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Chapter 130 – Top outer disciple

“The challenger, Zhao Feng wins!”

Deacon Qiu’s voice echoed and the outer disciples awoke from their dream.

Hou Yuan had lost!

Shock appeared on the outer disciples faces, they felt like it had come too suddenly.

Zhao Feng’s last attack had easily broken through Hou Yuan’s defense.

The latter’s speed and defense were both weaker than Zhao Feng’s, what confidence did Hou Yuan have to continue fighting?

The last exchange made Lin Fan’s expression, who was ranked 1st amongst the outer disciples, change dramatically.

“What a terrifying attack! It could even threaten cultivators at the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm.” Lin Fan thought in his heart as he inspected Zhao Feng on stage.

4 continuous wins against subst.i.tute inner disciples, this was something that hadn’t happened in a hundred years because according to the rules, one couldn’t challenge people continuously.

The outer disciples present including the subst.i.tute inner disciples looked at Zhao Feng with fear and respect.

“Zhao Feng can beat Hou Yuan, which means that Jiang Yuyan, who’s ranked 2nd, won’t be his match either.”

“With his strength, he even might be able to beat Lin Fan, who’s ranked 1st.”

The crowd started to murmur in low voices. The top 20 outer disciples were also known as subst.i.tute inner disciples and Lin Fan had the record of beating someone at the Ascended Realm.

Jiang Yuyan and Hou Yuan didn’t have much of a difference, but even Jiang Yuyan couldn’t break Hou Yuan’s defense easily.

Zhao Feng had beaten Hou Yuan so easily at the end. It was certain that his strength was stronger than the current 2nd place.

“I’m not his match!” A girl said deeply as she looked at Zhao Feng on the stage.

She was Jiang Yuyan, who was ranked 2nd.

After watching the fight between Zhao Feng and Hou Yuan, Jiang Yuyan came up with this conclusion.

In terms of speed and movement, Zhao Feng easily took 1st. In terms of offense, he was 1st as well since he was able to easily break through Hou Yuan’s defense.

Apart from that, Zhao Feng’s body and strength was just belows Hou Yuan’s.

With the combination of all this, Jiang Yuyan felt fear. She didn’t have a strong defense like Hou Yuan. So if she faced Zhao Feng, she would lose even more horribly.


Jiang Yuyan and Hou Yuan both believed that there was one person who had the chance to defeat Zhao Feng and that person was Lin Fan.

“You’re very strong. From now on, you shall be the new top outer disciple.” Lin Fan smiled.

Hearing this, the crowd was stunned.

What was going on?

Curiosity appeared, all of them knew clearly how strong Lin Fan was.

Could it be that even Lin Fan wasn’t as powerful as Zhao Feng?

“Lin Fan, you haven’t even fought him, so why did you give the t.i.tle of top outer disciple to him?”

Hou Yuan and Jiang Yuyan were both unwilling. They both knew that Lin Fan had even beaten someone of the Ascended Realm, so his strength should be even more terrifying.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng glanced at Lin Fan with his left eye and immediately understood.

“Hahaha… I’m not an outer disciple anymore. 2 days ago, I broke through to the Ascended Realm and I went to the Heavenly Core Division to become an inner disciple.”

Lin Fan’s laughed loudly as a surge of mental energy spread out from his body, pressuring the outer disciples.

Everyone was shocked at this news.

He had broke through to the Ascended Realm and become an inner disciple!

This was the dream of many outer disciples and Lin Fan had finally achieved this dream after fighting amongst the outer disciples for a long time.

Everyone glanced understandingly at Lin Fan.

Zhao Feng smiled as well. He felt that this Lin Fan he had just met was pretty nice.

“Zhao Feng, I believe in a few years time at most, we’ll be meeting as inner disciples.”

Lin Fan gave Zhao Feng a high evaluation.

“I hope so.” Zhao Feng said humbly.

Lin Fan didn’t stay for long and he left behind a group of envious outer disciples.

After Lin Fan left, Zhao Feng once again became the centre of attention.

“Now that Lin Fan’s an inner disciple, doesn’t that mean Zhao Feng’s the new top outer disciple?”

The hearts of the crowd jumped with fear, respect and wary especially people such as Hou Yuan, the Hong brothers and Ji Fengyun.

Zhao Feng was now the top outer disciple, this was a result that the latter didn’t expect as well.

He had swept all the outer disciples and he now stood at the top.

Beating 4 subst.i.tute inner disciples in a row, stunning Jiang Yuyan, who was ranked 2nd and Lin Fan had just reached the Ascended Realm.


Zhao Feng landed in front of Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan. The two were both excited and they didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Next to them, Princess Yun Mengxiang had complex emotions in her eyes as she inspected this youth, who surpa.s.sed her expectations once again.

Somehow, the more she surveyed Zhao Feng, the more she felt that she couldn’t see through him.

Now that Lin Fan had left, the 20 subst.i.tute disciples had 1 spot missing and there was going to be another battle for the remaining slot.

According to the rules, Zhao Feng’s ranked would rise from 3rd to 2nd. But at this moment, Jiang Yuyan walked up to Deacon Qiu and said something.

Deacon Qiu nodded his head and called Zhao Feng over.

“Jiang Yuyan said she isn’t as strong as you. From now on, you shall be the top outer disciple and receive the best treatment.” Deacon Qiu said smiling.


Zhao Feng looked curiously at Jiang Yuyan.

“Zhao Feng! I admit I’m not your match right now, but it won’t be long before I take back the rank that belongs to me.” Jiang Yuyan spoke coldly then turned around and left.

Like this, Zhao Feng became the top outer disciple and on the same day, he moved into another courtyard.

The treatment of 1st place was far better than the others.

For example, Zhao Feng got 10 substandard primal crystal stones each month, which was the same as an inner disciple. At the same time, he would also get other resources.

“Zhao Feng, I heard that the you can go to the Clan and choose a Middle Cla.s.s Mortal Skill in 3 days unless someone challenges you in this period.” Princess Yun Mengxiang came and told him.

Middle Cla.s.s Mortal Skill?

Zhao Feng was excited and surprised when he heard this. Bei Moi’s Rippling Technique was a Middle Cla.s.s Mortal Skill and he had used it to dominate the 5 of them back then.

Xiao Sun trained the Blazing Sun Manual and even though he hadn’t reached a high level, the strength of it was already strong enough to reach the top 10. But Middle Cla.s.s Mortal Skills weren’t open to outer disciples.

Only when one became an inner disciple would they have the chance to learn a Middle Cla.s.s Mortal Skill.

Even though the difference between a Low cla.s.s and Middle cla.s.s Mortal skill seemed small, it was greater than the difference in 1 rank of the Consolidated Realm…

“If there aren’t any accidents in the next 3 days, I should be able to get a Middle cla.s.s Mortal skill.” Zhao Feng was full of expectation.

Of course, he didn’t forget about the Thousand Leaf Pond. It contributed greatly to his goal of entering the Ascended Realm with his body.

Therefore, he spent a lot of time comprehending the 7 array books that old man Zhang had given him.

Because Zhao Feng had already taken 2 Marrow Cleansing Pills, his attributes had risen greatly and his Silver Wall Technique had progressed greatly.

Maybe in 10 days, his Silver Wall Technique would be able to reach the peak of the 9th rank.

Apart from cultivation, Zhao Feng also visited Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan. Everywhere where he went, the outer disciples would greet him.

“Greetings, Brother Zhao!”

Even a few disciples who were older than him and had better talent, would respectfully greet him.

Now Zhao Feng was the top outer disciple and he had crushed every outer disciple below his feet. This goal was achieved earlier than he expected.

With Zhao Feng’s protection, Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan’s days were relaxed.

“Brother Zhao, no one dares to offend us now.”

Yang Qingshan was so happy that his eyebrows stuck out.

Nan Gongfan on the other hand was slightly worried: “Brother Zhao, your performance in the past has been too great. What if it catches the attention of Hai Yun Master?”

“Being an outer disciple, no matter how strong I am, I still won’t catch Hai Yun Master’s attention. Only when I become an inner disciple will I enter his line of sight.”

Zhao Feng was confident. He was sure that Hai Yun Master didn’t even know of his existence right now because he only had a Low tier Spiritual Body and people such as Quan Chen didn’t look at him in the eye.

No matter how strong a disciple at the Consolidated Realm was, they were still an ant.

3 days pa.s.sed in the flash of an eye and no one dared to challenge Zhao Feng’s position.

Jiang Yuyan and Hou Yuan, ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively, both knew that they weren’t Zhao Feng’s match. So the latter immediately went to the Outer Hall Division and applied for consent to get his Middle cla.s.s Mortal skill.

His application needed to be agreed by the Outer Hall Division to prove that there was no “fraud” involved, but Zhao Feng’s strength was true to his name.

The 4 continuous wins that day had shocked all the outer disciples and a few Deacons had even seen it.

The most important part was that a Vice Head had agreed to his challenges and therefore, his application pa.s.sed easily.

“This Hollow Building Token can only be used once. With this token in our hand, you are able to enter the sacred ground of the Clan – the Hollow Building.”

Deacon Qiu handed an azure bronze token over.

The Hollow Building?

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised because he had heard the rumours about the Hollow Building before.

“The Hollow Building isn’t like the Martial art libraries in the mortal world, it’s a place of inheritance from the Clan. According to the rules, a normal inner disciple can only enter the building once before reaching the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.” Deacon Qiu gave a long glance at Zhao Feng.


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