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Chapter 1226: Intent Crystal

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1226 – Intent Crystal

Everyone who was attending the Gulong Martial Gathering, including the spectators, began appearing in front of the enormous palace by means of the five-colored pathway.

A few of these people were fortunate enough to be directly teleported to treasure rooms in the palace, where precious items were just waiting to be taken. But there were also people unlucky enough to be transported to danger zones where they could only curse their fate as they died under a mob of Yao G.o.ds.

Boom! Bang! Cras.h.!.+

The sounds of intense fighting echoed through the palace.

Most of the people who came to the Gulong Martial Gathering had come in groups. For this reason, the majority of the people in the palace acted in squads. It was also safer this way.


Two Quasi-G.o.ds, two True G.o.ds, and two Yao G.o.ds were engaged in a fierce battle.

One Yao G.o.d was Rank Three, and its entire body was formed from wood and vines. Its attacks were unconventional, and its vitality was tenacious.

The other Yao G.o.d was Rank Four. It was a dazzling golden light that could change form at will. Its attacks were swift and fierce, catching people by surprise. However, this golden light Yao G.o.d had much weaker defense and vitality.

Boom! Bang! Cras.h.!.+

After a round of fighting, the team of four succeeded in killing these two powerful Yao G.o.ds.

“These are Intent Crystals!” The Rank Four True G.o.d in this group stared at the chestnut-shaped crystals floating out of the Yao G.o.ds’ bodies in shock.

Intent Crystals allowed one to comprehend the Intent energy within the crystal. Other than some unique places where such crystals grew on their own, one could only obtain them via some incredible expert creating them using their own Intent energy. Many powerful factions and races used Intent Crystals to help the talented individuals of their factions cultivate and comprehend Intent.

“No wonder these Yao G.o.ds possess such profound Intent energy. They have Intent Crystals in their bodies!” The elder’s eyes brightly twinkled.

Even as a Rank Four True G.o.d, he rarely saw Intent Crystals. But now, he was suddenly the owner of seven of them.

“Let’s go deeper!” The elder was excited beyond compare.

The danger level of this palace was very low, but the treasures within were extraordinarily precious. As the first group in, they stood to gain the most.

It wouldn’t take long until news of this treasure ground spread, which was certain to bring a storm of blood and gore down upon this palace.

Separated by several walls from this small squad, Zhao Feng was fighting with a single Yao G.o.d.

“A Rank Three Yao G.o.d with Level Three Water Intent! So strong!” Zhao Feng had a somewhat serious expression on his face.

Even now, not a single one of Zhao Feng’s numerous Intents had reached Level Three. On the other hand, the Yao G.o.ds of this place had all reached a level of Intent on par with their cultivation, making all of them unusually powerful.

However, they didn’t seem to possess any profound combat skills, nor did they possess divine weapons.

“Brat, you’re too weak. Die!” a fish monster with a transparent deep blue body opened up its savage mouth and roared.

“In the Five Elements, Earth counters Water.” Zhao Feng circulated the Sacred Lightning Body, using his Earth Divine Power to apply a Physical Force Lightning Domain.

In a flash, the fish-shaped Yao G.o.d was bound by Zhao Feng’s domain energy.


A black metal triangle appeared in Zhao Feng’s hands, which then transformed into a giant ax. Zhao Feng circulated his Five Elements Divine Power, transforming the five-colored lightning into a dark yellow lightning bolt.

Even though the Five Elements were a fusion of all five elements, one could still convert one element into another. Although Five Elements Divine Power was strong, if one converted the other four kinds of Divine Power into Earth Divine Power, the effects would be extraordinary.

Pop! Hisss!

Zhao Feng cloaked the giant ax in this dark yellow radiance. Heaving it up into the air, he swung it down at the fish Yao G.o.d.

“Ah…!” The fish Yao G.o.d gave a shrill scream.

“Wind Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng immediately used his left eye to fire a Soul eye-bloodline technique at the Yao G.o.d.

The souls of Yao Spirits were usually not strong, and Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent was already equivalent to a peak Rank Two True G.o.d. A Soul eye-bloodline technique was now capable of inflicting terrible damage.


A flame of violet lightning exploded against the fish Yao G.o.d’s soul.

“Heaven Engulfing Palm!” Zhao Feng didn’t give the Yao G.o.d a chance to catch its breath, attacking it physically as well as mentally.

It didn’t take much longer before the fish Yao G.o.d was slayed.


Zhao Feng stretched out his hand and took the three chestnut-shaped crystals, placing them in his Interspatial Dimension. Activating his left eye, Zhao Feng once more observed the black-skinned man ahead of him.

At this time, the black-skinned man was doing battle with a Rank Four Yao G.o.d. The black-skinned man held the clear advantage and swiftly killed off his opponent.

“Shadow Intent and Fire Intent.”

Zhao Feng had developed some understanding of the black-skinned man’s abilities. After all, this person was incredibly strong, and there was a high chance he would become an enemy.

“But if I didn’t have this person leading the way, it would have been very difficult for me to get this far!” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

In addition, the black-skinned man seemed to have a specific target. He had done nothing but kill Yao G.o.ds and press forward, ignoring the treasures on the wayside. It was precisely because he had noticed this that Zhao Feng followed the black-skinned man.

He continued to use his left eye to observe the situation.

“That is…?” His left eye discovered that there was something nearby that was incredibly difficult to see through. Powerful Yao G.o.ds surrounded this object, with the weakest being a Rank Three Yao G.o.d.

Zhao Feng predicted that this might be the black-skinned man’s ultimate goal.

Buzz! Bzzz!

Zhao Feng pushed his left eye to the limit in an effort to see through that object.

“Forget it!” Zhao Feng finally gave up on the effort.

Although he could use the Origin Energy of his G.o.d Eye to strengthen its abilities, it would become extremely weak. The gains would not be worth the losses.

Zhao Feng continued to secretly follow the black-skinned man, taking care of any Yao G.o.ds that appeared along the way.

“The other teams in the palace are also converging on this place.” When he was bored, Zhao Feng would see what was going elsewhere in the palace.

The area that Zhao Feng couldn’t see through could be considered the center of this enormous palace. When searching for treasure, the greatest fortune often resided in the most dangerous place or the most central place. Everyone understood this principle.

Although the black-skinned man had arrived before everyone else, he was alone and encountered progressively stronger Yao G.o.ds as he moved forward. Thus, he began to slow down.

“I should find a place to hide,” Zhao Feng muttered to himself.

Zhao Feng threatened the black-skinned man earlier, so the black-skinned man definitely didn’t have a good impression of him and might even attack him on sight. In addition, only the strongest groups could get this deep into the palace. Zhao Feng had no need to risk his own body.

If the fortune in the center is too dangerous to get, I’ll just leave, Zhao Feng mentally decided.

After all, if he left while everyone was still scouring the palace for treasure, he could avoid all his enemies.

Time slowly pa.s.sed, and as everyone searched the palace, they slowly started approaching the center.

At a certain moment, the black-skinned man finally reached the vicinity of that object Zhao Feng could not see through.

The black-skinned man chose to stop, choosing prudence over haste.

In front of him was a small palace made of five-colored crystal, shrouded in a thick five-colored fog. Upon careful observation, one could see that this five-colored crystal palace was made entirely of small chestnut-shaped crystals: Intent Crystals.

The entire palace was made of Intent Crystals, and it might hold even more precious treasures within!

However, the five-colored fog also concealed many powerful Yao G.o.ds. This dreadful fact ensured that one would not dare to recklessly charge in.

A small and powerful team of four soon arrived at this place as well. Their leader was none other than the rank five prodigy of the Quasi-G.o.d Ranking, Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng.

The four members of Violet Night Hall immediately noticed this palace of five-colored crystal.

And then they noticed the black-skinned man.

“True G.o.d Dark Thief!” the Rank Five True G.o.d of Violet Night Hall stared at the black-skinned man and called out.

The other three members of the Violet Night Hall were stunned. True G.o.d Dark Thief was an extremely famous thief of the Gulong Zone. He would go to any means for the sake of his own personal gain. He had even robbed items from peak four-star factions.

“There is no need for everyone to be so astonished. I, True G.o.d Dark Thief, don’t recall ever visiting Violet Night Hall.” True G.o.d Dark Thief thought for a few moments before messaging them.

“Only because you don’t dare to.” Zi Feng coldly glared at True G.o.d Dark Thief.

True G.o.d Dark Thief gave a wicked smile in reply.

A second team soon arrived, this one led by Quasi-G.o.d Gui Yi.

“Everyone, we should all work together to a.s.sault this place.” True G.o.d Dark Thief took the initiative to communicate with these two squads.

“Work together with you , True G.o.d Dark Thief?” a person in Quasi-G.o.d Gui Yi’s team said.

“Although no one is very willing to work with me, I’m a decent fighter, and if we continue to wait, more and more people will show up, creating even more of a problem!”

True G.o.d Dark Thief’s words struck true. Only two teams and True G.o.d Dark Thief were present. If they attacked the crystalline palace, it would be easier to divide the rewards. If they waited for more people to show up, it would be easier to a.s.sault the palace, but when the time came to divide the rewards, a fierce and b.l.o.o.d.y battle would ensue.

“Okay, we’ll work together!”

In the end, the two factions agreed with True G.o.d Dark Thief.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The two teams and True G.o.d Dark Thief charged forward.

“Get out! This isn’t a place you should have come to!”

“All of you are seeking death!”

Roars of anger came from within the five-colored fog.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Figures exuding mighty auras rushed out of the fog. They were all Yao Spirits that were born within the crystalline palace. At the same time, they were nourished by the vast energy of the crystalline palace, baptized in its Intent. Thus, they all had extremely high cultivations and wielded powerful Intents.

After a few moments of battle, the Yao G.o.ds had the advantage. When they used Five Elements Intent here, their power was boosted.

“These Yao G.o.ds are very strong!” A young Quasi-G.o.d who was forced back by a Yao G.o.d was astonished.

A third team soon arrived on the scene.

“Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue, hurry and help us a.s.sault this place. We’ll divide up the spoils within equally!” Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng immediately invited Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue’s group to join the battle.

After thinking for a few moments, Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue’s group chose to temporarily work together with the others.

Boom! Bang! Cras.h.!.+

With the entrance of a third powerful team, the Yao G.o.ds swiftly began to lose ground.


In the end, the Yao G.o.ds were slaughtered until only five were left.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Although these five Yao Spirits were confident in themselves, they knew that sticking around meant certain doom, so they chose to flee.

The three teams and True G.o.d Dark Thief naturally didn’t have time to chase after these Yao Spirits.

“Hurry and go in!”

The experts rushed into the five-colored crystalline palace with excited looks on their faces.


A faint golden light shot out from a nearby corner.

“Haha, I’ll also go in to take a share of the spoils!”

Zhao Feng had been watching this battle from somewhere nearby this entire time. Now that the battle was over and the Yao G.o.ds guarding the palace were driven away, it was about time for him to move.


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