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Chapter 622: A Gun to Show the Way! (Part 2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Any questions?”

Upon hearing what Liu Zilang had said, Aluka and Cpt were both stunned!

In real life, the two players subconsciously turned to look at Liu Zilang who was sitting beside them.

His face had the usual calm expression but the tone of his voice had an unnatural vicious tang.

Liu Zilang uttered those words because he did not plan to survive past the current circle.

Cpt reflexively opened his mouth. He wanted to ask if he should be the sacrifice instead.

At this time, Aluka glanced at the countdown timer and made a quick decision. “If that’s the case, we’ll leave the jeep with you. After Cpt and I enter the circle, we’ll cover you. See if you can find a way to enter the circle.”

Even though he spoke as so, his spirits were down.

It would be extremely difficult to survive by driving a vehicle while entering a circle which was in a hilly area. Without cover, it was very probable that the driver would die alongside the vehicle.

The jeep was a very slim lifeline for Liu Zilang, a chance for salvation on his path with no exit.

As for how he travelled along the path…

It was all up to fate.

On Hua Xia’s commentary platform.

“At the present moment, all three of our Hua Xia teams are in the match. However, 4AM’s situation seems to be the most perilous. One wrong step and it’s game over for them.”

“That’s right. There’s not much time left on the clock for 4AM to deliberate over a decision. They’re next to the edge of the blue circle and they have to move fast.”

“Oh! Aluka and Cpt have traversed the slope, and they are sticking close to the edge of the safe zone while moving forward. Are they trying to sneak under everyone’s noses?”

“That’s too risky, no? If they’re discovered halfway, there’ll be no place to provide cover for them. They’ll most likely be eliminated in one fell swoop.”

“Hm… Oh? Wait a second! Is Vic staying behind?”

“Oh! He swapped to his Kar98K. Is Vic going to provide covering fire for his teammates?”

“If his position is exposed after he fires his gun, it’s certain death for him! Aluka and Cpt can enter the circle in the meantime but they won’t be able to save him.”


While the commentators on the platform were worried for Liu Zilang, they took a mental note of Aluka and Cpt’s positions behind the reverse slope.

Liu Zilang waited for another short moment and then swiftly lifted the Kar98K in his hands!

Scope in, aim, adjust for trajectory!


A sniper bullet shot out from the muzzle!

The bullet flew past the hilly area that had undulating terrain and landed on one of the players in front of him.


The helmet shatterer had arrived once again!

One of the players of Gold had just got up from the slope when his head suddenly looked like it had been hit by a tomato.

He fell to his knees!

“4AM-Vic knocked out Gold-EscA by headshot with Kar98K!”

Upon seeing this notification, the ominous threat of destruction loomed upon the players of team Gold. They were suddenly short of one player.

That was none other than Vic!

Liu Zilang’s stellar performance in the previous two matches, when he singlehandedly carried his team’s to the top rank, was witnessed not only by the countless members of the audience but also by the compet.i.tors in the tournament.

Liu Zilang was the player they needed to be most cautious of. Furthermore, claiming his head was one of their biggest goals in the tournament.

This time, Liu Zilang had suddenly appeared behind everyone without any defense. Alongside with being shocked, the four players of team Gold were excited.

As long as they killed off 4AM who was currently ranked first in points, the other teams had a chance in laying their hand on the squad tournament champions.h.i.+p trophy!

Upon this thought, one Gold player went to revive his teammate while the other two players swiftly went into defensive mode to prepare for their retaliatory attack.

It was not only Gold who had been set into action. The three players of Windfall, the team which was not too far away from where team Gold was, also swiftly set up their countermeasures.

Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the reverse slope was suddenly being targeted by two teams.

Liu Zilang only had two hands while his opponents had a total of fourteen.

In an FPS game, no matter how fast your reflexes or how G.o.dlike your skills were, it was almost impossible to fight against that many opposing people.

If the opponent was lucky and fired a so-called “crazy shot”, it would spell the end for Liu Zilang who was alone and did not have any form of support.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Liu Zilang could have hidden behind the reverse slope until the coast was clear. He knew how to act alone and react accordingly to the situation.

This time, it was different.

Liu Zilang fired that shot and exposed his position to attract the opponent’s attention.

If he had taken cover behind the reverse slope after firing that shot, Aluka and Cpt who were still trying to enter the circle from the edge of the blue circle would eventually be discovered by the opponent.

Upon arriving at that thought, Liu Zilang took in a deep breath and then closed his eyes for a while. It was as if he was taking a short break.

Then, he suddenly opened his eyes wide.

His mind was highly focused.

His fingers were on the thin line between shaking excitedly and calmly waiting. His eyes were unnaturally sharp.

Beneath his fingers, his “piano keyboard” was emanating a soft glow. It was as if it was waiting in antic.i.p.ation for a maestro to play a brilliant symphony with its keys.

The symphony was ent.i.tled “Fate”.

The only thing Liu Zilang had to do was use his nimble hands and strangle Fate by its throat!

On the other slope not far away, Gen, team Gold’s sniper, was wielding an M24.

He was scanning back and forth behind him. The crosshair on his 8x scope moved as his field of vision wobbled.

On the world-cla.s.s stage, everyone was an elite player representing their respective regions.

So what if the opponent was a legend?

Gen was confident in himself. He was confident that once his opponent’s head peeked out from the slope, he could pull his crosshair over in the shortest amount of time and then explode the latter’s head in one clean shot.

He vaguely imagined the scene where Liu Zilang was left with his head bleeding.

The next moment, without warning…

Gen’s field of vision shook uncontrollably!


A crisp gunshot was delivered to his eardrums.

At the same time, his health level dropped drastically and only a red sliver of health was left.

What had happened?

Gen looked dazedly at the wide slope opposite him. He had no idea where the opponent had shot at him from.

His slight hesitation gave Liu Zilang the opportunity to swap guns!

On the gra.s.sy reverse slope, Liu Zilang was seen changing his position once he had scored a hit with his sniper. As he was moving, the Kar98K in his hands turned into an MK14.

The next moment, he abruptly stuck his head out from the slope and saw Gen who was reacting a little slowly.

‘I hope this bro isn’t an idiot?’

Liu Zilang muttered in his heart. However, his hands moved agilely on his mouse and keyboard.


The keys on his keyboard that reflected different hues of light emitted sounds of various timbres. It sounded rather wonderful.

Bang bang bang~!

In the game, the dull thud of the noise-suppressed MK14 rang out!

Liu Zilang’s gun was in full-automatic mode. The crosshair of his 15x scope stopped momentarily on the player whose head he had just shot. Then, it was swiftly dragged over to that person’s teammate who was next to him!

In an instant, a string of bullets exited the muzzle of the MK14, they were headed toward his opponents!

“It has appeared! The legendary 15x scope MK14!” The commentary platform went wild!

However, right at that moment…

A “Bang” was heard!

Then, a cloud of bright red mist appeared on the black level three helmet that was on Liu Zilang’s head!

The sniper of the other team had fired his shot.


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