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Chapter 2283 Annihilation

“Die, young one.”The bald man said coldly. He pointed his right index finger at Jian Wushuang.

From the tips of his fingers, a ray of brilliant white light erupted and headed for Jian Wushuang’s heart.

Jian Wushuang could not react when the bald man was at such a close distance and the light was traveling at a terrifying speed.


The white light pierced through his heart and destroyed his heart.

Jian Wushuang could not even resist before his divine body started to crumble.

Not too long after his divine body had crumbled, a large amount of divine power gathered as Jian Wushuang’s divine body reformed at a s.p.a.ce not too far away.

After his divine body had reformed, he started das.h.i.+ng out of the area covered in black mist without any hesitation.

“Too powerful. Thirty thousand years ago, the Blood Emperor shook Heaven and Earth with the Opposing Blood Formation which allowed him to have the power of a Divine Demon. The two Masters of the Holy Land could use even greater amounts of power compared to the Blood Emperor. They must be at least ten times stronger!” Jian Wushuang was terrified.

During the battle against the Blood Emperor, he had used the blood essence given to him by Emperor Thirteen and casted the Secret Skill of Star Palace for a long time. This had enabled his combat power to be a thousand times more powerful, yet he barely been evenly matched.

He had finally killed the Blood Emperor using the Mountain River Map and with the help of his master, Xuan Yi.

Now, there were two Masters of the Holy Land who were ten times more powerful than Blood Emperor. Jian Wushuang had no way of beating them.

More importantly, he could not cast the Secret Skill of Star Palace like he had back then.

He did not have Emperor Thirteen’s blood essence.

“Escape! Escape!”

Jian Wushuang was trying his best to escape.

His eyes were fixed on the area outside where the dark mist didn’t reach.

He knew that both Masters of the Holy Land would only have such an insane fighting power inside an area covered in dark mist.

Once they had left the area covered by dark mist, their fighting power would be around the same as that of Emperor Thirteen and Leng Ruxue’s master.

Even though they would still be more powerful than Jian Wushuang at that power level, it would be too difficult to kill him then.

This meant that Jian Wushuang would survive if he could escape to the area not covered in the black mist.

The bald man knitted his eyebrows when he saw Jian Wushuang reform his body and continue to try and escape. He muttered to himself, “Is that the Body of Undying?”

The bald man did not chase after Jian Wushuang as he noticed that the woman in crimson clothes had disappeared.

Jian Wushuang continued to escape and was already at the outermost area of the black mist. He was about to exit this area.


“Little one, where are you rus.h.i.+ng off to?” He heard a mocking voice.

Jian Wushuang realised that the lady in crimson clothes was standing in front of him.

“This speed…” Jian Wushuang shook his head.

He thought that the speed the bald man had was already incredible. He could not even react when the bald man attacked him at that speed.

Now, he realised that this woman was even faster than the bald man.

“Haha. A mere expert in the chaotic realm has the Body of Undying and such an abundance of divine power. I am interested in you. How about this, I lack a male servant. I will Soul Control and bring you to the Absolute Beginning Divine World and find out all of your secrets.” The lady in crimson cloak smiled. Her smile seemed magical.

The woman did not move, but a wave of terrifying soul power crashed towards Jian Wushuang.

Jian Wushuang felt as though there was a vast ocean of soul power cras.h.i.+ng towards him.

It was too vast and overbearing.

Jian Wushuang thought that his soul power was already very powerful after taking so many Ice Soul Elixirs.

Compared to this ocean of soul power, his soul power was nothing.

This soul power rushed towards his sea of consciousness.

“You want to soul control me? Dream on!!”

Jian Wushuang yelled. Power started rus.h.i.+ng out from the Five Gem Armor and the Soul Swallowing Pearl within his body as they tried to defend against the ocean of soul power.

At the same time, Jian Wushuang formed many layers of defence using his soul power within his sea of consciousness.


Under the impact of such a powerful wave, Jian Wushuang started to tremble before he spat out a mouth of blood. However, his eyes were still burning with determination.

“I failed? Then so be it. Since I cannot control you, just die.”

Rays of beautiful crimson light were emitted from the woman as they formed sharp crimson swords. They immediately descended upon Jian Wushuang.

Jian Wushuang tried to deflect them using the Blood Mountain Sword. However, these crimson swords avoided his blade easily before piercing his divine body.

Countless crimson swords pierced numerous holes in Jian Wushuang’s divine body. His body crumbled quickly.

Just as Jian Wushuang was about to reform his divine body, the woman in crimson clothes stared at him with her iris. Immediately, waves of crimson divine power swept out and formed a vast ocean of red. This ocean of red divine power wrapped around the divine power left behind by Jian Wushuang as they tore it apart.

“Be annihilated.”

The woman in crimson clothes said softly as the ocean of red divine power started to hunt down what remaining divine power that Jian Wushuang left behind.

“This is bad.”

Even though Jian Wushuang’s divine body had crumbled, he could still think clearly. He wanted to reform his body. He was shocked that the amount of divine power he had was shrinking under the effects of the ocean of red divine power. If this continued, all of his divine power would be destroyed.

If that happened, he would definitely die.

“Is this the end?”

Jian Wushuang muttered to himself, unwilling to resign himself to his fate.

Of course he was unwilling to be resigned to this fate!

Since the day he started cultivating, he had broken through countless barriers and gone through countless hards.h.i.+ps to get to where he was today.

Now, he had finally got back his wife’s soul. Before he could take it out safely to awaken her, he was going to die. They would not have a proper reunion.

How could he be willing to resign himself to his fate?

No matter what he was feeling, there was nothing he could do as his divine body had already crumbled and he could not even rea.s.semble it.


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