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When this sweet and enticing kiss ended, Xiao Li was already in an overwhelming state of intoxication, so much so that his cheeks were lightly brushed with a shade of currant red. He leaned against the wall with his head slightly raised towards the ceiling, urgently gasping for air that seemed to escape his lips without his knowing. After a long while, he was finally able to focus his hazy gaze on Qi Xiu Yuan.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s scorching eyes stared back at him as if waiting for him to come back into reality.

Looking at him, Xiao Li felt that when this man was not smiling or laughing, his eyes seemed to be devoured with desires and an endless sea of other emotions he could not seem to discern. And his face…the lines on his face were rendered rough yet soft to the eyes. His hair was wet and hung loosely along the side of his face in a messy array. As droplets of water flowed down his face, it felt behind an insufferable feeling that beckoned to blossom.

Xiao Li was no longer able to avoid those eyes that captured and drew him into its mesmerizing void. All he could feel was the burning sensation that erupted deep within his chest and spread through his body, leaving him weak and unable to control himself. His pink tongue darted out and traced along the lines of his own lips, slowly and sensually licking it from corner to corner.

Watching him attentively the entire time, the look in Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes seemed to have immediately deepened even more.

“Beautiful……” A soft moan then gently pirouetted out of Qi Xiu Yuan’s throat. He pressed his lips against Xiao Li’s, slowing rubbing at it before his hot tongue slithered out to lick and taste it.

Reveling in the feelings, Xiao Li doesn’t have even an ounce of strength left in himself nor did he wanted to push him back. In his life, he never knew that licking and kissing would leave behind such a pleasant and lovely feeling like this. Qi Xiu Yuan’s tongue slowly moved away from his lips, and traced along the line of his chin until it reached his Adam’s apple then lightly sucked the smooth skin that rested there.

Xiao Li exhaled sharply while his hands hung powerlessly at the side of his body. Qi Xiu Yuan muttered something as if in admiration of the seductive body pressed against his. As his tongue travelled all the way down to the left side of Xiao Li’s deep cerise nipple, it left behind a trace of wetness that seemed to scar his skin.

Xiao Li unknowingly shuddered into the pleasure. The feeling of Qi Xiu Yuan’s warm and moist lips wrapped around his nipple, teasing the tip with his tongue lured Xiao Li out of the desires that took hold of him. The sudden stimulate forced his head to shoot upward, knocking into the wall behind him.

“Qi Xiu Yuan……” His voice was hoa.r.s.e and feeble as he placed his hands weakly on Qi Xiu Yuan’s shoulder in an attempted to push him away. “I don’t like……”

Qi Xiu Yuan answered his plead by sucking hard on his left nipple again, causing Xiao Li to lose his breath. He turned his body slightly to the side in a struggle to get out of his control.

As the water flowed down their bodies, Qi Xiu Yuan continued to suck, lick and bite his nipples, reveling in the softness of it against his tongue while saying in between each breath, “Why……”

Because that made him felt like a woman.

Feeling faint, Xiao Li pieced his thoughts together as he reached out to touch Qi Xiu Yuan’s face, trying to push his mouth away from his chest.

As if he understood what Xiao Li was thinking, Qi Xiu Yuan let out a m.u.f.fled laughter. This seemingly innocence laughter triggered a series of trembles to crawl all the way down toward the end of Xiao Li’s spine, as if kissing his entire back, leaving no place untouched.

Xiao Li immediately thought of protesting, but all he heard was a soft moan escaping his own nearly quivering lips. Feeling annoyed, he willed more strength into his hands to push Qi Xiu Yuan’s face away.

This time Qi Xiu Yuan did not persist. Instead, he simply seized this chance to lick the gap between Xiao Li’s index and middle fingers. Xiao Li swiftly hid his hand which gave way for Qi Xiu Yuan’s tongue to taste the skin on his chest once again. Then without warning, he slowly lowered his body and gently glided his tongue down, licking pa.s.s the st.u.r.dy yet elegant lines that silhouetted Xiao Li’s belly, and lower towards his flourishing member.

“How about this?” Qi Xiu Yuan was already kneeling on the wet floor. He deliberately blew out a hot breath that fanned the aching member in front of him. All the while, his burning gaze seduced Xiao Li’s.

“Do you like it?”

“You don’t have to……ahhhh……”

Qi Xiu Yuan teased by flicking his tongue against the sensitive member a couple of times. Before long, the wet and hard member entered the hot mouth awaiting it. Xiao Li suddenly moaned and closed his eyes.

It’s not that no woman has done this to him before, but this was Qi Xiu Yuan. Xiao Li shuddered into the feeling as another moan broke free and his fingers clung helplessly on the flat and smooth surface of the ceramic tiles behind him.

When he finally opened his eyes, and looked down, Qi Xiu Yuan was also looking at him. His mouth was still sucking in his member, but the expression in his eyes seemed to be consumed by Xiao Li’s alluring presence. As if enjoy a beautiful scenery and inspecting the territory, Qi Xiu Yuan’s heated gaze swept all over his trembling body.

Xiao Li closed his eyes again. By now, the entire bathroom was filled with gasped and low m.u.f.fled moans that he tried his hardest to restrain. The constant sound of Qi Xiu Yuan’s mouth sliding back and forth, mingled with his own drumming heartbeats that crashed loudly into his ears.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s method in licking and sucking was full of pa.s.sion and techniques. His mouth would move forward and tightened as it wrapped fully around his member. He would then swallow as his nimble fingers played with his b.a.l.l.s. The moans that Xiao Li torturously held in, became a bit louder and seemed to break into pieces as his hands crawled down towards Qi Xiu Yuan’s hair, gripping it tightly before he started to move it even closer against his body.

Looking at it from Qi Xiu Yuan’s point of view, Xiao Li’s expression was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with patient and desires. Whenever his chest moved up and down, his nipples that were already fully erected followed suit. It was clear to see the muscles on his body tightened, making his desires more appearance. And, the warm beads of sweat and water on his body attracted all the lights in the bathroom, causing it to shimmer.

When a deep moan came crawling out of the depth of Xiao Li’s chest, Qi Xiu Yuan quickened his own pace. He licked and sucked faster while enjoying the look on Xiao Li’s face; never had he ever felt such temptation like this before.

Xiao Li’s breathing became shallow and anxious. The gentle way Qi Xiu Yuan’s tongue fondled him nearly caused him to lose all his rationality. He could sense his own weakened thighs tense up, then consumed by a burst of trembles. His fingers firmly gripped Qi Xiu Yuan’s hair, wanting to push him away. But, when he gasped for air, his voice shuddered in pleasure instead.

“Don’t……I’m going to……ah…ahh……”

In just a split second, Xiao Li reached his climax with a low and repressed voice. All his muscles tightened up, giving way for his chest to push forward, creating a beautiful arch. Then his body slid down before he collapsed against the wall behind him, panting vigorously.



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