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“Old Devil Tong Tian, don’t you also have a Traversing Heaven Divine Sword? A divine sword that can pierce through the heavens right? Take it out! We will gamble another round.”

Luo Tian put away a simple yet ancient-looking ring filled with grooves and didn’t bother to look up its attributes.

It was very clear…

This ring was definitely something not bad, maybe something comparable to a divine artifact.

He really never expected this.

Luo Tian never imagined this even in his dreams. This dungeon was practically the place where he was going to build up his family’s fortune! Many supreme experts, many old devils with countless treasures; there was basically everything here! This was too great, too awesome!

We shall rewind time back to when Luo Tian first entered the dungeon.

Luo Tian was faced with a ghostly-looking fire that was floating towards him in an erratic manner. The pair of glowing green eyes was also coming towards Luo Tian at the same time.

In an instant…

Luo Tian activated his level 5 Berserk and his Become A Devil skill.

Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s fleshly body appeared.

He then released his powerful aura. And this Sovereign’s aura immediately sent shock waves into the entire dungeon.

“Devil Sovereign?!”

“Devil Sovereign has reincarnated?”

“Devil Sovereign!”

A series of cries were heard as the dungeon gradually became brighter.

Luo Tian suddenly realized…

This place was imprisoning countless old devils, and each of them was unparalleled existences. Apart from those old devils, there were also various humanoid demonic beasts. Those demonic beasts had reached the great perfection realm before transforming into a human appearance, so their strength was unparalleled as well!


Every one of them had a seal on their bodies.

Their chest had something that looked like a bagua compa.s.s¹, sealing their strength within it.

Luo Tian had never seen such a seal before. In his opinion, the seal was most likely a product refined by the powerful immortal sects.

Seeing all their shocked gazes, Luo Tian immediately changed his persona to that of a Devil Sovereign. He shouted majestically: “At least you guys are sensible and recognize this Sovereign. Everyone better act obediently to the side. If you dare anger this Sovereign, I will crush your bones to powder!”

His voice was powerful.

The momentum of Devil Sovereign Xingtian was completely displayed.

At this instant, Luo Tian managed to frighten and awe all the old devils in the dungeon.


There were naturally some that didn’t believe it.

Because Devil Sovereign Xingtian had fallen a few hundred thousand years ago. No one had actually seen him before and only the images depicted in history. What if this was all an illusion?

If he had been reborn, why would it take such a long time?


An elderly person with silver hair stepped out. His eyes glared at Luo Tian before shouting: “Sovereign Xingtian has already fallen several hundred thousands of years ago. If he could be reborn, he would’ve appeared already. Why would he wait until now? You are obviously someone sent from the immortal sects. Don’t think just because your appearance looks like our Sovereign, that you really are Devil Sovereign Xingtian…”


“You actually dare to speak such words to this Sovereign?”

As Luo Tian’s voice faded…

There was no hesitation as he summoned the Sky Splitting Divine Axe. His figure blurred as he instantly attacked with a shout: “Decapitation Strike, chop!”

The majestic G.o.dly powers of the Sky Splitting Divine Axe surged out.

Luo Tian’s devil sovereign aura was also surging out. He flew into the air, clenched both hands tightly before chopping down with the divine axe.


The silver-haired elder was directly chopped into two!

Luo Tian then roared angrily: “Who else dares to challenge this Sovereign?!”

His divine majesty shone with reverence!

Everyone in the dungeon was shocked and awed!

“That was Sovereign Xingtian’s divine skill, Decapitation Strike!”

“It really is Sovereign Xingtian! There’s no mistake that it’s him!”

“Only Sovereign Xingtian can cultivate such a domineering martial skill.”

“Greetings to the Sovereign!”

Many devils started kneeling.

What made Luo Tian feel weird was that the silver-haired elder he had just killed didn’t give him any experience points or profound energy. There wasn’t even a single alert tone from the system. What on earth was going on?

Luo Tian looked on and realized that the corpse he chopped into two was slowly healing. In less than ten seconds, the two halves of the body had become one again. There were no signs of injuries! He was internally shocked while saying to himself: “d.a.m.n, this martial skill is comparable to Sun Wukong’s seventy-two transformations! Way too awesome!”

The silver-haired elder was weeping bitterly as he held onto Luo Tian’s thigh. The elder completely lacked the demeanor of an expert as tears gushed down his face. He wasn’t letting go of Luo Tian’s thigh as snot and tears dripped down. “Sovereign! You have been reborn! I’ve missed you so much! I always think back to the days when you were G.o.dly and matchless, completely suppressing all immortal sect experts. Back then, our devil sects were the sky and anyone who dared to not obey will die. Those immortal sect experts were struggling to survive like ants, but now… wuuu~… wuuu~… Look at us now; we’ve all been imprisoned in a completely dark dungeon without the light of day. They sealed our strength with a Devil Sealing brand and we’ve been living a life worse than a dog’s!”

“That’s right!”

“Sovereign; bring us out!”

“We’ve been here for tens of thousands of years already.”

It sounded like everyone in the dungeon was crying.

Try to imagine…

These were old devils that have lived for tens of thousands of years. Before their cultivation was sealed, they were all Profound Saint and Emperor existences. Now they were like little children bawling their eyes out. And anyone who saw this might even feel some pity for them.

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed. He started shaking his right leg attempting to shake the silver-haired elder away. But the guy was like a dog skin plaster sticking to Luo Tian’s thighs, refusing to let go. Luo Tian then shouted: “Let go! Let go! If you don’t let go, this daddy will axe you to death!”

“I’ll let go but you can’t run away.”

“Old Devil Silver Hair, don’t let go! If you let go, the Sovereign will leave us!”

“That’s right! You definitely can’t let go!”

Luo Tian had no idea what to do and said in a deep tone: “You guys are all experts of the devil sects, hegemonic existences. What you’ve become right now is truly a huge loss of face. Since I have come now, I will definitely find a way to bring you all out.”


Luo Tian deliberately revealed an awkward and distressed look.

“Sovereign, just tell us what you need. As long as we are capable, we will definitely do it to the best of our ability.”

“That’s right!”

Luo Tian then said: “After I used the reincarnation skill, I’ve reincarnated into the body of a human and can only maintain this form for ten minutes.”


“Sovereign, that’s easy to take care of. I have a Devil Transformation Pill here, which will allow you to stay as a Devil Sovereign for two hours.”

At this time…

An old devil stepped out and brought out a medicinal pill that was as black as night.

Luo Tian had a doubtful look in his eyes as he received it. He then said to himself: “Who knows if this medicinal pill has a shelf life? No matter how I look at it, this medicinal pill looks like dirt this guy rubbed off his body. Having not showered for tens of thousands of years, rubbing around will definitely produce a swath of these. If this thing was truly edible, then I will definitely be lucky enough to meet a ghost!”

Of course…

Luo Tian grumbled about it but still ingested it.

What he never expected…

Once the pill entered his mouth, his body suddenly started to expand. It was like his muscles were getting stronger!

The system gave off an alert tone.

Devil transformation has increased by two hours!

Luo Tian was in shock. He looked at the old devil and a flash of greed appeared in his eyes. He swallowed a few times thirstily before revealing an evil grin. He then said to himself: “They are all strong experts of the devil sects, so they must have many treasures on them. I will definitely have to clean them out a bit, heh heh…”



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