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Chapter 272 – Force Boost!

20th of Platinum Month.

「Ah, so Kurono-san is living here!」

Nell Julius Elrod stood before an outrageously worn-out wooden two-storey building after completing her fated supplementary exams for which she wasn’t able to take part in outdoor manoeuvres training. Right now she was speaking happily just like a hero who had finished a long journey.

Her no sense of direction skill was displayed in full throttle, due to which it took her a lot of time to reach this dorm which wasn’t even at five minutes distance on foot. But more than that, it took her more than a week to find this dorm.

Her elder brother was excellent in efficiently gathering information, however it didn’t go the same for Nell.

Henceforth, she asked others straightforwardly about the dorm where Kurono lived, and like that she had arrived to make a visit.

Originally Nell moved around with either her brother or Charlotte, but they were currently not here due to outdoor manoeuvres training, and she thought of this situation as a fortune.

Nell came here to meet Kurono without anyone to obstruct her, and she gently knocked at the front door that seemed to break open with just a little push.


「Who is it?」


The voice that answered to her call wasn’t from the other side of the door but from right behind her.

Nell was surprised enough to jump about. The wings growing from her back shivered and those white feathers fluttered about.

「Ah, Nell-san?」


But turning around, she found the person she sought for standing behind her, a smiling flower bloomed on her face.

「Um, do you need something?」

Kurono was in his black coat just like when he met Nell a week ago, at that time he was having a cool face while basking in sunlight, however today his forehead was covered with sweat and his body was flushing as if he had just come out of a hot tub bath.

In other words, a scary-face man wearing a coat appeared in front of beautiful princess while panting heavily. If students saw this scene they would definitely say「Nell-sama, get out of there!」, or something like that.

「Ah, yes, yes I want something, but……um, are you fine?」

However Nell spoke words of worry from the bottom of her heart as she saw Kurono’s appearance that seemed to have caught fever.

「Yeah, you mean this, it’s fine. I was just training the『Force Boost』」

Seeing Kurono reply with a bitter smile it was easy to guess that the training wasn’t going well.

「Oh my, is that so! If it is『Force Boost』then I’m an expert at that. So I might be able to help you in learning it!」

She had originally come to return the favour to Kurono. This situation itself was a G.o.dsend for her.

「Eh, is that true? Well then please――no, I can’t be taking that much time of yours……」

The words of agreement in his immediate reply were intercepted by the feeling of restrain.

But, she wasn’t unprepared enough to back down with that answer.

「No, I have come here to help Kurono-san! Therefore, let me help you!」

Seeing Nell proposing with a force not allowing him to give any other answer,

「Y-Yea, is that so……well then, please do so」

Apparently Kurono had no other choice but to say OK.




It has turned something weird, I earnestly thought that while seeing Nell-san standing with a serious expression.

「Well then, let’s activate『Force Boost』without chanting just like an Original Type Magic」

I felt awkward to take time of the Princess from Avalon, I even though to decline her offer, but being attacked with that force I couldn’t possibly decline it.

But, frankly I had also reached my limits, so Nell-san’s proposal was the peerlessly thankful thing for the current me.

「I’m sorry, but I just can’t use the Model Magic at all」

「No, I have heard that most of the black magicians are like that, this is something like innate const.i.tution, so it can’t be helped」

What, she knows black magicians other than me too?

I am quite curious about that, but right now we were talking about『Force Boost』.

「Kurono-san seems to have reached the level of originating internal heat, so there is only a step left to activate it. If you just grab the feeling after success, you will certainly learn it」

Whoa, I had already reached such a great stage, huh! Great, the hard work I did in past few days didn’t go down the drain.

「Well then, what do I need to do for grabbing that feeling」

「That is you see――」

Nell-san made a proud face and at the same time grabbed my hand.

「I need to support you for the activation by using my Telepathy Ability!」

「I-is that so」

I feel sorry for Nell-san who seemed to be saying ‘how about my idea’, but frankly, I was more concerned about that fact that a beauty like her was grabbing my arms.

The soft warm feeling of a girl’s hand coming from the other side of cursed gloves just seems to take my consciousness towards them. I have gotten used to Lily, but thinking that some other person was giving me this feeling I felt strange.

Even more when there was a problem regarding s.e.xual desires and whatnot yesterday.

「Ah, I’m sorry, my Telepathy is not powerful so I can’t perceive other person’s mind clearly unless I touch them. Can I ask you take out those gloves too?」

「Agh, yes」

My rationality comes back thanks to my hand becoming free temporarily.

She grabbed my hands with a surprise attack before, so if I remain prepared for it this time, even I won’t be fl.u.s.tered.

While thinking something like an excuse, I took out the cursed gloves『Black Haired Curse「Coffin」』a.k.a Hitsugi-chan from my hands.

Incidentally, every time I try to take off her she would resound her shout in my head「Nooo, Master~~, don’t abandon meeeeeeee」and would tighten itself around my hands as if it wouldn’t get off.

So, the results of training have yet to appear.

Well, let’s discipline her into a good girl without any hurry.

「Noooo, Master~~ don’t aband――」


I took out the gloves in a great speed and threw the disobedient maid quite hardly and roughly in the Shadow Gate, as if wanting to scold her.

「Um, Kurono-san, are those gloves――」

Nell opened her mouth with hesitation while seeing me doing a hard struggle, maybe she realized the origin of the gloves.

「Not your size?」

「No, they fit just right」

Looks like she didn’t realize that they are cursed products.

「Well then, can I ask you for help?」

「Ah, yes! Please leave it to me!!」

Again Nell-san overflowed with determination and grabbed my right hand with her both hands.

Ugh, no matter how much I resolve myself, this is still embarra.s.sing.

「Well then let’s start. At first wish for the『Force Boost』to activate just like that. I will guide you from between」

「Got it」

Nell-san closed her eyes and started concentrating. I also shouldn’t be caring all the time about this elementary schooler like embarra.s.sment.

This time I motivated myself and started controlling the internal black magical energy for making the『Force Boost』mine.

「Kurono-san, can you hear me?」

A gentle voice rang out in my brain. Ah, this is the same sensation as Lily’s Telepathy.

「Oh, looks like it isn’t your first time talking via Telepathy」

Whoa, don’t tell me all my thoughts are being leaked right now!?

「Ufufu, not all thoughts, just some part of your will becomes voice and reaches me」

It’s the first time someone read this much of my will, but now I see, so this is the Telepathic ability.

It feels quite marvellous, but I need to concentrate right now.

「Yes, please do your best!」

It seriously bothers me when you respond to my monologue……

But it feels like it would go good now.

It seems that is the right step to change black magical energy into flames and flames into heat. So I started out with calling out the flames.

「Wahh, amazing……the black magical energy seriously turned into flames……」

So Nell-san’s thoughts were also being leaked, eh. Sometimes I could hear her broken words within my mind.

But, I was concentrating on creating black heat that would become the energy source of increasing physical strength, so I took her talks with a grain of salt.

The image within my head was flames burning ferociously.

That was just like how Fiona sent those Crusaders back to embers, strong, big, blazingly hot flames.

Otherwise, the incarnation of overpowering violence and destruction, completely hot, ferocious, and it was covered around Wrath-Pun.

The differences were that the colour of flames was neither gold nor red, but just jet-black.

「……!? These……flames……too much……danger……」

The foundation of magic was imagination, so I imagined more vividly and strongly.

That’s right, the first divine protection is already mine. There is no discomfort in creating flames. If so I can do it, concentrate, give me enormous heat energy just like the『gold sun』――


That time, my concentration was interrupted and my consciousness was forcibly made to change its way.

I dazed for a second because it felt like someone grabbed my head and shook it hard.

「قبضة الذراع تعزيز ممارسة قوية――」

It wasn’t only my consciousness that drifted.

Accompanying it, the heat with explosive power seemingly enough to break apart my body was being discharged in the four directions at super speeds.

If the sweltering heat created by me were to be a long river, then its water was poured into waterways made by someone, and it kept on spreading while diverging complexly throughout the city.

Ah, I see, so this is the effect brought about by the chants.

Every word, every p.r.o.nunciation had the meaning of manipulating magical energy engraved inside, and that acc.u.mulate over and over again bringing about the effect the magic user wanted.

And, that made the magic I wished oh so badly right now into reality.

「Kurono-san, please recite!」

If I had become a second later to understand the meaning of her shout, the ‘water’ would’ve overflowed from those ‘waterways’.

But, I made it in time.

I shouted, believing in my success.

「『Force Boost』!!」


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