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Chapter 505 It’s Easy

Xuan Jingzhou stared at Su Li with a cold face and said gloomily, “Fellow Pract.i.tioner Su, you carried the joke too far, didn’t you?”

As he said, he placed his right hand behind his back secretly, and a rune appearing in his hand.

“My Jiguang Sect is a decent sect, and would not get entangled with such an evil cult definitely.”

The black-clothed elders guarding at the two sides of the hall also changed into cold faces, and they stepped closer to Su Li’s back silently.

For an instant, the atmosphere in the hall was thick with tension.


Suddenly, the silent was broken by Su Li’s chuckle. She apologized, “I am presumptuous. Hope you don’t mind.”

She spread her hands as she said. Then the “Sound Acquaintance” flew in front of Xuan Jingzhou automatically. “Since you are unwilling to answer my question, I will change another one. Would you mind telling me some secrets about the Tianyin Tribe, Lord Xuan?”

Xuan Jingzhou was stunned when Su Li asked the question suddenly, and then quickly reacted. Looking at the “Sound Acquaintance” at hand, he couldn’t help accepting it, and raised his head to order the two people behind Su Li, “You two leave here first.”

The elders in black were the Xuan Jingzhou’s confidants cultivated by him. And they would never resist his orders. The two looked at each other with a glance and then withdrew from the hall one after another.

In a blink of an eye, there were only Su Li and Xuan Jingzhou sitting opposite in the hall.

Xuan Jingzhou picked up the teapot and poured a cup of tea for Su Li personally. Since the tension dropped away, Xuan Jingzhou asked with a smile, “What do you want to know?”

Su Li smiled, “Would you mind telling me all that you know? I think an immortal poisonous insect with extraordinary significance is enough to be a reward, right?”

Xuan Jingzhou frowned secretly. He still couldn’t figure out Su Jiuzhou’s background. Was she an enemy or a friend? Was she sent by the holy sects to test him? Or…

With his eyes flas.h.i.+ng, he asked instead of answering, “I haven’t asked who your teacher is. You are so young but can defeat the strong person who is in nature’s rest. You are such a talent. Your teacher must be a big shot who practices higher than Junior Emperor in the cultivation circle, right?”

Hearing Xuan Jingzhou’s unvarnished probe, Su Li only smiled and took a sip of tea, having no intention of answering.

Seeing her reaction, Xuan Jingzhou felt helpless. The woman with weird methods was so cruel and ruthless that he really didn’t want to offend her. Therefore, even if he had obtained the immortal poisonous insect, he still didn’t dare to fool her. He immediately recalled all the information about the Tianyin Tribe and explained it slowly.

“Because the Tianyin Tribe is the only holy sect in the Jiuli Region, I have collected a lot of news over these years.

Although the Tianyin Tribe is only a newly promoted holy sect less than two thousand years, its foundation is firm. The ordinary holy sects only have one Junior Emperor, while the Tianyin Tribe has two, and they are young…”

Su Li listened quietly. The strength of the Tianyin Tribe was described clearly by Xuan Jingzhou. Although the description might not be accurate, she indeed gained more information.

The standard for being the holy sect was the Junior Emperor. That was the figure in the Dacheng Realm.

With no inheritors, the prosperity of the ancient times might not reproduce in the cultivation circle of Qingshui Circle where almost no trace of the Junior Emperors’ activities could be found. Su Li guessed that there might be only those four great sects that had Junior Emperors.

“…The system of cultivating descendants for the Tianyin Tribe is similar to that of other sects, just with little differences. Yi Wenying you saw in the Huangxing Chamber of Commerce, is a holy boy. He is a talent with small potential, equivalent to the core disciple in a sect. And those tribal disciples who reach the standard of talents are given the t.i.tle of ‘disciples of immortal’, also known as ‘Great Holy Boy’ or ‘Great Holy Girl’. The talents have extremely high status in the Tribe, and many resources of the Tribe are also given to the small group of people. As long as they don’t die young, they will be the rulers in the future!”

Finally, he talked about the disciples of immortal…

Su Li’s eyes flashed. She was waiting for this moment. She pretended to be suspicious and asked, “I once heard you mentioned the ‘Great Holy Boy, Yi Mo’ in the venue. Does he have any special as a talent? Why did you mention him particularly?”

Yi Mo… Ling Qinglan…

A touch of hatred flashed across the Xuan Jingzhou’s eyes, but he didn’t show it on the surface. He just thought Su Jiuzhou in front of him was really curious, and said,

“Speaking of him, he is also a famous person in the Tianyin Tribe. He and his sister Yi Xue, the Great Holy Girl, are known as two talents in the Tianyin Tribe together. The two have become famous a thousand years ago. After they survived from the b.l.o.o.d.y Accident of Holy Spirit, their cultivation was even more remarkable. It was only after hundreds of years that they have broken the Yuanying Realm and reached Huashen Realm. Now more than 500 years have pa.s.sed, their cultivation might be even more unfathomable.”

The more Su Li listened, the more doubts she had in her heart. According to Xuan Jingzhou’s words, Ling Qinglan and Yi Xue both returned to the Tribe and never left.

So… who were the two people staying in the Jiuzhou Region?

She narrowed her eyes, rubbed the surface of the Black Lotus Ring, and said slowly, “Lord Xuan really did a deep research to the Tianyin Tribe. I have gained a lot. But I have the last question. If I want to destroy the Tianyin Tribe completely, Lord Xuan… do you have some advice?”

Xuan Jingzhou was in a daze, and thought that he misheard. So, he asked in amazement, “What did you say?”

With a smile, Su Li dropped eyes and took a sip of tea, as if she just talked about a trivial matter.

“I said that I want to ruin the Tianyin Tribe. You did not mishear it.”

The hall was plunged into deathly silence once again.

Xuan Jingzhou stared at the young and overly beautiful face. It seemed to be wired that the b.l.o.o.d.y words came out from the woman’s mouth.

To destroy the holy sect. Did Su Jiuzhou go mad?

With his eyelids twitching, Xuan Jingzhou thought that he encountered a big trouble when he thought of Su Jiuzhou’s words and actions.

“Only evil pract.i.tioners would exterminate an entire sect. Evil circle…”

He struggled to keep calm and asked in a low voice, “Can I ask why do you want to exterminate the holy sect, the Tianyin Tribe?”

He deliberately stressed the two characters “holy sect” in order to remind her the strength of the Tianyin Tribe. However, the comely girl in front of him didn’t seemed to care about it at all. With clear and bright eyes, she only smiled and replied,

“I just do not like the sense of superiority of the holy sect. Isn’t it good to ruin it? In that case, your Jiguang Sect will become the first sect in the Jiuli Region. What’s wrong with that?”

Looking at the face of Su Li who took it for granted, Xuan Jingzhou had a twitch on his face and smiled bitterly, “Things are not that simple…”

He was more convinced that he had met a madwoman of the evil circle, who bit off more than she could chew.

But the evil pract.i.tioner had methods that he was scared of. He couldn’t answer casually.

“Destroy a holy sect…”

Xuan Jingzhou muttered. He began to think about such a ridiculous problem seriously for the first time. After a long time, he raised his head and said with his face filled with bitterness, “If you want to ruin a holy sect, you must eliminate its Junior Emperors. Otherwise, it is impossible to ruin it.”

“It doesn’t matter. I have enough time.”

Su Li blinked, with a hint of innocence on her face, “The Junior Emperor is not immortal. How can the two Junior Emperors pay attention to the Tribe all the time? Lord Xuan, is there any way that could hurt the vitality of the Tianyin Tribe?”

Xuan Jingzhou had just dealt with it helplessly. However, after he heard the words, a thought flashed in his heart suddenly, and his heart beat wildly immediately.

“Perhaps…he can kill the two by exploiting this girl…”

Xuan Jingzhou suppressed the excitement in his heart, and his brain functioned rapidly.

“The evil pract.i.tioner… Her death is not to be regretted. If she could really find a way to kill the two and liberate the souls, Qinglan and his elder sister might be saved…”

Thinking of this, Xuan Jingzhou arranged sentences immediately. Then he pretended to be surprised and said, “Fellow Pract.i.tioner Su, the Mirage Immortal Festival in five days later may be an opportunity for you.”

A half day later, Su Li stayed in the guest room of the Jiguang Sect. After waving her hand to withdraw the maid, she closed the door and sat on the futon, frowning slightly.

The Mirage Immortal Festival was the most important traditional festival for the Tianyin Tribe, which aimed to pay tribute to the ancestor of the Tianyin Tribe, the Mirage Immortal.

According to legend, the Tianyin Tribe was also a big clan in ancient times. There were immortals in the clan. Among them, the Mirage Immortal advanced farthest on the road of cultivation. Later, for some reason, all the immortals in the world were missing, and the Mirage Immortal also disappeared together. The Tianyin Tribe declined sharply, while the people of the Tianyin Tribe didn’t believe that the most powerful immortal in their tribe had just died. Therefore, they held a sacrificial activity every year, hoping to get a response.

Whether it was fabricated by the Tianyin Tribe, or it was true, it already could not be verified.

Whether it was true or not, it didn’t matter. What was important was that most talents and people on the Tianjiao List of the Tianyin Tribe would gather on the square on that day. Xuan Jingzhou also particularly stressed the disciples of immortals who presided the sacrificial activity were the most powerful older sister and younger brother, Yi Xue and Yi Mo.

“Xuan Jingzhou wants to kill Ling Qinglan and Yi Xue by exploiting me. Why? Black Lotus… What do you think?”

Su Li rubbed the Ring with her eyes flickering. Although Xuan Jingzhou disguised very well today, she still saw his flaws. Xuan Jingzhou must have been involved in the “Linli Building”.

“He stands on my side, while he always wants to kill the ‘Ling Qinglan’ in the Tianyin Tribe. As for the ‘Ling Qinglan’ in the Jiuzhou Region, although I can’t feel the familiar soul fluctuations of him, his demeanor and words can show his ident.i.ty. The two Ling Qinglan…”

Su Li closed his eyes, and her mind gradually became clear.

The awakened Black Lotus helplessly looked at Su Li who was lost in thought. He still wanted to devote his intelligence, but Su Li asked herself actually.

“In ancient times, there was the skill of separating souls. Since the Tianyin Tribe is inherited from ancient times, it is normal for them to master a few uncanny skills. Ling Qinglan and Yin Xue are incomplete. Maybe there are more than one that have been separated…”

Black Lotus uttered his guess.

“Well, if that’s the case, the several separating souls in the Tianyin Tribe…must be killed.”

Su Li opened her eyes abruptly, with a calm gaze. Then she said with a pity, “I am just trying to test Xuan Jingzhou, and don’t want to kill them.”

Black Lotus froze a moment, and then sighed, “The skill of separating souls is an uncanny skill. How could you tell which one is Ling Qinglan and which one is not?”

“It’s easy.”

Su Li squinted her eyes and smiled brightly. The shadow loomed behind her.

“Just kill all the younger generation.”


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