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Chapter 384: The Whack-A-Mole Youngster And The Speeding Girls!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The viewers in the live stream were shocked when they heard w.a.n.g Qianqian’s words!

“Re-re-re-re-re…report? GG! This is getting interesting!”

“Did SharkChili use a voice changer? Is her real ident.i.ty a cute little girl?”

“It’s possible! It doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t!”

“Hey hey hey, you guys are focusing on the wrong thing. Vic is about to die!”

“Tsk tsk. Isn’t this a live stream where h.o.m.os.e.xuals make friends. How can one report fish out so many responses!”

While the viewers were chatting merrily on the bullet screen in the live stream, Liu Zilang was on the verge of death inside the game.


The shotgun was fired once more!

The instant the enemy opened fire, Liu Zilang switched back to the first seat immediately.

He missed him again!

After missing two shots consecutively, the player sitting at the back could not hold it in anymore as he gritted his teeth and scolded angrily, “F*ck! I can’t believe this!”

Liu Zilang scoffed as he muttered a word very softly, “Tras.h.!.+”

That player was beyond furious as he reloaded his shotgun and raised it up!

It seemed like it had been rehea.r.s.ed a few times!

Liu Zilang immediately switched to another seat the instant the player opened fire.




Flashes kept spewing out from the muzzle. It seemed like they were playing a game of whack-a-mole where Liu Zilang was the mole; he kept popping in and out from the holes!

The player had emptied the remaining three shots in his S1897. However, he was unable to graze Liu Zilang’s s.h.i.+rt!

Everyone in the live stream was shocked as Liu Zilang danced around in death’s palm.

“Are you f*cking serious… Did he miss all his shots? Brother, you’re showing off!”

“GG! The streamer has activated his unlimited evasion hack! Reported!”

“Do you want to know more about this whack-a-mole trick? Two hundred per pax and I’ll guarantee you’ll learn how to do it!”

Inside the game, the player was speechless as he had missed five shots in a row.

“Holysh*t, are you that f*cking trash?” The enemy’s teammate outside of the car teased him as he saw everything.

That man was furious as he blamed it on his teammate, “If it wasn’t for you that decided to get off the car to pick up the chick and give him s.p.a.ce to move around in the car, he would’ve been dead by now!”

He started reloading his weapon as he spoke.

Liu Zilang started panicking as he heard him reloading.

He knew that it was impossible for him to hop out of the car at that time. He had no confidence that he could outrun bullets without the sedan as cover.”

However, he could not neglect the fact that he was going to be under continuous fire.

If the enemy realized his trick and decided to counter it by firing to the left while aiming at the right, he would be dead in an instant!

Liu Zilang sprung into action and moved to the driver seat while the enemy was reloading.

He stepped onto the pedal and headed straight toward the guarded field in Sosnovka Military Base.


One of the wheels had run into a stone. The car tilted as it got stuck in the steel mesh.

When the enemy in the third seat saw Liu Zilang drive the vehicle right in front of him, he could no longer stand it as he quickly stopped reloading and raised his weapon.

However, while an S1897 is being reloaded, one cannot simply stop reloading it as one wished. This was because if the reloading was disrupted, the sh.e.l.ls would become jammed.

Liu Zilang had moved to the second seat by the time the enemy raised up his shotgun and aimed at him.

However, the steel mesh that was stuck diagonally started acting up as if it had a seizure. It began jittering chaotically.

The player in the third seat missed because of it and he was seen red!

‘I’ll f*cking kill you no matter what!’

Since he had reloaded two sh.e.l.ls into the barrel earlier, he pulled the lever and raised his weapon after missing his first shot!

However, Liu Zilang who was in the second seat jumped out of the car before he was able to open fire.

The enemy was extremely ecstatic about it!

‘Good. I don’t believe I can’t kill you now that you’re out of the car!’

Before he was able to pull the trigger, he heard an explosion as the man in the car had his vision completely filled with fire!

It was a cremation on the very spot as his bones and ashes turned into a crate inside the car.

Since Liu Zilang managed to jump out of the car in time, he was only injured by the explosion’s shockwave and that was the reason he managed to survived.

“He killed him with the car?! I didn’t know you can do that!”

“I have to admit, the soldier’s general knowledge has saved him!”

“The guy that died in the car is obviously an idiot who has just gotten his license!”

The viewers in the live stream started teasing when they saw everything.

Meanwhile on Twitch.

The foreign viewers saw a new live stream in the front page and many of them clicked into it. Many of them had left the stream due to the language barrier when they saw an eastern streamer from Hua Xia.

However, those who left behind saw Liu Zilang making a fool out of an enemy with a shotgun despite being unarmed. They were shocked as they spammed all sorts of emotes in the bullet screen Twitch provided.

“Oh My G.o.d!”

“Are U kidding me?”

“It’s so crazy!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The foreigners who had entered out of curiosity were hooked by Liu Zilang’s amazing feat and had decided to stay in his stream.

Inside the game, the player who had been blasted was speechless!

His teammate who was crouching right in front of w.a.n.g Qianqian heard the explosion and saw a burning black car when he turned his head around. He could not help but ask, “Holysh*t! You exploded the car?”

The enemy that had been blasted to death was extremely annoyed and did not know what to say.

Before his screen moved to his teammate’s perspective, he saw Liu Zilang crawling on the ground at the side.

His hatred surged as he said angrily, “Ignore that girl and f*cking kill that motherf*cker!”

He then opened voice chat and said arrogantly, “Run! Aren’t you good at f*cking running! I dare you to f*cking run one more time!”

The teammate seemed to have felt his friend’s frustration and anger. He let go of w.a.n.g Qianqian and headed straight toward Liu Zilang.


‘Why are you running toward me when you can kill the person right in front of you?’

Liu Zilang was flabbergasted as he crawled anxiously.

Then, Misaka Mikoto’s voice came through the voice chat, “Don’t worry s.h.i.+fu! I’m here to save you!”

A three-wheeled motorcycle was coming toward him from the distance!

The enemy that was on his way to kill Liu Zilang ran away in fear the moment he saw the three-wheeled motorcycle heading toward him menacingly.

He did not wish to die just because he wanted to kill a player!

w.a.n.g Qianqian who was crawling on the ground cheered excitingly at the side. “Quickly! Run over him! Crush him to death!”

Misaka Mikoto felt even more confident after being cheered on as she headed straight toward the enemy…

All they could hear afterward was a loud clank!

The three-wheeled motorcycle toppled over the instant it entered Sosnovka Military Base through an enclosure.

Zhang Xiaotong who was in the third seat had her face planted into the ground while Misaka Mikoto was left with a thread of health left. One of them had instantly fallen whereas the other was on the verge of death!

However, the three-wheeled motorcycle continued rolling toward the retreating enemy just like how stars chase after the moon in the sky.

The enemy rushed toward the knocked out w.a.n.g Qianqian…



w.a.n.g Qianqian, who was busy cheering on, stopped abruptly!

The battlefield fell into silence.


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