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Chapter 893: The One-meter Sword

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Jian Wushuang remembered that when he first came to Star Island, Lord Spirit Sound said if he pa.s.sed the three tests of the Black Tower, he could leave Stellar Fog Sea. Besides, she would also give him some additional opportunities.

Now, this must be it.

“Three opportunities?” He was quite expectant.

The Star Bloodline must be very extraordinary, for the Stellar Fog Sea was already quite unusual. The opportunities mentioned by Lord Spirit Sound must also be a heritage from the founder of this lineage.

Opportunities left by that kind of experts naturally made Jian Wushuang very excited.

“The founder has left many treasures and opportunities in the Stellar Fog Sea. I will choose three useful opportunities for you.”

Lord Spirit Sound looked at him and said, “Your sword formation looked marvellous. Its creator must have a very profound understanding about sword principle and formation.”

“Yes.” Jian Wushuang nodded.

The Ninth-heaven Sword Formation was co-created by Sunrise Sword Emperor and Dao Master Spirit.

In the Eternal World, Sunrise Sword Emperor and Dao Master Spirit were acknowledged as the greatest sword cultivator and formation master respectively. Both represented the top level in their respective fields.

“The formation is wonderful indeed, and you’re also skilled at controlling it. But it’s a pity that the magic weapons forming up the formation are of low-grade.” said Lord Spirit Sound.

Jian Wushuang was astounded by her words.

The magic weapons that form up the sword formation?

The Blood-sky Sword!

The 36 Blood-sky Swords were peak level Eternal Weapons from the Blood Eagle Guard’s Treasure Vault. He spent huge amount of credits for these expensive weapons, which were systematically-made and identical to each other. However, such weapons were low-grade in the eyes of Lord Spirit Sound!

“Your sword formation will be more powerful with systematically-made magic weapons. I happen to have one set which is very suitable for you. What do you think?” She stretched out her hand and a magic sword weapon glowing with lavender light emerged on her palm.

Jian Wushuang immediately looked at the weapon on her hand.

It was one-meter long, with a thin hilt and a sharp edge.

“What a fine sword!”

Seeing the cold radiance reflected from the edge, he knew how sharp it was without using it.

Of all the magic sword weapons he had seen, only his Blood Mountain Sword was sharper than this one.

The Blood-sky Sword was nowhere near it.

Most importantly, the aura from this sword was far beyond the reach of Eternal Weapons.

“Is it an Emperor Weapon?” A sudden thought flashed in his mind. But he soon shook his head. “No. It feels totally different from an Emperor Weapon although it has similar aura.”

“This sword is one meter long, hence the name One-meter Sword.” Lord Spirit Sound continued, “Although it is not an Emperor Weapon, this sword is more powerful than ordinary Emperor Weapons. It’s a very common systematically-made sword weapon in the Eternal World.”

“Many powerful sword formations in the Eternal World were performed with it.”

“On the market, a single One-meter Sword is worth one billion Divine Gems!”

Speaking of this, she paused and looked toward Jian Wushuang.

“One billion Divine Gems?” He was totally stunned.

An ordinary Emperor Weapon was only worth four or five hundred million Divine Gems at the auction. However, this One-meter Sword would be sold at a much higher price of one billion, which was a clear evidence of its power.

“I saw your sword formation was made up of 36 systematically-made magic weapons. So my first opportunity for you is a set of 36 One-meter Swords. What do you think?” Lord Spirit Sound said with a smile.

Hearing this, Jian Wushuang’s heart pounded violently.

If a One-meter Sword was truly worth one billion Divine Gems, 36 of them would be worth 36 billion Divine Gems.

That was an astronomical number.

“36 billion!”

Jian Wushuang was amazed, but he suddenly frowned.

“Is there anything wrong?”Lord Spirit Sound glanced at him.

“Lord Spirit Sound, here’s my problem. The sword formation that I’m practising now contains three levels. The number of weapons required in each level is different—36 weapons for the first level, 72 for the second level, and 108 for the third level.”

“I already had a perfect mastery of the first level formation. When I leave Stellar Fog Sea and reach the Eternal Realm, I’ll have enough spiritual power to practise the second level. By that time, I’ll need 72 swords.”

“You also know that the sword formation’s greatest power could only be unleashed with identical systematically-made magic weapons. The 36 One-meter Swords from you would be useless when I reach the second level.” Jian Wushuang said.

He spoke the truth.

He had been studying the second level of Ninth-heaven Sword Formation with some progress. But the Second Sword Formation required too much spiritual power.

He could only wait until he reached the Eternal Realm.

Since it was not long before he could practise the second level, the 36 swords for the first level would be of little use to him.

“I see.” The Lord Spirit Sound nodded and then smiled. “I do have more One-meter Swords at hand. But since 36 of them are worth 36 billion Divine Gems, 72 of them…”

Jian Wushuang turned nervous.

He did longed for a set of suitable and powerful systematically-made magic weapons, which would greatly improve the strength of his sword formation.

But the One-meter Sword was so expensive. He couldn’t do anything if the Lord Spirit Sound didn’t want to give them to him.

“Relax. The One-meter Swords are expensive indeed. But compared with the many treasures our founder left on the Star Island, they’re nothing valuable. Since they will be useful to you, you should have them. You just said that you need 108 of them for the third level sword formation, didn’t you? Then I will give them all to you.”

After saying this, Lord Spirit Sound waved her hand. Suddenly, 108 swords, s.h.i.+ning with lavender light, flew out one after another and floated in front of Jian Wushuang.


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