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Chapter 1419: No

Zhou Wen carefully sized up Tsukuyomi and saw that her aura had become more tranquil and mysterious. It was hazy like moonlight partially veiled by clouds.

Although he couldn’t see her clearly, he couldn’t help but be attracted to her. He almost couldn’t move his eyes away from her. The more he couldn’t see her clearly, the more he wanted to.

Tsukuyomi seems to have become stronger. Zhou Wen’s present eyesight wasn’t what it used to be. With the augmentation of The Disqualified and the sensual enhancement from Great Brahma, the things he could sense were much stronger than the typical Terror-grade.

It wasn’t much weaker than some Calamity-grade creatures.

Although Tsukuyomi hadn’t used her strength, just the change in her aura made Zhou Wen feel that she had definitely improved significantly.

Strange, how did she improve? What is out there in the universe that allows her to improve? Zhou Wen thought to himself. Up to now, Zhou Wen knew too little about the universe.

Apart from guessing that every planet might be a Companion Egg, the universe was still a mysterious unknown to Zhou Wen.

Why did the Calamity creatures on Earth head out into the universe the moment they were born? Why was it that a powerful Calamity creature like Tsukuyomi was reverent towards the universe and might even die?

Up to now, Zhou Wen still hadn’t figured out the answer to the questions.

Tsukuyomi had already entered the Venusian dimensional zone. Before the Metal Guard could shoot at her, its head was suddenly bitten off by a white monster that appeared out of thin air.

The monster’s front half looked like a white dog, but its body behind its forelimbs was coiled like a snake’s. It looked very strange.

After it bit off the Metal Guard’s head, it swallowed the Metal Guard’s energy core and vanished. All of this only took a moment.

That’s Inugami from the Ghost Parade, right? Zhou Wen had previously studied the legends of Tsukuyomi and the Ghost Parade, so he knew a lot about the Ghost Parade in Tsukuyomi’s pantheon. He recognized it at a glance.

The six doors opened as hordes of Metal Guards rushed out. However, before they could fire, Inugami’s figure appeared again and bit off the head of a Metal Guard.

This time, it wasn’t just Inugami who appeared. There was also Has.h.i.+hime, who Zhou Wen had seen before. She appeared along with a wooden bridge that connected to the door. After the Metal Guards that appeared from the door walked onto the wooden bridge, they seemed to lose their minds. They didn’t shoot as though they were in a daze as they walked towards Has.h.i.+hime.

Has.h.i.+hime stood on the bridge, wearing a floral kimono and holding a paper umbrella. Although her face couldn’t be seen due to the umbrella, her beautiful figure was enough to make one fantasize.

When the Metal Guard walked in front of Has.h.i.+hime, she finally turned her head. The moment she turned her head, the paper umbrella in her hand flew up. Her face was like a ghost’s. She had sharp teeth, blood-red eyes, and sharp claws. Her face was as white as powder, and there were streaks of blood tears around the corners of her eyes.

In the next moment, the ferocious Has.h.i.+hime’s body was like a ghost. Wherever her sharp claws and ghastly hands went, she dug out the Metal Guard’s energy sources and crushed them to pieces.

Ghosts appeared and disappeared as hordes of Metal Guards were slaughtered. Tsukuyomi didn’t need to do it herself.

After the Golden Battle G.o.d appeared, he couldn’t withstand the attacks of the ghosts. He wanted to shoot, but a phantom-like ghost appeared over him as though it had possessed him. It made the Golden Battle G.o.d lose control of his body and he couldn’t pull the trigger.


A ghost with a huge hammer smashed down, cracking the Golden Battle G.o.d’s body. The energy source was also shattered.

The six Golden Battle G.o.ds were like six helpless orphans amidst the ghosts that appeared and disappeared from time to time. They were quickly wiped out.

Tsukuyomi walked towards the tunnel as ghosts constantly appeared around her, like guards escorting a princess.

Everyone watched with relish. They originally wanted to see how Tsukuyomi would deal with the Calamity-grade bullets. They were not certain that the ghosts could withstand them.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Tsukuyomi, who was escorted by the hundred ghosts, wasn’t attacked by the Calamity-grade bullets. Even when she came in front of the Golden Palace, not a single bullet appeared.

“G.o.ddess Tsukuyomi is too powerful. Even the Calamity gunner is frightened and doesn’t dare fire.”

“In that case, I wonder if the Cube will give a high or low evaluation?”

“If one doesn’t undergo the test of the Calamity-grade bullets, their score won’t be too high, right?”

“Bullsh*t. G.o.ddess Tsukuyomi is invincible. Even the Calamity gunner doesn’t dare fire. How can her score not be high? I think it’s definitely going to be six stars. Furthermore, it will be higher than Xiao’s ranking.”

Everyone discussed spiritedly, but this time, the Golden Palace’s door didn’t open, nor did a metal ball fly out. However, when the Cube’s screen switched back to the rankings, the golden stars behind Tsukuyomi’s name changed from five to six. However, her ranking still failed to surpa.s.s Xiao’s. She was only ranked second.

Such powerful strength still isn’t enough to surpa.s.s Xiao? Zhou Wen was somewhat alarmed.

He could clearly tell that Tsukuyomi’s ability had increased significantly. Under such circ.u.mstances, her failure to surpa.s.s Xiao’s ranking meant that Xiao’s strength was even more terrifying than Zhou Wen imagined.

With a thought, Zhou Wen used Singularity Universe’s interstellar teleportation ability to arrive on Venus.

As his teleportation precision was much higher than before, Zhou Wen appeared not far from the Venusian dimensional zone and saw Tsukuyomi who was about to leave.

Tsukuyomi also sensed that someone had appeared and turned her head. After discovering that it was Zhou Wen, she stood there and smiled at him. The white-robed Tsukuyomi appeared especially beautiful and ethereal with the dark universe in the background. Her entire body seemed to emit an intoxicating halo.

“Tsukuyomi, can we have a chat?” Zhou Wen went forward and asked.

“No.” Tsukuyomi’s lips curled up slightly as a crafty look appeared in her eyes.

Zhou Wen was feeling somewhat depressed when he saw Tsukuyomi walk in front of him. She said with a smile, “It’s boring to just have a chat. Why don’t we do something else?”

With that said, Tsukuyomi extended her slender and fair fingers and pressed them on Zhou Wen’s forehead. Instantly, she vanished with him.

Zhou Wen originally imagined that his spatial powers were already impressive, but he realized that Tsukuyomi’s spatial powers were even better. During the spatial teleportation, Zhou Wen almost didn’t sense the fluctuations and vibrations brought about by spatial teleportation.


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