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Chapter 552 Sacred inheritance

Fang Yuan finally failed to see Su Li’s face and then fainted.

The long darkness didn’t make him think a lot. It seemed that someone specially cast a spell, which made him sleep well.

When he woke up, he was already in a wing-room. As soon as he opened his eyes, Fang Yuan heard Su Buw.a.n.g’s excited shouting beside him.

“Uncle Fang is awake!”

There was a sound of footsteps out of the door, and then a gray-haired doctor took his pulse.

“How is he?”

Su Qingtan and others asked with concern. The old man removed his palm in surprise and then replied,

“It is so weird. Lord Fang Cun was seriously injured when he came back. Not only did his internal organs hurt, but also his pubic region had cracks. I thought that Lord Fang Cun would be in a coma for at least half a year, but he woke up in merely three days, and his internal injuries were almost healed. It is really a miracle!”

Su Buw.a.n.g was overjoyed when he heard the response of the doctor. “Great! Whether it is weird or not, I just know heaven helps the worthy!”

An expression of speculation flashed in Su Qingtan’s eyes, and he smiled, “Buw.a.n.g was right. The most important thing is that he has healed. Thanks, Dr. Bai.”

“You’re welcome. I will go and see Lord Zui.”

Su Qingtan glanced at Su Buw.a.n.g with a fake smile, and said to Dr. Bai, “I will go with you.”

Then there were only Su Buw.a.n.g and Fang Yuan left in the room.

Fang Yuan stared at Su Buw.a.n.g. Feeling the tolerance gleamed from his eyes, Su Buw.a.n.g lowered his head with a look of shame on his face, and murmured, “Uncle Fang, I…”

Although he couldn’t remember clearly after Blood Mist Person appeared, the memory before that was engraved in his mind.

He dared to take actions on Uncle Fang, and…almost killed Uncle Fang personally! Uncle Ling Mo was seriously injured as well.

Over the past few days, he had been staying Fang Yuan’s bedside with fear, not leaving an inch. He even dared not to sleep and couldn’t help woolgathering.

Fortunately, things didn’t turn out to be bad.

Fang Yuan gave a gentle smile, “It’s not your fault. You were controlled by the master of the Blood World, so don’t blame yourself.”

Su Buw.a.n.g’s body trembled slightly, feeling relieved eventually. He scratched his head and smiled,

“I know it! That was the trick of the Blood World, but Uncle Fang, why me? And those inexplicable memories must all be fake! My mother is a maidservant. How could she be related to the b.l.o.o.d.y Accident of Holy Spirit in the Reincarnation Mirror?”

“You are not right.”

Fang Yuan shook his head calmly with affirmation. “Your mother is the master of the Reincarnation Mirror, Su Li!”

Su Buw.a.n.g instantly widened his eyes, and his breathing stagnated.

The extreme area of Yin was covered by swamps.

Su Li was sitting in the nothingness, holding the Nixue Bead in her hand, and a faint divine gleam appeared around her body.

Occasionally, when a ghost was attracted, it would be instantly captured by the guardian Hong Baizhu and put it in the Black Lotus Ring.

After a while, Su Li opened her eyes, and the gleam on her body slowly faded.

After dealing with the Blood World, she came here to continue collecting ghosts. In addition to feeding Su Bai, she also prepared in advance for nature’s punishment when she took actions on holy sects someday. Thus, the more, the better.

However, the forces of the ghosts in this area were limited. Except for certain powerful ghosts, others would be collected by Hong Baizhu, and then Su Li was free to study the Nixue Bead, which had been thoroughly understood by her in just a few days.

“It has been activated. Carrying it can improve oneself, help health care, and even awaken some talents. It is a good treasure. But Nixue Emperor is too ancient, and the inheritance methods left behind are incomplete.”

Su Li frowned and erased the incomplete methods. Then she called, “Black Lotus.”


Black Lotus reluctantly got out of the ring, “What can I do for you, Master?”

“Don’t play dumb.”

Su Li gave the Nixue Bead to Black Lotus. “You know what to do.”

Black Lotus twitched his mouth, almost crying. For tens of thousands of years, he had managed to collect a plenty of methods… How could he just hand it over!

“Master, I…”

“Don’t negotiate with me. Since you recognize me as the Master, Buw.a.n.g is your Little Master. It may not be proper if you don’t take out a school’s inheritance.”

“A school’s inheritance?”

Indignation was filled with Black Lotus’ eyes. “Dear Master, not every treasure can withstand a school’s inheritance like me. This bead is just an imitation of the Nixue Bead, and it has reached its limitation to be embedded with the sacred inheritance. If improved further, this bead is bound to be destroyed.”

Su Li raised her brows slightly and seemed to listen attentively.

Black Lotus felt that the dignity of the past had returned a bit. Then he shook his head and said, “Even if the sacred inheritance is put into the bead, it will disappear after a long time. Besides, I haven’t even heard of Nixue Emperor. Since ancient times, every stronger boasts his own name instead of being named by a treasure. This person is definitely not a strong one.”

“You really know a lot,”

Su Li said indifferently while looking at Black Lotus with a fake smile.

Black Lotus came to his sense with a s.h.i.+ver immediately, and was shocked to realize that it was a slip of the tongue. His forehead was sweating, and he hurriedly said, “I am not as knowledgeable as you, Master…”

“Well, since you don’t want to talk more about the past, I won’t force you. Prepare a sacred inheritance as soon as possible and insert it. Even if it is a copy of the Nixue Bead, it is better than nothing.”

Su Li waved her hand, and Black Lotus smiled bitterly. After returning to the Black Lotus Ring with the Nixue Bead, he gave himself a big slap.

“Why did you talk so much!”


The Little Beast of Reincarnation laughed cheekily and walked out of the darkness, “After so many years, your bad habit of showing off didn’t change, unlike me…”

Black Lotus’s eyes twitched and he sneered, “Unlike you, a stupid a.s.s, who has lived for so many years, was still tricked by a human, and ended up with a shattered body. I am much smarter than you!”


The Little Beast of Reincarnation was poked to the pain, whose tiger-like eyes flashed angrily. Leaping towards Black Lotus, it was about to bite him.

“d.a.m.n! You stupid a.s.s! Take a kick from me!”


The two spirits were fighting in the ring s.p.a.ce like street gang, which was so childish.

Su Li retracted her gaze and laughed quietly.

Black Lotus always thought that she couldn’t see the scene in the ring s.p.a.ce, but…since he hid it, naturally, Su Li could not be completely confessed to him.

After a while, Black Lotus quickly found a suitable sacred inheritance to integrate into the Nixue Bead, and handed it over to Su Li.

“This inheritance is called “Stars Practice”. Although it is not a school’s inheritance, it is also top in the sacred inheritance, practiced by many disciples of schools. This method is all-encompa.s.sing and can be used to cultivate both methods and bodies. The only one shortcoming is that it needs a lot of pneuma and blood to support, but with the help of the imitated Nixue Bead, there is no other defect. Thus, it is great for Little Master to practice.”

Su Li took the bead with satisfaction, and suddenly asked, “Black Lotus, what is the real Nixue Bead like? How is it ranked among the top treasures?”

Black Lotus was silent for a moment, and sighed, “It’s not a secret anyway. The Nixue Bead ranks eighth. It could control all blood in the world and was considered a terrifying evil treasure in ancient times.”

Speaking of this, Black Lotus’s tone changed, “All of the treasures have been destroyed except me; only the replicas remain, which are of no great use.”

Su Li smiled slightly, “In that case, your ranking is at least before the eighth place, but I haven’t seen anything special about you other than capturing ghosts.”

Black Lotus suddenly sweated on his forehead, and said in a shame, “I have survived the catastrophe and have been destroyed a lot. Therefore, I am not as brave and powerful as I was back then.”

“Is that so?”

Su Li asked meaningfully. Black Lotus suddenly felt the pressure increased, and was trying to think over how to explain, but Su Li changed the topic and asked, “What about the treasure in the body of Fang Yuan?”

Black Lotus relieved, and quickly replied, “Tianhe Sect originally had no treasure. His ancestors collected the power of the whole sect eight thousand years ago, and then refined this treasure, named Tianhe. Although it is a bit mysterious, reaching the level of mine, the precipitation time is too short, so the spirit is underdeveloped, which cannot be ranked into the top treasure. The real treasure doesn’t have to be controlled. Just like me, as long as you order me…”

“Stop here. I’ll go back. You two continue to catch ghosts, but don’t eat too much. You will be punished for insufficient ghosts!”

Su Li waved her hand to interrupt Black Lotus, and disappeared immediately.

“She is harder to fool.”

Black Lotus wiped his cold sweat, and looked at Hong Baizhu with bright eyes. The little girl stepped back in fear, but she was very stubborn and pouted,

“Sister didn’t allow you to eat more. I have caught 2036 ghosts, and I remember it very clearly!”

Black Lotus’s face was dark suddenly.

The little girl was stingy like Su Li after such a short time!

In Juecheng City, there was a joyous atmosphere everywhere, and even violent conflicts were much less frequent.

The three major forces even worked together to celebrate the disappearance of the Blood World by hosting a banquet in Linli Building, the largest in the city, and the banquet had extended from the winery to the surrounding streets.

Linli Building showed to celebrate with all citizens, and welcomed everyone!

“So luxury.”

Su Li walked to the door of the banquet and chuckled softly.

“That’s true! Linli Building is the No.1 force in Juecheng City, rich in wealth. Thus, the feast for eliminating the Blood World should represent the style of a great sect!”

Su Li turned her head and saw a young pract.i.tioner wearing a purple and gold robe looking at her.

Although Su Li was veiled, the young pract.i.tioner’s eyes lit up with amazement at the beauty of her eyes.

At the same time, he was also cautious. What did it mean for such a beautiful female pract.i.tioner to walk alone in Juecheng City?

He was not an idiot with only beauty in his mind.

“Blood World has been eliminated? I am a casual pract.i.tioner named Qingshui, a newcomer here. I didn’t understand what you said. Could you please detail it to me?”

Su Li noticed the alert in his eyes and then asked softly.

The purple-robed young pract.i.tioner laughed after hearing this, “My named is Shan Zhonghe, from Lieyang Villa, and it is my honor to solve the doubts of you.”

Then, Shan Zhonghe really gave a general idea about the Juecheng City, which was not a secret among the three major forces and could be known with a little inquiring, so there was no need to hide it.

“I heard that this time, Juecheng City achieved the victory because of a newly added powerful man named Fang Cun! Without his full support, Juecheng City would still be in jeopardy by the Blood World for many years.”

As Shan Zhonghe sighed with emotion, he glanced at the center of the street, and his eyes immediately lit up, “Look! That’s Lord Zhuo, the top official of Linli Building!”


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