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Chapter 1158: Sky-Stealing Sun-Swapping Skill

Zhou Wen was immediately rendered speechless as he looked at Tsukuyomi, fully at a loss for words.

What kind of charm does the Heavenly Happiness Token have to make a Calamity-grade creature stoop to such a level? Zhou Wen was alarmed.

Back when Emperor of Shang gave him the Heavenly Happiness Token, he didn’t think that there was any problem. Now, he realized how big a problem it was.

Emperor of Shang should have been the loser back then. Is the token he gave me really that powerful? After some thought, Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss.

“Is that wrong? I read about this on the Internet.” Seeing Zhou Wen remain silent, Tsukuyomi thought that she had done something wrong. She opened the webpage and saw that it had the words “Love’s Thirty-Six Stratagems.”

“There’s nothing wrong. It’s written like this. Is there a problem with my usage?” Tsukuyomi studied it again.

Seeing that she had no intention of leaving, Zhou Wen had no choice but to give up his room to her and find another place to stay.

Chick and antelope returned to his side, making Zhou Wen feel indescribably at ease.

He summoned Banana Fairy, Demonic Neonate, Truth Listener, and the other Companion Beasts and allowed them to move freely in the room. Zhou Wen lay in bed and continued gaming. At the same time, he studied the combination of Clown Mask and Singularity Universe.

As he constantly failed, Zhou Wen became more and more adept at combining the two powers.

Finally, he thought of a way to move the tiny planet away without getting another planet in return.

When he arrived in front of a small planet again, Zhou Wen picked up a stone and pinched it before throwing it into the distance.

After the stone flew away, Zhou Wen pressed his palm on the tiny planet. In the next second, a strange thing happened. The tiny planet under Zhou Wen’s hand vanished as the stone he had thrown appeared in his hand.

I did it! Zhou Wen was overjoyed as he made a few more attempts. The success rate was rather high, and he could do the reverse as well.

However, he had to leave his coordinates on one of the objects before he could swap them from a distance.

The further the distance, the greater the expenditure.

To use this method, he had to use the power of Clown Mask and Singularity Universe at the same time. Neither one could be missing.

Zhou Wen constantly practiced to allow himself to complete the swap at faster speeds. Only this way could he finish off the Planet Devourer.

After countless practice, when Zhou Wen felt that it was about time he found the Planet Devourer again.

He constantly used teleportation to expend the Planet Devourer’s powers. When the Planet Devourer’s black hole’s suction force was reduced to a certain extent, it attempted to devour the nearby tiny planets as expected.

Zhou Wen immediately teleported to a tiny planet and teleported a stone out.

Just as the Planet Devourer was about to devour the tiny planet, it suddenly vanished. Zhou Wen also vanished with the tiny planet, leaving behind a fist-sized stone.

After the Planet Devourer devoured the stone, the replenishment it received was almost negligible.

The Planet Devourer quickly teleported to another tiny planet, planning to devour it again.

Almost at the same time, Zhou Wen teleported over and appeared on the tiny planet. He teleported the tiny planet away again, leaving behind a stone.

A strange battle began. No matter which tiny planet the Planet Devourer appeared on, Zhou Wen would appear in time and swap the tiny planet away, leaving behind a fist-sized stone.

Without any replenishment, the black hole in the Planet Devourer’s body became weaker and weaker. Likewise for its suction force. Even its body gradually shrank.

Zhou Wen’s expenditure was greater than that of the Planet Devourer, but with Slaughterer replenis.h.i.+ng large amounts of Essence Energy and the augmentation of the Heaven-Opening Scripture’s Essence Energy recovery, it was almost equivalent to infinite Essence Energy.

The Planet Devourer’s body became smaller and smaller until it was about the size of a small planet. Then, its body suddenly collapsed and was destroyed.

Ding! A Companion Egg dropped from where the Planet Devourer had collapsed.

‘Killed Terror creature, Planet Devourer. Discovered Companion Egg.’

Zhou Wen was delighted. This was the first Terror-grade Companion Egg that had dropped for him.

He reached out to grab the Companion Egg and saw that it was crystalline. There was a strange vortex pattern in it that seemed to be constantly swirling.

Planet Devourer: Terror

Life Providence: Black Hole

Life Soul: Star Core

Wheel of Destiny: Devour

Terror Form: Devourer

Strength: 89

Speed: 92

Const.i.tution: 94

Essence Energy: 93

Talent Skill: s.p.a.cetime Transfer, Energy Release.

Companion Form: Glove

After Zhou Wen saw the stats, he couldn’t help but be slightly taken aback. He never expected its companion form to be a glove. However, on careful thought, it did look a little like a glove, but it was just too big in size.

He directly chose to incubate it. A large amount of Essence Energy was sucked away by the Companion Egg. It was only with Zhou Wen’s double augmentation of Slaughterer and the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder that he could do so. Ordinary Mythical creatures couldn’t afford such enormous Essence Energy expenditure.

With the injection of Essence Energy, the Planet Devourer gradually hatched. It was identical to the Planet Devourer from before and was extremely large.

When the Planet Devourer was completely hatched, it transformed into a black beam that injected into Zhou Wen’s body.

When Zhou Wen summoned it again, the Planet Devourer had already transformed into a glove. It was a black crystalline glove. In the palm was a mysterious black vortex that emitted a powerful suction force.

Zhou Wen tested it and realized that he could control the suction force of the black hole in his palm. He attempted to use the Planet Devourer Glove on the nearby tiny planets.

The tiny planet that was the size of a mountain was pulled over by the black hole on the glove. The closer the tiny planet was to the black hole, the smaller it became. Finally, it was sucked into the black hole. Zhou Wen immediately felt that the power of the black hole had become much stronger after absorbing the tiny planet.

The Planet Devourer’s strength is sufficiently powerful, but the suction force of the black hole is a little too slow. Before sucking an object in, as long as one’s speed is fast enough, one can still dodge it. However, if I were to use the glove to strike the enemy, I would be able to suck the enemy into the black hole. It would be impossible for them to escape again. Zhou Wen thought about the ways to use Planet Devourer.

However, there was something that worried Zhou Wen. Planet Devourer’s black hole was somewhat similar to Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World. He didn’t know if he could retrieve the items that dropped if he sucked in the dimensional creatures.

He gave Planet Devourer a spin and indeed, as he had guessed, nothing would be left behind after being sucked into the black hole.


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