slum area and found a suspicious building. I was killed by the bouncers when I approached them, though.”

“^^^^ I also saw Sasha entering that building! There must be some secret in there!”

The social media went wild as the speculation began to get exaggerated by rumors.

Unbeknownst to the uproar, all former bettesters continued their second day of gaming.



After getting shooed by Walter and Arthur, Misha wandered around the 1500-power corroding zombie area.

She aimed her rifle at the nearest zombie, who had not detected her yet.




A burst-fire of three bullets. .h.i.t the zombie’s chest.




Red numbers floated as they represented the damages that Misha had dealt to the zombie.

However, the 1500-power corroding zombie had 300 HP. She could not kill it easily with a few bullets.


As usual, it screamed to attract all of its friends and other monsters nearby.

“It aggros other monsters again.”

*Mew* (Keep shooting. Don’t forget to activate the flame field. I have your back.)


Misha and Tama decided to use a tag-team strategy by having Misha dealing as many damages she could against the monsters before her. Meanwhile, Tama would use her tentacles to kill anything that sneaked behind Misha.

However, had the situation been out of their control, the jetpack on Misha’s back would send them flying toward the city again.

Currently, the vultures had disappeared from the sky, which was the golden chance for using the air route as an emergency escape route. Still, they could not fly while shooting the zombies since the jetpacks had limited fuel.

Misha kept running backward as she was concentrating on one zombie.




After the 25th shot, the first zombie went down purely by the power of an AK-47.





A corroding zombie jumped at Misha from behind.

Tama’s tentacles transformed into blades and slashed the zombie!




250! Critical!




Five more zombies flanked Misha from the sides. Meanwhile, 30 more zombies in the area already noticed the commotion.

Misha’s hands were busy reloading the rifle, and Tama’s tentacles were still occupied with the previous dead zombie. Misha activated her fire barrier.

Flame Field!

The five zombies were knocked back by the sudden fire blast.






Five messages of DOT damages appeared.

That was not all. When a burning zombie attacked the fire s.h.i.+eld, another set of messages came.




Tama activated the jetpack and flew upward.

Misha finished reloading her gun. She took a green gel and tossed it into her mouth, recovering her PF.

The zombies screamed as they jumped, trying to catch Misha’s leg.




Bullets. .h.i.t the jumping zombies, stopping them in mid-air.

One of the zombies climbed on top of its friends and flew, leaping toward Misha again.


A tentacle from Misha’s chest pierced the zombie’s mouth.




Misha burst all remaining bullets onto the zombie on Tama’s stick, dropping its HP to zero.

The third one went down!

At this moment, 34 zombies gathered below Misha. All of them attempted to mimic the earlier zombie to reach her.

Tama maneuvered the jetpack to fly toward an empty area with maximum power. Then, she landed Misha on the ground.

The 34 zombies chased after her.

Misha reloaded a new magazine and began spraying more bullets.

The moment her new magazine was emptied. The zombie horde could almost reach her.

Flame Field activated!

All 34 zombies were hit with AOE damages!

As soon as the flame field was triggered, the jetpack brought Misha to the sky again.

As if Misha knew what would be next, she tossed another green gel to her mouth, filling her stomach and recovering her PF.

Both Tama and Misha hung back in mid-air for another 10 seconds before they flew to the previous spot where the aggroed all the monsters.

They landed on the ground, and Misha pointed the rifle muzzle at the zombies.





Tama and Misha repeated the DOT Flame Field, shooting, and tentacle attack patterns until all 34 zombies went down.

Both of them panted as the grind was mentally taxing.

Though tiring, Misha was smiling.

The power-leveling rewards worth the effort.




Name – Misha Bloominglilly

Race – Inferno Dragonewt

Cla.s.s – None

Sub Cla.s.s – None

Level: 91/200

EXP: 8055/9100

HP: 240/240

ST: 140/140

PF: 200/200

Hunger: 299/300


Free Attribute – 0

STR: 100

VIT: 240

STM: 140

AGI: 100

DEX: 100

INT: 100

WIS: 200

Luck: 24

Overall Strength: 980


Inferno Mastery: Lv2

Auto Regeneration: Lv2

Pyrokinesis: Flame Field: Lv15

Science Cooking: Lv1

Bribery Mastery: Lv1

Mating Season: Lv0 (No Partner)



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