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Chapter 132 – I’m Going To Use My Special Move


The sound was like a thunder that resounded through earth and the nine heavens!

His strength was like the sea that crushed everything in its path!

The two thick stone doors of the gate couldn’t handle that power. It was smashed apart and was sent flying out, causing dust and debris to shower the area.

At this moment…

The killing intent exuding from Luo Tian was like a dragon made of a grim reaper’s aura that rushed into the city. It started crazily absorbing the death aura flames coming from all the undying guards in the area.

The undying guards were instantly frozen in shock.

They had even forgotten to counterattack.

Amidst the shower of dust, Luo Tian started walking over the collapsed rubble. He once again roared into the air: “Yin Shang you d.a.m.n mixed-breed dog, scram out here for this daddy!”

His voice shook the sky and his arrogance beyond extreme!

That shout had actually contained a trace of power from his Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar sonic attack. That’s why Luo Tian’s voice was able to spread to every nook and cranny of the Dark Mountain Corpse City. This naturally included the Dark King’s Palace where Yin Shang was currently situated at.

Complete silence!

The entire city was so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard now.

Was this guy a crazy lunatic?

He actually dared to be this unbridled in the Dark Mountain Corpse City?

Only a madman would dare to do something like this right?

The Heavenly Sword City’s prince and the elite disciples of the Sea Cloud Sect didn’t dare to openly enter the Dark Mountain Corpse City. So where did this r.e.t.a.r.d come out from?

And it was a r.e.t.a.r.d that hadn’t even reached the Profound Grandmaster realm yet!

If this guy hadn’t lost his mind, then what else could it be?

At this point in time, everyone, including the three Sea Cloud Sect disciples on the ground was staring at Luo Tian in a dumbfounded manner. Amongst the disciples was actually a beautiful, big breasted, and hot bodied mature sister.

“This person is a nut case right?”

“He’s gone bats.h.i.t crazy right?”

“He actually dares to act wild in Dark Mountain Corpse City? He’ll lose his life in a second.”

This was the internal monologue of countless people.

Their brains couldn’t even comprehend Luo Tian’s audacity.

“A Profound Master 9th rank like you is trying to deliver your life into others hand? Hurry up and escape!” That hot mature sister cried out.

It was also at this moment…

The two blood swords of Blood Worm and Blood Chill slashed down.

“Swish~! Swish~!”

The two male disciples next to the mature sister had their throats slashed. As fresh blood was squirting out, Blood Worm and Blood Chill crazily rushed forward and started sucking on their necks. There would be an occasionally ferocious cackling coming from their mouths in the process.

It was also at this moment that the present undying guards finally reacted.

Someone shouted: “Kill him!”

Luo Tian looked up towards a towering palace in the background. His lips formed a cold smile before glancing at the mature sister not too far from him. He leapt up and heavily landed before supporting her back to her feet. Luo Tian then faintly said: “You can hide behind me!”

His voice sounded kind of hoa.r.s.e.

It’s possible that it was due to him roaring out so much.

But this wasn’t important.

The most important thing was that Qin Yue’er’s mind shook from that voice, as if she was naturally attracted to its charm. She shook her head and said to herself: “What kind of man have I not seen before? How could I be charmed by him?”

“His cultivation level is only at the Profound Master 9th rank so how can he protect me?”

“This kid wants to chase skirts and not want his life anymore?”

“You really think I’m some naive 18 year old girl huh? This old lady is already 26 years old! This is too outrageous!”

It’s unknown when…

Qin Yue’er became a bit angry as she glared at Luo Tian and said: “Little brother, how old are you even? At such a young age and you’re trying to pick up girls already? Do you even know what place this is? This is the Dark Mountain Corpse City and these guys all have immortal bodies. No matter how much you attack them, they won’t die. Your little tiny cultivation level isn’t quite adequate here so you should just obediently hide behind this big sister.”

“Since I still have a breath left, I will send you out of the city. You should then go to the Heavenly Sword City and look for the Sea Cloud Sect, then have them bring back reinforcement…”


“Did you hear me?”

“Hey, hey, hey, what are you trying to do?”

Qin Yue’er almost lost her mind.

Because Luo Tian wasn’t paying attention to her and was already walking forward. There were rows upon rows of undying guards who all had bodies that were unkillable…

At this moment…

Luo Tian’s figure moved and his right hand formed a claw. One of the undying guard’s head was clawed by him and exploded from the grip. The body then naturally crumpled to the ground into a useless heap.

The guard was dead – instant kill!

Qin Yue’er became dumbfounded.

Her eyes were wide and mouth agape as she stared at Luo Tian without blinking. It was over half a day before she could even react. Her heart didn’t want to admit it but she helplessly said to herself: “What the f*ck?! This kid is too cool! Your granny you d.a.m.n Qin Yue’er! What kind of time and place is this? Your companions have just died and you’re the only one left, and you start to have the hots for a guy? Not to mention he’s just a little boy. You… a little boy, a freaking little boy! He is quite good looking but this sister has never hit on guys so much younger than myself before.”


Women were truly mysterious creatures.

At such a time, Qin Yue’er was actually thinking on how to hit on Luo Tian.

Did she not realize what kind of situation she was currently in? She was practically at a dead end!

This was too over the top!

Of course, one can’t deny that the current cold Luo Tian with his murderous eyes looked like those ruthless killers of novels – he was really too cool looking right now!

There was a commotion amongst the crowd of undying guards.

When seeing their companion dying just like that, doubt started appearing in their eyes.

“How could this happen?”

“What’s going on? We cannot die right? The Dark King bestowed us immortal bodies so we definitely will not die…”

“Could he really be the person of the prophecy?”

“Only he is capable of killing us!”

“No way, no way, we definitely won’t…”

Before the word “die” was even said out loud, his head had exploded already. An undying Gu insect started wriggling out before Luo Tian stepped on it. A system alert then sounded off in his mind.

Dark King’s Palace.

Yin Shang had a really ugly looking expression. He was standing at the entrance of the main hall while his big Gu insect sticking out of his head was shaking with fear.

This made Yin Shang even more p.i.s.sed off!

Off to the side, Blood Dove had grim looking eyes while his lips formed a cold smile. He then said to himself: “So that’s the secret to the undying Gu insect!”

Immediately after…

Blood Dove faintly said: “A mere trash at the Profound Master 9th rank… Lord Dark King, do you need me to take care of him for you?”

His voice carried a trace of contemplation.

Blood Dove originally had some fear towards this Dark King, but now…

That fear had lessened quite a bit.

Yin Shang only glanced at Blood Dove with the corner of his eyes as he said: “Elder Blood Dove, you should just stick to properly managing your people. If they dare to put their hands on my prey, I will send you all to your deaths right here!”

Under the black robes, Blood Dove shivered before moving off to the side and not saying another word.

Yin Shang coldly harrumphed. He then went out of the main halls a bit and transmitted his voice throughout the entire city: “Kill him for me and I will bestow to you eternal life!”

A voice filled with chill and a death aura started spreading throughout every nook and cranny of the city.

Those undying guards looked like they had just taken a vitamin supplement and became excited.

“Eternal life!”

“Eternal life!”

“Eternal life!”

The undying guards of Dark Mountain Corpse City all started shouting in unison that shook the sky.

With just a single sentence, it caused their battle intent to surge up like crazy.

Was there even a difference to being undying and eternal life?

Most of the undying Gu insects were at rank 1 while an eternal life Gu insect was at rank 4, possessing much greater power. The most important thing was that a rank 4 Gu insect wasn’t something that could be killed instantly. And the insect growing out of Yin Shang’s head happened to be at rank 8!

Luo Tian’s lips formed a sneer. He then said to Qin Yue’er behind him: “If you don’t want to die, you better stay behind me because I’m going to use my special move!”


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