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Chapter 737: Where Is the Highest Spot?

Translator: CKtalon

After Zhou Wen left the yard, he kept thinking about what Grandma w.a.n.g had said.

Although there was no evidence that the Xia family was related to the geniuses’ demise, Zhou Wen also felt that there was something amiss.

It didn’t seem right to explain it away as the Xia family deliberately suppressing ordinary families as a way to strengthen their status.

According to Grandma w.a.n.g’s investigations, some of the young geniuses who had gotten into trouble didn’t belong to the East District, much less the Xia family’s circle of influence.

The situation in the other regions was chaotic. It was a happy outcome for the Xia family, but they clearly didn’t think so.

Regardless, I have to think of a way to get this c.r.a.ppy piece of wood into the Forbidden City. Otherwise, it won’t be convenient for me to do anything. When Zhou Wen was with the w.a.n.g family, he had also asked some questions regarding Forbidden City.

w.a.n.g Lu and Grandma w.a.n.g didn’t know much about Forbidden City. This was because the Xia family had occupied it from the beginning of the dimensional storms. They never allowed outsiders to enter, so no one knew what had happened inside after the dimensional storms.

However, Grandma w.a.n.g told Zhou Wen something very interesting. She had lived through the dimensional storms, so she had entered Forbidden City quite often before they occurred.

She said that she had once visited the Forbidden City when she was young. Back then, the weather suddenly turned bad and thunder rumbled in the sky.

She originally wanted to return home quickly, but when she pa.s.sed a certain spot in the city, she suddenly saw some strange shadows.

The shadows wore ancient clothes as they walked in the alley of Forbidden City. They looked like ancient consorts and palace maids.

What was even stranger was that their figures were transparent like spirit bodies.

Spirit bodies weren’t rare now, but before the dimensional storms, they were terrifying.

At that time, Grandma w.a.n.g was still very young. She was quite frightened and immediately ran away. However, her youth made her curious. Later on, she went to the same place a few times, but she didn’t see those shadows again.

Grandma w.a.n.g checked the information on the Internet. It said that the magical phenomenon might be a result of lightning during a rainy day. It was like a camera that recorded past scenes. Under identical weather conditions, the footage would be played.

Of course, this was only a guess. No one could verify its authenticity.

However, this wasn’t strange. What was strange was that after the dimensional storms, every time there was a thunderstorm, strange sounds would come from the Forbidden City.

Although outsiders couldn’t enter Forbidden City, one could still hear some sounds from it during a thunderstorm if they lived close.

After Grandma w.a.n.g heard about this matter, she waited for a thunderstorm. Indeed, she heard some strange sounds coming from inside.

Some of the sounds reminded her of the palace maids and concubines she had seen back then.

This had all been personally experienced by Grandma w.a.n.g, so it was naturally true.

Zhou Wen had previously searched for information about the Forbidden City on the Internet. In fact, compared to the other ancient cities, the history of Forbidden City wasn’t too long. From its establishment, it had only experienced two feudal dynasties.

However, its scale was incomparable to the other ancient cities.

Forbidden City also had the t.i.tle of Eight-Armed Nezha Demonic City. If one were to mention the tallest building in the city, it would be the Hall of Supreme Harmony. It was nearly forty meters tall.

Zhou Wen looked up the information mainly to confirm the location of the so-called peak of Forbidden City. It was to prevent him from having to seek it out after entering. That would be troublesome.

However, when Zhou Wen looked over from the hotel’s top floor, he discovered a strange place. The tallest building he saw from the hotel wasn’t the Hall of Supreme Harmony, but a Corner Tower in the corner of the city.

Zhou Wen didn’t know if it was because he was too far away or if it was because of the angle, he could only see the Corner Tower and not the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

Despite this, Zhou Wen still searched for information on Corner Towers. This search left him alarmed. Although Corner Towers were inconspicuous, the meaning it represented was extraordinary.

These Corner Towers were not meant for mortals to live. It was similar to Deer Terrace Pavilion. Their purpose was to guide immortals down to the mortal world and protect the safety of the imperial city. The reason they were named Corner Towers was that the immortals which were meant to be received were the corner mansions of the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions.

The corner mansion wasn’t unfamiliar to Zhou Wen. He even had it as a skill, so when he saw the information, Zhou Wen felt that this place was extraordinary. It might really be the peak of Forbidden City.

Furthermore, the architectural standards of the Corner Tower were extremely high. It had three eaves, nine beams, eighteen pillars, and seventy-two spines. Such an architectural style was unique in the Forbidden City.

Zhou Wen originally imagined that the famous Hall of Supreme Harmony was at the peak of Forbidden City, but the more he looked at it, the more he felt that a Corner Tower was the true peak of the Forbidden City.

Corner Towers are built on the city walls of Forbidden City, so it might indeed be taller than the Hall of Supreme Harmony, but there are four of them. Which Corner Tower should I erect the log on? Zhou Wen thought to himself.

Without any accurate information, Zhou Wen could only wait until he entered Forbidden City before comparing them to the Hall of Supreme Harmony Hall.

Zhou Wen also asked the antelope, but the antelope only said to erect it on the peak of Forbidden City. It didn’t know the exact location of the erection.

Could it be that I can just randomly erect it on a higher spot? Zhou Wen thought.

What Zhou Wen was most worried about was how to enter Forbidden City.

If he barged in, it would only give the Xia family an excuse to attack him. However, on the other hand, he would be free once he rushed into the city and erected the log.

With the Invisibility Cloak, who could stop him from escaping?

This plan looked perfect, but the premise was that he could really abandon the log. If he still couldn’t abandon it when the time came, he would be in trouble.

Just as Zhou Wen was hesitating, he heard someone walking towards his room.

Through the door, Zhou Wen could sense that the person’s bearing was extraordinary. He was in his twenties and probably not much older than An Tianzuo.

Zhou Wen found the person somewhat familiar, but he couldn’t recall where he had seen him.

“Is Zhou Wen around?” Xia Liuchuan knocked on the door and asked.

When Zhou Wen heard the voice, he immediately recalled where he had seen him. This fellow was the Concerned Person who had tipped him off on that stormy night.

Zhou Wen opened the door and asked Xia Liuchuan, “Concerned Person, are you here to tip me off again?”

Xia Liuchuan said calmly, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about. My name is Xia Liuchuan. I’m here to challenge you. This is my challenge letter. I hope you can give me an answer now.”

“Why are you challenging me?” Zhou Wen asked as he looked at Xia Liuchuan’s challenge.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten that you once crippled the Essence Energy sea of my Xia family members in the Holy Land?” Xia Liuchuan said.

“I see. I accept your challenge.” Zhou Wen actually agreed without any hesitation, surprising Xia Liuchuan.


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