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Chapter 430 – Illusion City Maze

“An hour? Good.”

Zhao Feng let out a breath in his heart.

The earlier the Ruins Treasured Palace descended, the better it was for him.

As long as he stalled till when the Ruins Treasured Palace descended, Zhao Feng’s mission was complete.

The Towering Tree Yao’s gap area.


The seven True Lord Ranks and other True Spirit Realm geniuses attacked the main trunk of the Towering Tree Yao.

In the branches, Zhao Feng sat down and comprehended the power of the Wood Spirit Essence Soul as pure waves of essence soul filled his mental energy world.

The Wood Spirit Essence Soul was the Towering Tree Yao’s core and its power of essence soul was similar to the power of its soul.

The Towering Tree Yao had existed for an extremely long time and the profoundness it held within the Wood Spirit Essence Soul wasn’t something a normal being could be compared to.

In this process, Zhao Feng’s soul was strengthened and the energy used from his eye bloodline before was almost fully recovered.

His mind was comprehending the laws of life that the Towering Tree Yao had went through in tens of thousands of years.

Even a King at the Void G.o.d Realm probably wouldn’t have lived as long as this Towering Tree Yao.

Within the dimension of his left eye.

Memories of growing and withering quickly flew by. This was all in the Wood Spirit Essence Soul. Even the Towering Tree Yao itself wouldn’t be able to find these memories that were so deep within his mind and replay it out fully. However, it couldn’t be compared to Zhao Feng in terms of the mastery of the soul and his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye.

In just a while, Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline had healed and his soul was strengthened. Such a quick effect was due to Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye and how he had stepped into the Ancient Dao of the Soul before.

The Wood Spirit Essence Soul would only be fully utilized when falling into the hands of humans and the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye’s was very efficient.

“My mental energy level is much stronger than early stage True Lord Ranks and not too much weaker than a late stage True Lord Rank.”

Zhao Feng was like a sponge that continuously absorbed and comprehended the power of the Wood Spirit Essence Soul.

“Human, how much more time do you need before you can fight?”

The Towering Tree Yao’s injuries were getting worse as it took the attacks from the seven True Lord Ranks and a hundred geniuses from the three sects head on.


Zhao Feng understood that the Towering Tree Yao could probably survive the remaining one hour and he wanted to absorb more of the Wood Spirit Essence Soul.

Boom Boom Bang—-

The Towering Tree Yao took another round of attacks head on and its branches rattled and gave off a low moan of pain like an old man.

“Human, I can’t hold it for much longer. All of these geniuses can challenge those above their cultivation.”

The Towering Tree Yao begged and Zhao Feng found that the power of Wood Spirit Essence Soul that the Towering Tree Yao provided had weakened by a bit.

On one side, it was because of the Towering Tree Yao’s injuries and on the other side, it was because it wanted Zhao Feng to help quickly.

“Brother Tree, I need you Wood Spirit essence soul to support my ranged eye bloodline attack.”

Zhao Feng exited from comprehension and his mental energy state had reached the maximum.

“Ok, hurry.”

The Towering Tree Yao’s mind shook and gave a pure flow of essence soul into Zhao Feng’s mental energy world.

In that instant, Zhao Feng felt his soul become filled with an endless stream.

He couldn’t help but curse that the Towering Tree Yao didn’t give its full support before.

Now hearing that Zhao Feng needed its power to deal with the geniuses from the three sects, the Towering Tree Yao immediately gave one to two percent of its energy to him.

“Let’s start.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and entered the dimension of his left eye.

The freezing pond had extended to eight yards, more than double when he was at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

A strange ripple traveled across the freezing pond. This was Zhao Feng’s source of mental energy and right now, a powerful surge of wood spirit essence soul had appeared.

This meant that Zhao Feng could control his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye and make it last longer.

Under the circulation of the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye, the Towering Tree Yao started to become uneasy and tremble from its soul.

Even the blood silver corpse nearby shook in fear.

“Everyone watch out!”

Chi Gui’s expression changed dramatically as he warned the geniuses of the three sects.

Chi Gui had been injured from the battle with Zhao Feng before and was unable to fight anymore. He rested on the side but kept an eye on Zhao Feng and sensed Zhao Feng’s actions when the latter moved.

“The first target…. is you!”

Lightning Fire G.o.d’s Eye!

Zhao Feng maximised his left eye and a bright flame appeared in his left eye.


A ball of transparent lightning fire enveloped Chi Gui. The power of the Lightning Fire G.o.d’s Eye this time was a level stronger than before.


Chi Gui howled in pain and he released an air of ghosts to put out the lightning fire.

A couple geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace rushed over to help but when they arrived, Chi Gui was on his last breath.

If it were someone else who didn’t specialize in eye bloodline, they probably would’ve died already.

The other six True Lord Ranks were stunned. Not only did Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline not weaken, it had grown stronger.

“Wood…. Wood spirit….”

Chi Gui spat out bitterly before he fainted. Just one Lightning Fire G.o.d’s Eye was enough to make Chi Gui, the person who specialized in eye bloodline the most out of the True Lords, faint.

Zhao Feng now only needed to focus on the remaining six True Lord Ranks and didn’t need to waste any more energy on Chi Gui.

This meant that of the original ten True Lord Ranks, only six had battle capabilities left.

However, this was just the start of a nightmare.

Zhao Feng perched on the branches as his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye seemed to become a limitless abyss that wanted to devour the world.

Eye of illusion – Illusion City Maze!

Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye scanned over the group and of the people from the three sects, over a dozen people were eaten by the abyss in the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye.

In the next instant.


The mote than dozen geniuses felt as if s.p.a.ce had distorted and they appeared in an ancient city, not at the gap of the Towering Tree Yao anymore.

This city was covered in a white mist and the landscape was extremely complex, like a giant maze.

“Where’s this? How did we just suddenly enter here?”

“Dammit! We’ve probably been taken here by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d mental energy skill.”

The more than a dozen people from the three sects were like hot ants running around the maze.

Although they knew that this was just an illusion of Zhao Feng’s, they were still the ones experiencing it and tried to find a way out.

In the real world.

The geniuses of the three sects broke out into chaos.

Over a dozen geniuses ran around or more precisely, ran around in circles.

A small number of them had lost control and were screaming.

Others had locked eyebrows as they thought about how to break through Zhao Feng’s Illusion City maze.

Plop Plop!

A couple that were in the illusions fell from the air and became fertilizer for the Towering Tree Yao.

They were the geniuses who had found the ‘exit’ and ‘flaws’ in the Illusion City Maze.

Amongst the more than a dozen geniuses, there was an early stage True Lord Rank who struggled and ran around in circles.

“The Illusion City Maze expends a lot of energy. Luckily, I have the Wood Spirit Essence soul’s support.”

Zhao Feng stood still and started to improvise his Illusion City Maze.

The Illusion City Maze belonged to the Eye of Illusion and used illusions to stall the enemy.

The difference was that the Illusion City Maze only restricted the enemy but didn’t torture their consciousness.

In the dimension of his left eye, the scenery of the Illusion City Maze became clearer.

“Next time, I can just copy out the structure of the Illusion City Maze which will use far less energy.”

Zhao Feng’s heart moved. Said simply, the Illusion City Maze had been copied by Zhao Feng and the next time he used it he wouldn’t need to think so much.

With the support of the Wood Spirit Essence Soul, Zhao Feng’s mind was strengthened and he had a steady stream of power to help him build this Illusion City Maze.

“Twelve…. Thirteen…. Fourteen… ”

Zhao Feng started to expand the Illusion City Maze.

In the branches. Zhao Feng’s left eye became critically luring and those that looked at it were attracted to it.

Apart from Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er, anyone else that looked at his eyes would become filled with energy from the Illusion City Maze and their senses would be tricked.

They were in the air but their senses had been ‘lied’ to and they thought that they were actually inside a city.

As the Illusion City Maze enveloped twenty people, Zhuang Wan’er and Ye Yanyu were more and more shocked.

“Everyone watch out! Don’t look at his left eye!”

Ye Yanyu warned those that weren’t trapped in the illusion yet.

After all, Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye was the Illusion City Maze’s source of power.

If they didn’t look at the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye, the chances of them being attracted to the illusion were lower.

“Those that have fallen into the illusion, don’t panic. Stay where you are and we’ll come help you.”

The True Lord Ranks sent their spiritual sense into the others’ mental energy and those in the illusion could faintly hear Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er’s voices but most of them still panicked.

Zhao Feng only needed to keep on maintaining the Illusion City Maze and watch out for mistakes.

As time pa.s.sed, the Illusion City Maze successfully enveloped twenty to thirty geniuses including a beginning stage True Lord Rank and early stage True lord Rank.

The other four True Lord Ranks and geniuses all stopped their attacks as they feared for their lives.


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